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Greentree 05-17-2005 06:30 PM

Beneteau 361 Keel Bolts
Have been looking at a 2003 Beneteau 361 and it appears that the keel bolts are showing signs of rust. Does anyone have info on this?

BonTemps 09-04-2005 09:13 AM

Beneteau 361 Keel Bolts
I would check with Beneteau. Their site is Their phone is listed there. I have a 2002 361 and keel bolts started to rust because AC condensate dumped into the bilge. I installed a sump to collect the water and pump overboard and the rust did not progess after this.

Greentree 09-11-2005 03:24 PM

Beneteau 361 Keel Bolts
Thanks for the reply, we did contact Beneteau and they recommended cleaning and applying a product made by Boeing called T9.
Which we have done.

WHOOSH 09-12-2005 02:57 AM

Beneteau 361 Keel Bolts
Green, Boeshield T9 is a cosmetic response. The waxy coating on the stainless bolt head will last for a while but wash off as water collects in the bilge and the boat is used (assuming the bilge sees anchor well water, sea water, rain water if the mast is keel stepped, etc.)

I would think the real question is whether the bolts are sealed totally vs. allowing water to work its way down the bolt-keel interface. In such circumstances, corrosion of the bolt can occur over time - obviously not a good thing. suggestion would be to leave the bolts untreated for a while, while keeping the bilge dry, and see if the bolt continues to show surface corrosion. Perhaps you can try this in your winter layup. If I were to see continuing corrosion, IŽd suspect the rest of the bolt.


Greentree 09-15-2005 07:32 PM

Beneteau 361 Keel Bolts
We do not have water in the bilge, it is dry all the time. When we had the vessel surveyed the bolts were identified and are being checked regularly.

Winter layup, does not happen here. We are in Victoria British Columbia and sail yera round

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