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TurAelin 02-25-2018 12:27 AM

Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
My lady and I are planning on retiring around spring 2019 and buying and outfitting and living aboard a bluewater capable boat of around 35' to 40'. I was raised on the Ches bay and learned to swim before I learned to walk. I have been involved in sailing, motor boats etc. and the attendant working on them all my life. I currently crew aboard a Beneteau First 305 in Hampton during the regatta season and I have an '88 Catalina 22 of my own. She is currently on the hard on my property near Mill Creek in Va. and in need of some TLC, but she is sound with a dry bilge, working rig and full set of sails... she just needs electrical and some brightwork, which I have not had the time to do.

I have recently become interested in the Caliber line of yachts and I have called their main number and that is disconnected. The main Caliber webpage looks old and the date on the "Pre-owned Calibers for Sale" page is from Oct of 2105... Does anyone know if they are no longer in production?

Thanx in advance!

CJ&JD =/|)=

Jeff_H 02-25-2018 11:25 AM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
I have not seen Calibers at the Annapolis Boat Show in quite a few years. The last time that I saw them at a show, I talked with someone who was with the factory and then a dealer. The factory person said that at that point in time they were only building one model, I think that they were calling it a 42 LRC which appeared to be a sugar scoop stretch version of the 40.

The boat we were on appeared to be used and the factory person mentioned revised details for any new boat that they built.

The dealer said that the factory had not built a new boat in a period of time, I don't recall how long.

I have no idea if they are still in business, but my best guess is that they are not.

I should note that I am somewhat of a fan of the original 40 LRC for someone looking for a heavier displacement cruiser. I have not been through one with a fine tooth comb like I have other brands, but I consider the LRCs to be a superior option to similar priced Island Packets.

I was on the LRC at the boat show with an acquaintance who had wanted an Island Packet, but after sailing a few times on the model he wanted to buy, did not like how it sailed. He bought a used LRC 40 and seemed pleased with his choice.


TurAelin 02-25-2018 02:35 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
Thanx Jeff... I have read through many of the threads here and elsewhere on the Caliber line... about issues and compromises, and where they got it right and for me at least, all in all they have many features I feel are exactly what I am looking for. I am so damn sorry they are out of business.
Every time I list the features I feel would combine to make a truly safe and seaworthy world cruising bluewater boat, it seems the "cost" to build such a boat would push it out of the realm of affordability.
I think we agree that ALL sailboats are made up of compromises, features vs costs, and I know the Cal line has some, but it came so close to ticking off so many of the feature I felt are so valuable... Darn it! I finally find a yacht maker who I would be seriously willing consider ordering a new boat from (and believe me I do NOT want to buy a new boat, period) and they are gone.
Anyhoo... I also feel they do kinda owe it to us to update their site and let people know that they are no longer in production.
Thanx again... JD =/|)=

Dive135 02-27-2018 09:24 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
Caliber yachts closed down their Boat building several years ago, at which point they shifted from making boats to reselling used Caliber yachts.

They are good solid yachts though and there are lots of good used ones on the market. If you are interested in them you might be better finding a local broker to help with your search. I

Swagman 03-25-2018 11:57 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
Just Purchased a 1996 40 LRC. The sellers broker is George McCreary, one of the brothers who built the boat. George is one of the finest gentleman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
The boats have been out of production since 2010. Like was stated, all sailboats are a compromise. The Calibers appear to be the best compromise. I will not hesitate to take my new (to me) boat anywhere I feel the urge to go. These fine vessels are destined to become classics that will be sought after.

rcarlson 05-26-2018 07:00 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
I bought my Caliber 35 LRC in Feb 2016. George was the broker and actually drove up to Pensacola from Clearwater for the survey. When did the builder of an 18 year old boat EVER come to a survey. Love the boat and would deal with George any time.

emeraldseasailor 10-17-2018 08:28 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
I second what Swagman and rcarlson have said regarding George McCreary. He's extremely knowledgeable about the boats and is one of the finest people you'll meet. I purchased mine a few years ago and have had numerous discussions with him. Can't say enough good things about this builder. You can contact George at his email displayed on his website

capta 10-17-2018 10:29 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
If you actually have the money to buy a new yacht today, I can't for the life of me understand why you wouldn't do a custom build. That way you can have exactly what you want and possibly in a bit smaller boat, so the cost may not be that much more than some production line vessel.
At least that's what I'd do.

[email protected] 04-16-2019 04:19 PM

Re: Is Caliber Yachts still in business?
I have owned three Calibers over the years, a 28, a 33 and now a 40 LRC that I bought new in 1996. I have also dealt directly with George and I second those that praise his knowledge and professionalism. I also praise the boat up and down. It is a great cruising boat and one that sails very well. Its upwind performance, 35-40 degrees, is not spectacular but it is cruising boat. On a reach, however, it goes. For the money you can't beat it.

Bbbaer 04-28-2019 03:47 PM

My wife and I are looking at buying a 94 Caliber 40. I was also suspecting the company was gone based on their website. Is their a Caliber owners group or something? Where is the best place to look up issues and solutions?
Side question and I know it impossible to properly answer, but any thoughts on what a 94 Caliber 40 is worth? Bucvalu puts it at about $84,000.

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