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Waltthesalt 10-13-2019 10:19 PM

Installing new engine
I have a new Beta 16 that has sat i a garage for nearly decade. Any thoughts on precautions to take when installing it?

capta 10-13-2019 10:54 PM

Re: Installing new engine
Did you put an oily rag in the intake and exhaust and keep them wet? I assume you live where it's moist?

Waltthesalt 10-14-2019 03:05 PM

Re: Installing new engine
No, no oily rag.

Minnewaska 10-14-2019 04:15 PM

Re: Installing new engine
All wearables need to be replaced: hoses, belts, impeller, filters, fluids, etc. I'd pull the injectors, spray a small amount of fogging oil in each cylinder and turn the motor over by hand to try to pre-lube as best I could. Not to mention, just insure the motor turns over, before putting the starter motor to it. Injectors don't like to sit dry that long, so having them pop tested wouldn't be a bad idea. You can always see how she runs first.

If it's an unused motor, be sure to understand the break-in procedure. This typically requires heavy load and heavy but variable throttle for specified periods to wear in the rings and avoid varnishing the cylinder walls. Most sailboats motor in and out of the harbor at loads far below those necessary to properly break in an engine. Get out there and use it for hours at first.

RegisteredUser 10-14-2019 05:05 PM

Re: Installing new engine
Yep. Call betausa and get their advice.

capta 10-14-2019 09:13 PM

Re: Installing new engine
First, I'd pull the injectors and see if the engine turns over. The rings may be rusted to the cylinder walls or liners. The head should probably go to a shop to have the valve guides renewed, the valves seated and the injectors would do well with a rebuild.
If the engine is frozen, then you'll want to drain the oil and fill the sump and pistons with diesel and let it sit a week or two, taking a breaker bar and gently putting pressure through the crank shaft bolt, hoping to break it free. If this works you can determine the damage to the cylinder walls (or liners) and decide if the block needs to go out to repair this.
With any luck, none of this will be necessary, but not skipping any steps to make sure your 'new' engine is as new when you install it will save you big time down the road.

Rockter 10-15-2019 03:17 AM

Re: Installing new engine
Check that the motor is turning, and you will be OK.
Seriously, there is no need to change hoses or impellers or belts unless they have failed.
Check for oil in the sump, of course, and in gearbox.
On the general point of motor storage, every few months turn the flywheel a little to avoid the motor becoming "frozen". If it's a Beta, use the nut on the front of the motor crankshaft. Turn it gently.
Believe me, an unused engine can freeze solid with corrosion if you leave them long enough.

Minnewaska 10-15-2019 07:38 AM

Re: Installing new engine
[QUOTE=Rockter;2051630968.....there is no need to change hoses or impellers or belts unless they have failed........[/QUOTE]

The shelf life of hoses and belts is about a half dozen years. Why would you recommend risking, or worse waiting for a failure to replace? Throw a belt or burst a hose and one could easily overheat the engine. These are wearables and time is wear.

If there has been an impeller sitting in the water pump for ten years, one risks ingesting a vane upon failure. One would hope a stored engine, didn't even have the impeller installed.

I would, however, try to turn the motor over by hand first, to see what I was dealing with.

Rockter 10-15-2019 10:38 AM

Re: Installing new engine
If it works, leave it alone.
The alternator belt on my boat is well beyond its 10th year, the impeller 25 years, the engine hoses 30+ years.
If they look or sound distressed, they get replaced, not before.
There is no way on this earth I would change the belts, impeller, or hoses on a motor that had never been used.
Run it first, see how they perform, see how they look, then decide.
Not before.

Barquito 10-15-2019 10:42 AM

Re: Installing new engine
Would it be worth trying to bench test it before installing?

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