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HighCs123 10-14-2017 06:08 PM

Cal 2-27 advice please
Hello, after being on the search for a boat, I cam across a Cal 2-27. I like the boat and of course there are a few things that I found that I should think about before buying.

Moderate water stain coming down under the mast and down the bulkhead. (Probably the wiring coming from the mast.) Just enough to cause the veneer to start to come loose at the top of the headliner. It doesn't seem soft in the area.

Anyone have a Cal 2-27 and ran into this? I know it can be fixed, but might there be huge problems related to this? I've read someplace about "beam rot" being a problem on the 29, not sure if this applies on the 27. Although I believe they were similar built.

I have tried looking up info for this boat online, and it doesn't seem to have much info on the forum for this model.

scratchee 02-18-2018 11:58 AM

Re: Cal 2-27 advice please
For anyone searching on this model, I'll respond to this very old post (I'm just logging back in after a long layaway due to moving).

I had this problem on my Cal 2-27. It was strictly cosmetic, but was exactly as you describe: staining and some damaged veneer. The wood post under the mast could conceivably start to rot if a boat was laid up for a long time and not maintained at all, but that didn't happen to mine.

You are exactly right that the problem was caused by wiring. I fixed mine when I had the mast unstepped for re-rigging. I sealed the original wiring holes and re-located the through-deck fitting to outside the mast. The wiring is now contained in a transparent nylon hose that comes through the deck and enters the mast through an existing slot near the base.

I've owned this boat since 2012 and I'm happy to field any other questions. It has worked well for me and I've had no desire to replace it.

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