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22catcapri 12-07-2019 09:22 AM

Thanks in advance.

I will be chartering again in BVI this spring, and I wonder if anyone is using BoatyBall (sp)? They are offering an app, and recommend "logging in" before 7:00 AM for the day's reservations, because they go fast. Anyone have experience with this approach?

Minnewaska 12-07-2019 01:02 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
Never heard of them. Where are they based in the BVI and how big is their fleet?

edit: sorry, didn't realize this was a mooring reservation system. News to me in the BVI and I was most recently there in Feb. The map on the main page doesn't seem like they have too many locations.

In most places, if you arrive before 2pm, you'll get a mooring ball. Some, like outside Foxy's on Jost, your odds would be better, if you arrived by noon. Not sure this app is all that necessary, but it may be the future. We'll see.

Don L 12-07-2019 01:51 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
I thought a Boaty Ball was where you put on a mask and went over to the “big” boat in the anchorage and drank their alcohol and danced around on deck

22catcapri 12-07-2019 05:22 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
I was also there in Feb., and the only place we saw mooring reservations was Manchineel. I just wonder if it's a bona fide system, or if interlopers are taking reservd balls...I always feel pressure to get underway early so as not to end up ball-less.

pbmonk 12-07-2019 09:38 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
I was in the BVI last April and used boatyball several times (at Anegada, Leverick and Cooper). They seem to have expanded a bit since then (to Cane Garden Bay?) and also maybe developed the system, but when I was there the reservation system opened at 7:00 and a few minutes later all the balls say at Cooper were reserved. We found the system reduced stress (except at 7:00am!) and gave us more time since we could arrive late at a destination and know we had a ball. But it does cost more.

There has been extensive discussion (positive and negative) on the "Travel Talk Online" website.

Minnewaska 12-08-2019 07:09 AM

Re: Boaty-Ball
Nothing is very far away in the BVI. Since I'm up by 6am anyway, it's pretty uncommon not to be underway by 9am, after a relaxing morning. That typically gives us a nice morning sail and tie up by early afternoon, which rarely shuts us out of a first come mooring ball. We've anchored numerous times in the BVI too, which we'd do without hesitation. Admittedly, the most protected and close to shore areas of the more popular anchorages are filled with mooring balls now. Still, you can almost always find a place for the hook.

I could see the whole place going to an app based reservation system. I think boaters would pay more for the convenience and arrival flexibility. However, seeing how much is abused by some drunk and/or inexperienced crews in the BVI, I'd think they'd need to be able to police the mooring field for squatters or folks that sat in the wrong seat. There's essentially no such thing as a harbormaster down there tho.

Zanshin 12-08-2019 12:25 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
There are some pretty energetic posts and threads regarding Boatyball in the Traveltalk BVI forums - here's one (of many) BVI Traveltalk Online BoatyBall

22catcapri 12-08-2019 12:31 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
Thanks, Z, I have just been made aware of those! I didn't know it was such a touchy subject.

Zanshin 12-10-2019 01:28 PM

Re: Boaty-Ball
Yes, in the BVI forum it ranks up there on the international conflict-scale with topics like "mono- or multihull?", "sailing solo is dangerous", "anchor wars" and "guns on board" :D

LakePirate 12-14-2019 10:08 AM

Re: Boaty-Ball
We used Boaty ball last year when we were there. You do have to be very fast at exactly 7 am to get one, they go very fast. The advantage of using them is they seem to have the up close mooring balls in all the anchorages. We did not have a problem finding a ball that was not part of their program in any anchorage except Anegada. I understand starting soon they are implementing an advance reservation system that will allow reserving them weeks in advance. Thatís going to make it even harder to get one the day of. If you are like me we donít plan our stops that far in advance while in the BVI.

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