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chef2sail 07-29-2010 09:38 PM

Newport ( formerly Marthas Vineyard ) 0r bust
Sorry to have hijacked the other thread with our exploits and adventures. Decided to continue on its own thread. Last seen Haleakula was sailing down (West to East actually) the LI Sound from Port Jefferson ( areally great stop off place ) to Greenport located at the far end of the north fork of Long Island. Wins southwest at 12-15 steady..clocking along at 8.3 aided by the tidal current for 6 hours then 5.3 when it switched. Beautiful day saling.

Us Chessy Bay sailors dont have to deal with much current and tide, however up here it is a major part of planning where and when you are going. For those who dont know at the end of Long Island when you draw a line over to Watch Hill, Rhode Island that is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the LI Sound. There are two main passages through rocky shoals One is called the Race and runs from watch Hill to Plum Island with about 9 passages along is way. The other is called Plum Gut( which we went through with no problem last year on our way back from Block Island) between Orient, LI aand Plum Island. At these places typically it is rough especially when wind and tide oppose. So we decided to head for the famous Sag Island ( home of the rich and famous Hamptons) We are going through Plum Gut on an incomming tide against us and the SW breeze is really not opposing the tide, so it shouldnt be too bad....NOT. First we reef the main as the wind picks up to 20. Looking ahead i see a few whitecaps in the Gut so then we pull into a "bight" near shore drop the main sail and put out a small reefed jib for steerage, still going about 6 knots and turn on the engine. We hit the "Gut" where the depths go from the 80 ft depth of the Sound to a scoured bottom called sand waves of over 300 feet for 2 miles. Wind is now 30 plus directly shifted on the bow. Waves are 8-10 spray everywhere. All in the space of 15 minutes and 1/2 mile. We slog our way in trhough the the GUT and slog is the word. Our C&C has never been known to pound, but we did hit a couple of waves fairly thoroughly. We decided on Sag Harbor as it looked like we were going to have to hole up an extra day as they were calling for 30 to 35 knotts, so we gave up Greenport and headed to the "harbor of the stars". We bounced our way in Shelter Island going 6 knots,current now with us as we turned the point, with a 25 knott wind on the bow. Current is a wonderfull thing. As we came in Sag Harbor we saw Billy Joels boats, Keith Urbans, Steven Spielbergs and about 100 ( no lie) mega yachts) all with crews and tight shorted collegfe girls swabbing decks and serving drinks and cocktails on them. We must of looked like the Clampetts from Baltimore. So we have been tied up at the snooty but not really. Actually very nice yacht club and people have made us feel very welcome. Ate at three great restaurants. (B Smiths has one here which we did not go to as there is one in DC.) Since we had to spend an extra day because of the weather we have decided to go to Newport instead of the Vineyard due to it would give us an extra 40 miles to travel as we turn around and head back to the Chesapeake on Sunday. So the plan is with the front through a fresh 15 knott NW wind to sail out into the Atlantic and the Rhode Island/ Block Island Sound over to Newport (45 miles) and mooor for 2 days. Newport is the other sailing Capital of the US next to Annapolis.

We are relaxing sailing having fun and have lots of stories and pictures. I will post when we get back home as most of my other posts have come from my DROID phone so I have not used my laptop. Our friends who started with delayed in Baltimore are now two days behiond us and are at Port Jefferson and we hope to hook up with them for our trip back to the Chesapeake. Hope I am not boring anyone. More to come


tempest 07-29-2010 10:39 PM


Sounds like a sleigh ride! Plumb Gut can either be a sling shot or a hammer...sounds like you got the latter.

Have fun in Newport! What's the return game plan?

If you stay on the connecticut side...check out Essex on the Connecticut River...nice entrance..( use the main channel near the lighthouse)

You can cross back over from there to Port Jeff! a great stop!

Your nautical Trivia quiz will be to name the ferries that come and go in port jeff.

chef2sail 07-30-2010 05:21 AM

Yep got the hammer is true. We are getting ready to cast off for Newport and looks like we need jackets or sweatshirts. High today to be 81 and tomorrow 78, a far cry from what we left.

We had planned on stopping in Essex on the way back so what is there to see or restaurants there. On the way back we plan to stop at Northport/ Huntington Bays as we went to Port Jeff the way up the sound. We have been to both before. Northport is one of my favorite little towns.


christyleigh 07-30-2010 06:36 AM

Hi Dave,

We missed you by a few days in Greenport. We were there last week. The Newport Folk Festival starts today and goes through August 1st so be ready for a big mess of anchored boats off Fort Adams on your right as you come in. If you don't have a reservation I doubt if you will find a place. The usual 'Newport Zoo' will be in rare form :rolleyes:

wwilson 07-30-2010 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 626987)
...We had planned on stopping in Essex on the way back so what is there to see or restaurants there...

Hey Dave!

Take a mooring at "The Chandlery" and hang in the ripping current of the Connecticut River. I had to pull the transmission into reverse during the night - the current was enough to open the MapProp and set it spinning.

Stop in the Griswald Inn (established in 1776) in Essex. Try to get the dining room at the appropriate hour else you will dine in the pub which is still historic, but still a pub!

Doubt you have web-browsing connectivity, but if you do here is a link to our trip that included a stop in Essex. Millford to Newport

And BTW my "off topic" remark in the other thread was meant only to cover my own ass for my off-topic Mobjack Bay advice. I was happily followinig your adventure there too. Apologies for my inadvertent rudeness.

chef2sail 07-31-2010 05:47 PM

Okay sitting here at the Newport Harbor center try to type on my Droid. Arrived yesterday to a frenzy in the harbor with the folk festival going on. Moored north of Goat Island behind the Hyatt the locals boats. Took a dinghy ride and saw no less than thirty boats with five spreaders. Who has this kind of money. The trip here to Newport took 8 hours and we sailed all the way. This place truly is the sailing capital of the east. The Admiral is busy putting a dent in the check book spending the afternoon in the shops. Tomorrow we start back stopping at New London or Essex. Wayne thanks for the recommendations. BTW no way I felt crlticised. I love the functions of this Droid by give me a keyboard anytime. Temperature here today's in the high 70s.

chef2sail 08-02-2010 03:44 PM

Newport, continued
So we wound up spending 3 days on mooring rubbing anchors with 12 meter boats 100 foot Mega yachts and the Newport Folk festival. Not to mention Haleakala swallowed up some indigestible eel grass neccessitating taking apart the impeller, some hoses and strainer. Next years improvement is a Kingston.strainer. There are over 50 top quality restaurants as well as many other good Ones.Every nightts dinghy ride was to find the most outrageous sail and power boat. Today began ourtrip Back. Just passed New London Ct and are stopping in Old Saybrooke instead. Of Essex. Temps in the high 70s with winds 12-15. Doesn't get any better than this. My wife Donna has becomequite the sailor.

T37Chef 08-02-2010 05:51 PM


tempest 08-02-2010 06:30 PM

Old Saybrook is nice too. There's an English Pub in town that I like.

You staying on the hook or a mooring...? Saybrook Point Marina is a great stop...nice pool, great showers, and laundry facilities! Bobby, the driver will take you to town and pick you up. Abby is the Dockmaster. Say hello. Check what time the fuel docks open if you are leaving early in the am.
You may need to fuel up the night before

If you're mooring...there are usually spots in north cove.

The seafood restaurant right on the water is pretty good..

CalebD 08-02-2010 06:55 PM

Were you able to check out the American Hotel in Sagg Harbor?
I only ask because I tried to steer you to it.

I am not bored (ok, I probably am because I am not out there doing what you are doing) so you can post anything you wish on your own thread. Apparently I am not required to read it all if I choose not to.

Plum Gut has always been in 'sling shot' mode when I've gone through. I have read about the 'hammer' mode so have always expected more bounce for the buck. The 'Gut' has a reputation to be maintained after all.

Stopping in NYC again on your way back?

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