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sailinginruskin 10-13-2004 09:12 AM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
Basically I''m a 23 Year Old female who has sailed a lil bit and enjoyed every minute of it. I have purchased a Run Down Boat in need of repair. Basically my ? is with the Pic enclosed would one be able to sail her to key west from the Tampa area or maybe even the bahamas if leaving off the east coast? I realize that it is pretty much based on experience and comfort level, but it never hurt to get someones opinon. As for the repairs my Husband is has a signifact amount of wood and fiberglass knowledge and will be able to repair it to sea worthiness (He dosen''t know I go it yet, but for a 100$ I don''t think he''ll complain too much)... Basicaly any recomendations on what we should do when we repair it to make her a better setup and the limitations you guys would reccomend on how far to sail here. I relaize that the pic really isn''t enough Information to base anything buut any opinons would be great.

PaulBl 10-13-2004 12:22 PM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
Looking at the picture you it''s hard to say for sure if you paid too much. It really looks like it needs a lot of work to fix and maybe even "unfix" some things already done to it.

It sure is possible to fix but you really should find some local experts that can survey the boat and really help you put a work list togther, then run some estimates on costs and look at what it will take to complete.

Now for a moment suppose this boat were restored to good condition (not really like new but good) the qestion to ask is if this is a boat you would really love to be on the water in? If you just want to sail and have a boat there are better ways to get one than a HUGE project like this one. A project like this one to me seems like it should be some classic old boat that might draw a crowd of anxious on lookers.

Some times "Project Boats" cost more to fix than they are worth as in:

If you took the money you will spend (it''s going to be a whole lot) and the time you''ll invest (more weeeknds than you may want to invest) could you come out ahead with another boat? Would another boat be easier, cheaper and maybe better? A detailled survey would tell you.

It really is about your money and your time. Don''t fall in love just yet. I can''t see a prince under this frog. Be a sailor not a boat yard worker in Florida of all places. It''s about sailing after all.

DirtManly 10-14-2004 05:43 AM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
It is hard to tell much from one photo, but you might want to do some research on Atkins design boats. The hull appears to have the lines of the Atkins Princess, although the cabin trunk is quite different from the design.
This is obviously a wooden boat and I would want to have someone knowledgable have a look at the boat internally before I did anything. There is probably a reason you got the boat for $100.00. You may well have gotten a good deal, but I suspect that you have purchased the right to pay for a parking space.
Either way, best of luck on your project.

Dave A 10-14-2004 06:22 AM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
Get a copy of "Wooden Boat" magazine, at the end of the classifieds there is a section labled "Boats For Free". I am sure you will find a better deal if you watch a few issues. I am sure you will have much more money in the boat you are looking at than it will ever be worth. I don''t like to be negative but I also wouldn''t want to see you lose your dream of sailing because of a "money pit" boat.

Just my opinion - Good luck and Fair Winds.


sailinginruskin 10-14-2004 10:42 AM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
thanks for all the info. I brought the boat up to the sig. other and he said he would never stop foot on the boat EVER. But he did say we can get another boat (He says he gets to pick this time :)) So I have another question the boat is at a marina in Rukin, florida (near Tampa). Does anyone know how to scrap a boat or anyone I can call? thanks


ct 10-14-2004 12:57 PM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?

That might be a little more difficult than you anticipated. You might be able to give it to a salvager IF there is anything of value to him. If you want to eliminate it outright, the landfill (dump) is going to charge you by the ton. Where we used to live (rural, inland Florida county) was ~$35/T. Out of county residents paid twice that.

I believe Ruskin is in Hilsborough County. They might charge more.

Sailormon6 10-14-2004 02:17 PM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
I suggest you talk to the person you bought it from, tell them you made a mistake and ask them to take it back. Tell them they can keep your $100. If they agree, transfer ownership to them in whatever manner is legally effective in your state.

If that doesn''t work, my next suggestion is that you seek advice from a local attorney. You might be entitled to free assistance from a legal aid lawyer, if you are unemployed, or qualify on the basis of limited income (even if your sig. other has a much bigger income).

IMHO, some rat took advantage of you, and I believe a clever, resourceful lawyer can help you, and, if he has a daughter himself, he would take great pleasure in doing so.

Sasha_V 10-14-2004 04:13 PM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
I thought I was going to be able to contribute somthing to this discussion, but I am just rendered speechless by the photo.

This truly is no longer a is only in the broadest definition a boat-shaped-object. Do not waste a cent on it. If you have not signed transfer of ownership papers then just inform the seller that you have changed your mind and that it is still "his problem". Say farewell to the $100.

Strangely enough, there is one place where this "boat" may be able to go and not cost money to dispose of. Find a sea-food resturaunt that has a front lawn area that needs a themed ornament. This thing is peculiar enough and has the "ye-olde-rigging" to make an excellent display half-buried in a lawn.

That and landfill are its only potential future.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any other photos to post. Morbid curiosity has caused me to save this one for future reference (I am giving a talk on boat maintenance and restoration to the Endeavour Club''s new owners group later this year. I think I want to use this as a slide)


TrueBlue 10-14-2004 05:04 PM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
That "custom ketch" sure caught you . . . must have been the new sail covers and fresh green paint above the waterline that sold you; there are no other redeeming values to the wreck.

In all due respect to your decision to buy this pile of rubble . . . what were you thinking girl? Go with the wise advise of the last few posters and try to give it back. I''ve spent more than $100 at the local marina bar in a night, buying rounds for my seamates. This will certainly require a second mortgage on your 1st residence to restore.

Chalk it up to a loss.

sailinginruskin 10-15-2004 08:10 AM

Can anyone help a New Boat Owner ona custom Ketch?
thanks for all your help guys... The seller agreed to take it back due to no offical papers signed, He seemed kind of irritated but oh well.. My husband has suspended my boat purchasing powers for the time being (he''s looking for one now, but he''s the firm believer Survey first then buy) so iguess its better that way. Sasha send me your emaiol address I have a number of photos if you want them..

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