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patg 04-21-2002 12:31 PM

C&C 25 - opinions?
I am loking at a 1973 C&C 25 as my second boat (moving up from a 20'' trailersailer). I haven''t seen or heard anything about these - anyone have any input? Thanks. . .

Jeff_H 04-21-2002 07:03 PM

C&C 25 - opinions?
There are a couple of different boats that this might be. There was a 25 foot C&C design that was constructed by Hinterhoeller and then there was a later 25 footer that was built by C&C. 1973 is just about the time that the Hinterhoeller went out of production and the C&C went into production.

Both are pretty nice boats that sail well and were good all around boats. I raced on one of the C&C 25''s in Savannah and thought it to be a well laid out and seemingly well constructed boat.


mikehoyt 04-22-2002 01:00 PM

C&C 25 - opinions?

My best friend owns a C&C 25. I think the hull was laid in 73 but it is a 1974 model (hull serial# indicates 1973 but owners papers, brochures, etc... 1974).

He loves the boat. For a 25 footer it is reasonably roomy and seems fairly fast and stable. Check out for a lot of pictures and owners links. His boat is called C&C 25 Mark I. The other C&C 25 referred to by Jeff can be viewed by doing a search on for 25 foot C&C boats. There is one listed there with a photo as well as several mark I and one mark II. The older 25 is listed as a 1972 C&C Hinterhoeller. Looks more like a Shark.
The Mark I is one of the early 25''s that were well built and well received. The original 35, the C&C 30 MK I, C&C 27 and 25 from that ere were some of the classic C&Cs that helped to make that company.

You will not be unhappy with this boat. There are three at our club. Contact me offline if you want my friend''s email address.



owlmtn 04-28-2002 02:20 PM

C&C 25 - opinions?
We bought a 76 C&C last sept after our Capri 25 had a rather rude meeting with a rock. We''ve only sailed it about 10 times, but from what i see it''s a very solid performer. It doesn''t have the speed of the Capri ofcourse, but it takes steep chop well and keeps us much more comfortable than the Capri ever did. Chedk the deck for soggy core material or delamination. If the plumbing is origimal you probably have a flexible tank that''s way past due. The toilet is a cheap WC model and probably need replacing too. The berths aren''t the best, and storage space is poorly organized. We have the Vire 7 inboard whick so far has been a real pain in the ass. So far we''re pleased with the boat. Jim L

hamburking 03-13-2010 05:01 PM

An excellent choice
I have owned/sailed a 1974 C&C 25 for the past 5 years. I Have owned 2 other (larger) C&C boats, and a total of 7 sailboats in all. So I have something to compare this boat to.

It's an excellent model. Built strong and simple, but very fast and forgiving. It has the feel of a big boat, not in small part to the 50% ballast to displacement ratio...making it a good stiff sailor (stays upright). Below has a ton of space compared to any other boat in it's class. I take a family of 4 for a week, with no trouble, except maybe if it rains for three days in a row. The outboard is preferred, because you can have a modern 4 stroke engine rather than a 30 year old inboard (yuck). This boat is easy to sail, very strong, and handles all weather and waves without trouble. The shallow draft will get you anywhere. The huge companionway hatch makes the below very open and airy, and easy for entry/exit, especially for kids.

However, here's some things to look for when purchasing:
Deck leaks cause soft spots in the balsa core. Check the decks carefully, especially on the bow and near the chainplates. Most have had the deck repaired already. If it's soft, you'll be able to easily tell. Check the mast step for cracks. Many have been replaced, which is ok. The mast can be lowered on a pin, but this puts alot of undue stress on the step and leads to damage. It's better to use a crane, and easier/quicker too. The original electrical should be ripped out entirely. Replace with a new breaker panel, and LED lights. OR...just buy some flashlights for at night...12volt power isn't really needed these days on a small boat...I use handheld VHF, GPS, iPod, etc. And finally, check the sails...many have original sails. Newer sails will increase speed and look great. A nice feature of this boat is that replacing stuff is easy and cheap because the boat is small. A whole new engine will cost the same as one big repair of an inboard engine. New sails under a grand each (or can use used sails from a similar sized rig). New anchors, lights, cushions, and you've got a great boat...just like mine! So go ahead and buy it, and you'll be a happy sailor!

CCAaron 03-24-2010 12:47 PM

I bought a 25 last summer as my first boat. Its a great starter boat and really does feel bigger than most 25ft boats. I have a 9 hp outboard and I would reccomend staying away from the inboards. They made some with inboards and others with outboards. From what I have read the inboard can be a pain to work with and it isnt very great.

sailingdog 03-24-2010 12:59 PM

I doubt the OP much cares as you guys are replying to an EIGHT YEAR OLD THREAD.

hamburking 10-26-2013 06:53 PM

Re: C&C 25 - opinions?
Hey, even if the OP is 8 years old, I'm still proud of my boat and happy to post. Someone will google this and maybe get some good info.

I would buy another C&C25 without hesitation. They are cheap because of age, but a tremendous value in a used boat. I'd like to get one for my daughter when she's old enough to have her own boat...better than getting her a car.

JimsCAL 10-29-2013 06:43 PM

Re: C&C 25 - opinions?
And it took you three more years to reply again!!

hamburking 10-29-2013 09:08 PM

Re: C&C 25 - opinions?
Hang on, I'll have a witty retort for you in 2017!

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