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TROUT 03-10-2007 07:25 AM

Any Cal 22 Owners?
I Have A 86 Cal 22 That I Love But Never Seen Another One In My Aera (ky/in Ohio River) Or Hear Any Talk On The Form. Would Love To Hear Any Advice/tech Tips. I Almost Sold Her 2 Years Ago For A Larger Boat (saber 28) Thanks

andy_ful 03-26-2007 11:22 PM

I'm a Cal 22 owner also.
I own a 1986 Cal 22 also. It's a great sailing boat, and you said you nearly bought a Sabre 28, which is a nice boat, but I think that you should know that I've raced against a Sabre 28, several times, on Wednesday Night races, and my Cal 22 sails much faster, both up and down wind than a Sabre 28. The Sabre 28 has a very short boom and has a very small mainsail, and seems to sail poorly, even though it is a well-built boat and you can get one for a pretty good price. Another nice boat is a mariner 28, which is a lot of boat for the money, and sails very well. I've owned a Catalina 27, also, which is a lot of boat for the money, but you need to buy the newest one you can afford, because they made a lot of improvements every year. I've seen Catalina 27s in the 1985-built time frame for about $12,500 dollars and they had a diesel engine and wheel steering, with a lot of room below, and they sail well.

By the way, the Cal 22 sails so well (unless you have the shallow draft model) because it has a modern hull and keel shape and a long waterline (20 feet) and an excellent sail plan, unlike older boats with shorter booms, or really old boats with short masts and long booms.

Good Luck...

Yagermeister 06-04-2007 06:04 PM

CAl 22 in Denver
I have a 1986 CAL 22. Great Boat! Looking to start racing her on Wednesday nights on a local reservoir. Anybody know what the PHRF rating should come in at?

Donyokosuka 07-30-2007 04:01 AM

I bought a 1986 Cal 22 a couple of months ago, upgrading from a 1977 Chrysler 22. The guy I bought the Cal from said that the fixed keel Cal sailed better and closer to the wind than the swing keel Chrysler. Figured he was just making a sales pitch. He was right, though. I've had other sailboats come all the way across the lake just to admire the Cal. I liked the dinette in the Chysler and I wish the Cal had one. The removeable table is convenient but not real sturdy. The Chrysler needed a fair amount of wind to get her moving but the Cal takes off with the slightest breeze. It's been a great boat so far.

Yagermeister 08-02-2007 12:32 AM

Call 22 stuff
I've just started racing mine and we are taking 1st place honors. I've been working on some upgrades that should help. The Schaeffer traveller is just plain dumb. It is a "pin stop" system without control ends. Garhauer is building me a set of custom control ends and a set of blocks to mount to my traveler car, giving me a 3:1 system without havining to change the Schaeffer track.

I found the conversion kit from Schaeffer for this traveler, but Rig Rite is charging what amounts to highway robbery for the parts, $400.00. Garhauer is building mine for a whole lot less. They also built me a rigid vang, a huge help. Very nice not having the boom drop on me when I drop the main.

I'd love to hear about any modifications or improvements that you have seen or have done.

Ray Yager

NotQuiteCapnRon 03-27-2008 05:06 PM

I recently purchased a Cal 22. I would also be happy to hear about an modifications or experiences that other Cal 22 owners have found noteworthy. If anyone has a manual or instructions for raising the mast, it would be helpful. I have experience sailing sunfish and 40 to 50 foot boats, nothing in between, so the initail rigging and getting in the water will be a new experience with the Cal.

I am in the Ohio River/Kentucky area, but we are going to try and sail on a local lake vs. the river in 2008. The Lake is Taylorsville Lake and is known for fishing not sailing. It is a "finger" like lake with land masses rising much higher than the water all around. Read "shifty winds". The sailing is not likely to be good, which is why I thought the nimble Cal 22 (fin keel) might be a good bet for the conditions. I sailed a friends O'Day 25 on Taylorsville. It was OK, but I am expecting more from the Cal 22. We will join two O'Days in the marina to make a total of three sailboats on the lake. So why am I sailing here you's five minutes from the house.;)

Intially I was concerned about being over run by high speed yahoos in fishing and recreational boats, but my O'Day sailor friend says seeing sails is such an odysey:eek: for the motor boaters, that they shy away immediately.:D I'm OK with that.


need2no 06-13-2008 12:54 AM

Another new owner
I have become the new owner of a '86 Cal 22. The number of informational sites for this boat seem next to none. This thread has gotten a large number of views considering the number of posts. Could anyone recommend other sites they have run across that support the Cal 22? I really enjoy this boat. Its attractive, trim, well built and a pleasure to sail. I'm looking for hints and tips from other sailors who have "been there, done that". Also looking for a trailer either for or adaptable to the standard keel Cal 22.
Glad I found this site and I would appreciate any information, Bill
Sailing on San Francisco Bay and California Delta.

NotQuiteCapnRon 06-13-2008 09:58 AM


I have not found much information either. Looking at descriptions and photos of Cal 22's that are for sale is the best info I have found so far concerning rigging and equipment. Most of the post in here are older...not sure if the others are still watching this forum.

Here are a couple of sites with some basic info that may be helpful. The first one has a diagram and some basic info. You will have to add the logical beggining of the url to my link....apparently users on this forum can not post links until they have posted 10 time in the forum.

This one makes sails and has the sail plan for Cal 22.

There is a Cal site in Canada too that has a lot of Cal information but very little Cal 22 info.


soapysails 01-10-2009 06:58 PM

new to the c-22 too
Based on the comments I found, we have a good start on a cal-22 group right here in WV, Ky,Oh and VA. I hope to take del. on a nice re-done 77 modle in a matter of weeks. We too will be sailing on a some what narrow lake (Summersville) still, it a great looking and from what I have read, a wonderful daysailor.;)

NotQuiteCapnRon 01-12-2009 12:10 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Enjoyed a great year of sailing with my Cal 22 here on Taylorsville Lake in Kentucky. I left her in the water for the winter, so I can get out occassionally when weather permits....possibly today. Had a great sail on Friday last week.

I recently added a rigid boom vang from Garhauer as suggested by another Cal 22 owner in this forum. Only sailed with it a few times this fall, but I like it. We do have some gusty/shifty winds on our lake, so having the reef system easy to single hand with the rigid vang is a great asset. Makes me feel much better about setting out when I know it might blow 15-18 knots. Between the easily reefed main and the genoa furling, I can get appropriate sail area in minutes by my onsie. I'm probably not supplying any new info here, but in heavier winds, my Cal handles much better with reefed main and a little genoa out than under full main alone. Much better control through tacks. Since our lake is fairly narrow, I do a lot of tacking. No time for the weary in a blow on Taylorsville Lake.:laugher You get from one shore to the other pretty quick sometimes.

I also purchased set of the original (Pryde) sails for my Cal 22 this fall. Lucky find. I'm not going to put them on until next spring though. Put a new Tahatsu motor on her too. I probably sailed about 80 hours worth of day sails on her in 2008.

Sent along a couple of "Callie" photos...pre rigid vang.

I was not aware that Cal made a 22 in 77?


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