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kdeer 03-14-2001 10:03 AM

newbie needing info
hi, i am new to sailing and looking into buying my first boat. as i have been looking i am seeing alot of things i don''t understand or sort of understand and was hopeing somebody could help.i am looking into a used boat but i am worried as i don''t know alot about boats and what problems i need to stay away from. i have seen things like minor delamination that don''t sound too bad but i am not really sure if stuff like that is bad. also i am wondering what would be my best choice for my first boat, should i start small and work my way up or should i go ahead and get a larger boat? if anybody can help me out please post here or email me at [email protected],net. thanx in advance for all the help:)

hamiam 03-14-2001 11:56 AM

newbie needing info
Please provide more information:

What level of sailing ability now?

Intend to sail in the ocean? lake? What part of the country?

Intend to keep boat in the water at a marina? Trailer it?


How many crew?

Do you need things like a cabin, sleeping quarters, etc?

Racer? Crusier? Both?

No matter what you end up buying, I would highly suggest getting a surveyor to look it over first.


Libby 03-19-2001 12:22 PM

newbie needing info
I am only an intermediate sailor, having sailed on small boats all my life but new to larger sloop designs. I learned to sail on a Laser, and have felt that it was a very good way to develop an understanding of the wind and the subtle nuances of sailing. Read up about them, and see whether they would suit your desires. (Like the reply above, it is difficult to determine your experience level.) I recommend hiring a surveyor before buying any boat. They can inform you of any problem areas of a particular boat, and you may find that you learn a great deal in the process.

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