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davidpm 12-06-2018 03:56 PM

Another Wet Ericson
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Any ideas on how much work to fix the wood and how to go about it.

Minnewaska 12-06-2018 04:07 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
Why would you.

RegisteredUser 12-06-2018 04:14 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
New motor and then head rebuilt 3 years later...right
120 hrs...right
Owner is smoking his own dope...
Cut asking in half...then look at it

mstern 12-06-2018 04:14 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
Replacing wood is usually straightforward carpentry. Unless any of those sections is tabbed into the hull, removing them should be relatively simple, although you may have to remove a lot of "good" wood to get the bad part out. I don't think I'd have the skills necessary to do it, but you might. I always figure on $100/hour as labor costs when thinking about that kind of thing. I estimate the amount of time it would take, then I double it. I'm still usually too low. Frankly, I'd be more worried about the deck leaks that caused that damage. If it's just rebedding things on the deck, that's one thing. But if you have deck delamination and have to replace the core material, that's when I walk away. Even if it's just a small area, it means having to repaint the entire deck after you repair the core.

And is that engine bedded on untreated 2x4's?

midwesterner 12-06-2018 04:58 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
Where did you get the photos that you posted? They do not appear in the ad. Right off the bat, I wouldn't trust the owner and the broker, David McKenney of Brewer Yacht Sales, of N. Kingstown, RI.
They deliberately avoided taking photos of any of the damaged areas and the broker lied in his ad saying: "This one has a new engine, sails, electronics and more. She has been well maintained."

She clearly has not been well maintained and they attempted to hide it. If I drove a distance to look at that boat and saw what they concealed, I'd be pissed.

And many people might say, "Oh, they all do that". But that is not true. I was looking at the ad for a boat in Muskegon Wisconsin and the photos included some close-ups of a couple of blemishes/chips in the keel, rudder and skeg. There were also some close-ups of some minor water staining on interior woodwork just below three of the portlights. Every bit of it was minor and repairable, $300 estimate by their own fiberglass shop for the hull, and the interior wood and portlights I would do myself. If I had been ready to pull the trigger, i would have bought that boat, from that broker.

I called the broker and complimented him on the obvious close-ups of the damaged areas and asked if there was anything else that was a negative on the boat. He told me that the photos showed the worst. I complemented him on his honest sales approach and he said, "It's a 30 year old used boat. Anybody who is serious will understand that boats of that age will likely have some issues. I see no benefit in concealing the negatives. People are going to see them when they come to look at the boat. Neglecting to show the damaged areas just wastes people's time in coming to see it, and wastes my time showing it. I think it's a good boat, we think the price is fair and reflects it's condition. The right person will appreciate it."

I have kept his name in my files, and when I'm ready to buy, I will be calling him first to check his inventory.

Jeff_H 12-06-2018 05:55 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
To do that right and get paid for your time it would cost more than the boat is worth. Its not just the wood that you see but its also the headliner. The bulkhead is structural and the new bulkhead would need to be glassed in properly which would mean disassembling a lot of the boat. If there is that much water damage, then there is probably water in the core.

The bigger question is, Why bother to ask how much this would require to repair?... since there are a lot of good boats out there and this is no longer one of them.


Scotty C-M 12-06-2018 07:32 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
I agree with Jeff. This job could end up being very labor and time intensive. So much easier to buy a boat that doesn't have this set of problems. Also, the engine pictures are a great big red flag. The wood engine bed is really questionable, among other issues.

For this amount of money, I believe you could do a lot better.

SeaStar58 12-06-2018 08:51 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
If its not your boat and your considering buying it then walk away especially if its the one in the advertisement with the absurd asking price. If it really had been well maintained there would not be all that water and mold damage.

If it is your boat then first fix the water leaks that caused the damage to the woodwork and headliner along with any soft spots in the deck and hull since there is no point in fixing up the woodwork on the Titanic if you don't save the hull/deck first. As others mentioned it can be extremely labor intensive and costly just to clean out damaged core and repair the deck.

If the woodwork is not soft and there is no structural damage behind it then it may bleach out with one of the cleaners mentioned below so you can simply sand, stain and apply fresh varnish afterwards. You would have to fog the interior with a TSP based mold fogger such as Concrobium before too much additional time goes by to keep the mold spores that are already in there from taking over the entire boat.

You may be surprised what the Simply Awesome Cleaner with Bleach (Dollar Tree) can do for wood that looks like that. I got some tar black companion way boards that they had spent days working on with teak cleaners, sanders, etc and in few minutes the Simply Awesome with Bleach cleaned up what days of scrubbing with the boat specific products wouldn't touch. Concrobiums Mold Cleaner is much more costly however it about 20 times more potent than bleach yet can take a white wall carpet that's covered with black mold and return it to white without damaging it by lightly applying it with a clean neutral colored chip brush.

colemj 12-06-2018 10:02 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
Was that really a couple of pieces of raw fence post held down with L-brackets and used as stringers to mount the engine on?


albrazzi 12-06-2018 10:26 PM

Re: Another Wet Ericson
I replaced the ply around all the ports on my Columbia with an off white laminate over well sealed plywood and it looked fantastic. However I wouldn't tackle a structural bulkhead, Im an experienced woodworker but I would have to really love a great deal to dig into one like that.

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