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Lendow 03-27-2011 05:02 PM

C+C 29 Mark II 1983 Newfoundland
So I have a cc29 Mark 2 not the older model. I have recored the decks, replaced ports and hatches, new topside paint, bottom re epoxied re bed and replace old intakes, upgraded stantions and double liflines re doing mast ie wiring and all attachments, strengthend hatch and replaced with much thicker hatch cover. engin over haul yanmar, replace all hoses , working on electrical. plus lots more. I have sailed he a lot in some heavy weather but not alone. New north cruising sails are great with three reefs in Main. Question: In a few years I am retiring and sailing to Newfoundland as we vacationed there this summer. I want to take this boat around Newfoundland and eventualy doen to the bahamas. Any thoughts on if this boat is up to the challenge or additional retrofits needed.

puddinlegs 03-30-2011 02:49 AM

Surprised no one has commented. Honestly, IMHO with the right weather windows, etc... I'd think so. Sail handling systems, I'd want a simple set of lazy jacks and think through storm sails (jibs in particular), some sort of non-electronic self-steering gear, and a cruising spinnaker. In this day and age you can also get an AIS/VHF in one package for around $300. How old is the running and standing rigging? Condition? Are they on tap for replacing, or has this been dealt with already? How about the boom and the goose neck? Is the traveller easy to use and main sheeting system easy to handle under load? Do you like all your halyard locations and reef line access for short and single handing? How about anchoring and ground tackle? Seems like you have the boat prep part of the equation pretty well in hand. The bigger question is about preparation of the sailor. Take no offense as none is intended, but most boats are far far tougher than their humans. :)

Lendow 03-30-2011 09:40 PM

Yes i am suprized to, however, I to think you are correct I need to continue perfecting my abilities as much as the boats. We have a large cruise planned this summer and next year up to Lake superior or 3 weeks
Thanks again for info'

DatZun 06-07-2011 08:35 PM

Doing a run alng the south coast of the island is a potentially beautiful holiday if the the timing is right. Summer is short in Newfoundland - last week in July and first week in august is the time everyone seems to try to take their holidays up here to get the best chance of weather.
Fog is definitely a consideration, anytime there is a southerly component to the wind, there is a good chance of fog, dense fog. Radars are valuable devises. Invest in a pilot book for the areas you intend to travel - there are dozens of great anchorages and some deep fjords (white bear bay for example).
Watch the weather carefully gales are common.
There is a nice yacht club in conception bay -RNYC, actually two there is another in Holyrood, about ten miles further in the bay.
I think you will enjoy the trip, but you should ensure that you are prepared for the above.

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