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adrianjg 02-12-2002 04:24 PM

hunter 34
I am looking to buy a hunter 34 to buy as a liveaboard and starting boat. I would like to be informed before I buy. Have heard alot about the compression problems and the list because everythings on one side.

Denr 02-14-2002 04:48 AM

hunter 34
Determine the relative bearing of this boat from your present location and run like hell in the oposite direction.

hbl54 02-15-2002 01:04 PM

hunter 34
I see your remarks re the Hunter 34

Can you add some more info? I''ve been somewhat taken by these myself


shipley 02-15-2002 06:49 PM

hunter 34
Not sure what your budget is as I own a 34'' Irwin (1980) and spend several nights a week on it. In my opinion, the layout and finish work blows away anything else in its size and class (under $50k). It''s an excellent coastal cruiser (keel model) with a lot of teak work and usable storage and shelf space. Easily sailed by one person when rigged properly. Does have some manageable issues I''ve noted under other Irwin postings. Good luck and always spend the $ for a marine survey

Bobola 02-19-2002 08:39 AM

hunter 34
I have more or less the same feeling concerning the Hunter, but I suppose they are an adequate coastal cruiser????

They sure look nice sitting at the dock.

shavdog 05-07-2002 12:30 PM

hunter 34
I own a 1987 34ft hunter for the past 4 yrs. Your comments require comment. the compression post issue is a result of poor commissioning from new. a tube that houses the mast wires runs thru the deck inside where the mast sits. if this tube was not sealed up at commissiioning, water from the mast would run down to the compression post and would rot it out over time. my 87 was commissioned properly and has no signs of this. the model does list to starboard. you can either move somethings to the port(about 175lbs) or add some weight to the port.its not a structural thing to worry about. these are great boats. I have brought mine back to a 9 and perform only regular maintenance. They are very roomy 6ft 3 headroom, have a nice booth dinette and get lots of complements. I listed mine on boatrader today for 45k and it is one of the cleanest in the country. good luck. I want a smaller cape dory we are moving to the lake the my hunter is too big for my needs or i would take it in a flash.

VIEXILE 05-08-2002 05:12 AM

hunter 34
A friend of mine bought a 1985 Hunter 34 in good shape except for a head/stench problem back a few years ago for $23,000.00. The boat sold new for about $54,000.00 with the "sail away" package. I crawled all through a Hunter Legend 45''ish (I''d say) and found ill fitting things, poorly constructed stuff, etc., everywhere I looked (charter boat). Hunters certainly have their place, but . . .

928frenzy 05-08-2002 02:02 PM

hunter 34
We bought our 1983 Hunter 34 in late March. So far, it''s been very nice. The previous owners took good care of it, but even so, a 19 year old boat is still a 19 year old boat.

So far I''ve fixed a leaking portlight, replaced the engine oil and all the filters.

As far as sailing goes, it seems to handle quite well in light air all the way up to about 20 knot winds. Above that, the main might need to be put on a single reef. The other day when the wind picked up on the Chesapeake, we decided leave the main full, but instead moved the traveler leeward, and thus sailed more comfortably. Apparently, sailing heeled at 20 to 25 degrees is customary and usual for these boats.

As far as roominess, I have not seen all brands of 34s, but of those I''ve seen, the Hunter 34 seems the roomiest. We don''t use ours as a live-aboard, but I can see how someone (or two) could.

As others have pointed out, most Hunters are not offshore boats. However, if you pick a decent weather window and know your limitations, the Hunter 34 can get you where you''re going and not beat you up in the process. My friend (who owns a 35'' Lord Nelson) and I tried to sail the Hunter 34 out of NYC harbor about a month ago. The day started off fine, but within four miles of the Varazano the head wind picked up to 35 knot gusts and the seas were rolling in at between 6'' to 8''. We kept going out, but as we passed under the bridge at 1600, we decided to go for a safe harbor and made our way into Great Kills, S.I. for the evening. BTW, another boat out by Sandy Hook issued a distress call at about 1700 while we were halfway to Great Kills. The CG chopper flew over us, so we waved them off. We kept listening to the VHF, but never did hear if the CG found the other boat. In any event, that afternnon, the Hunter took some real pounding for about two hours, but except for being a bit frazzled, we were fine. Needless to say, we slept like rocks that night. ;^)

Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

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