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SchockT 08-01-2018 06:17 AM

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
I have been researching our next boat, which will be our retirement boat, for years! I have walked many docks just looking, and of course surfing way to much Yacht Porn! We have agreed for years that the Sun Odyssey 37/ SunFast 37 would be the ideal boat that would fit our budget, and check off the vast majority of our wish list. And then last year we were invited aboard a 39i, and we fell in love! She had such beautiful lines! And that transom...nice and beamy! But the best part? Those beautiful twin wheels! It opens up access to the transom so nicely, and also provides some excellent helmsman seating options! The permanent cockpit table doesn't even feel like it would bother me much under sail, and it even provides an ice bath for my....water bottles! The interior is very much what we liked in the older 37. We are particularly fond of the 2 cabin head layout. The separate shower will be a great place to deal with wet gear, and the cavernous "garage" with built in parts drawers will be perfect for our 3 inflatable kayaks, cockpit cushions, and all the other stuff you end up hauling around! The Aft berth is huge and has great storage. In fact storage throughout this boat is amazing! Not only are there plenty of cabinets, there is also a huge amount of useful storage under the sole.

Unfortunately I have yet to sail one, but by all accounts they are pretty decent performing boats. I don't have any delusions about it performing like a B36.7 or 40.7, but I am reasonably confident it will be quicker and more enjoyable to sail than most furniture boats in our price range. I would love to get my hands on a Performance model with the taller mast and deeper keel, but sadly there aren't many of those in my area. What I am not crazy about is the mainsheet being on the cabin top. I would like to be able to trim both sails from the helm position, so I already have the idea in my head to rig a german sheeting system like they do on the 409.

I would love to hear what 39i owners have to say about their boats. I would love to hear comments about performance, handling or any other thoughts you have about your boats.

blt2ski 08-06-2018 01:00 AM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
HAve you posted this on the Jeanneau owners forum? A similar question was asked by someone there with a different namce.

With this in mind.......if you can find the one and only 39iP in the salish sea -chartered out of Bellingham charters, they are rated in the upper 80 low 90 relm. It is one of the faster models in the recent designs. Do not recall the slower speed of a std 39i.....would swag in the low 100 relm. On par with an SF35, then 36iP, so35,36i, sf37, so37 Assuming the deepest draft option on the boats. That is fast to slowest as I am recalling PHRF ratings I have seen.


JimsCAL 08-06-2018 08:29 AM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
Here on western Long Island Sound, the deep keel 39iP rates 138 and the shoal 39i is 150.

Edit: And SO37 rates 138 and 37-2 Sunfast is 114.

SchockT 08-08-2018 01:30 AM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
Yes that was me posting on the Jeanneau forum as Zaphod. (SchockT is soon to be obsolete!)

PHRF rating of 100 is the number I found in a few places, 138 seems a bit slow. It doesnt really matter that much as I don't plan to do any serious racing. The boat does have a permanent cockpit table after all! I am just trying to reassure myself that she will perform well enough to keep me happy!

I guess I will find out soon enough as we have an accepted offer on a 2009 model!

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JimsCAL 08-08-2018 08:23 AM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
Congrats and good luck with the boat!

Just note I was giving you the base PHRF numbers listed in the western Long Island Sound database. And of course that single number doesn't tell you everything about a boat's performance.

blt2ski 08-08-2018 10:27 PM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i

Numbers I gave are based on what I have seen here in the Wa St PHRF region. 90 is for a 39iP racing in Ontario. Locally a standard 39i with the mid 6' deep keel is 105 or there about, depending upon sail sizes etc. Not sure about a shoal keel. As most will go with the deepest keel option here in the salish sea. Its one of those area;s where if the depth guage is reading the bottom, you are in shallow water! Otherwise, plenty deep around here. 7'+ draft for a 39iP, 3' taller mast than a big!
A shoal keel takes a deep hit price wise generally speaking around here.

Shock, congrats on new boat! There are two roundezvous's the third weekend in June, Poets cove put on by Frazier Yachts, and Anacortes by marine Servicenter!


SchockT 08-13-2018 01:16 PM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
Thanks Marty,

We are very excited, and just a little bit apprehensive, as the boat seems absolutely huge compared to our Santana 30! That and it will be the first wheel steering boat I have owned, (and this one has 2 of 'em!) It is definitely going to be a learning curve! The freeboard is so high the wife won't be able to just hop off at the dock like she is accustomed to doing. I'm sure we will adapt quickly, I just hope I don't scratch our new baby and embarrass myself at the dock!
We will definitely try and make the rendezvous next year, they look like lots of fun and a good way to get upgrade and rigging ideas!

Sea trials and survey tomorrow! [emoji16]

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SchockT 08-15-2018 11:39 AM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
Sea trial and inspection went well! There was a problem with the furler and one of the primary winches that the broker is going to have his guys take care of, but otherwise a very short list of deficiencies which is impressive considering how thorough my surveyor is.
We didn't have a lot of wind to sail in, but I think 5.5kts boatspeed in 11kts apparent close hauled with a fixed 3 blade prop is reassuring! I have no doubt I can make this boat go! The 7.5kts cruising speed under power was nice too!
Another pleasant surprise was the fact that the boat is actually a 2011 model, not the 2009 we thought we were getting! The interior is like new, and the engine only has around 650hrs on it!
With any luck we will take possession this weekend!

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zedboy 08-15-2018 01:19 PM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i
5.5kts how far off the wind (curious0?

SchockT 08-15-2018 06:20 PM

Re: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i

Originally Posted by zedboy (Post 2051545990)
5.5kts how far off the wind (curious0?

Probably about 40 degrees

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