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PalmettoSailor 05-16-2010 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by drcam1 (Post 604038)
Great info! Maybe a few more details would be helpful. Would just be Dad (me) and 2 daughters (5,8) spending the night. Often have help for sailing, but would like to be able to take her out "singlehanded" since the girls aren't a lot of help (although my 8 year old can steer a straight line better than some adults). Shallow draft would be great as I am looking at marinas in the Sandusky Bay of Lake Erie, so less than 5 ft would be great. $$$ is flexible (it's all relative right?) but looking at b/w $25k and $40k.

Hope the details help. The info has been awesome so far!

The aft berth of the 322 is billed as a double, and 2 adults would fit so long as 1 completely lacked any tendency towards claustraphobia. 2 kids might fit ok though. The V berth is plenty roomy for two adults. The closeable opening in the bulkhead makes the boat seem larger and helps ventilate the boat.

The 322 is pretty fast for its size we once hung right with a Tartan 372 all the way across the widest part of the Chesapeake.

olson34 05-16-2010 08:49 PM

Other trivia
After looking at both listings, one feature that stands out is the much smaller engine on the ODay.
I have lived with a Universal M25XP model, 23 hp, for 15 years and I sure would not want any less for a boat of that size/displacement... Lots of times you find yourself in a narrow channel and have to motor into the wind. The bigger engine is a great help. Remember also that you lose a couple horsepower or so on any engine to run the alternator, which reduces the net amount available for thrust.

One other consideration if you are motoring or sailing in waves or a chop is that the Bruce King-designed Ericson hull is deeper with more of a V section forward. It will have a gentler and softer ride.

I have done a coastal delivery in that same hull (E-32 Mk3 model) and the ride was far nicer than other deliveries on Hun___s and Cat____a's.

You may not be planning any overnight passages at sea, but it's really nice to have a hull form designed for comfort when off shore.


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