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hildamman 03-27-2019 04:10 PM

"Nordic Yacting" Clutches
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I am trying to add a 4th clutch to my port side rope clutch assembly. The current clutches have the words "Nordic Yachting" printed on the side, they appear to be made out of some kind of steel.

I was hoping to find a single rope clutch that would bolt on to what is already there instead of having to buy another one (that will not ascetically match what I have), drill holes and other assorted inconveinces. Does anyone know anything about these rope clutches?

The boat is an Albin Nova from the 1980's and I have attached pictures of the clutches.

SchockT 03-27-2019 07:20 PM

Re: "Nordic Yacting" Clutches
Honestly, if it were my boat I would be looking for any excuse to get rid of those clutches. In fact, on my last boat I did just that. I had a similar type of rope clutch made by Schaeffer. We nicknamed them "suicide clutches" because the higher the load on them, the harder they are to open. That's not a good thing when you really need to release them in a hurry! Not only that, but the handles sticking up were great at fouling sheets, catching and ripping spinnakers, not to mention very uncomfortable to fall on!

I replaced them with a set of Spinloc XTS clutches that are a dream to use in comparison. Garhauer makes some nice looking clutches that are a bit cheaper.

It really isnt that hard to replace them. Just fill the old holes with thickened epoxy, and drill new holes for the new clutches.

There is zero chance you will find anything similar new, so unless you get lucky and find some that have been removed from another boat, you are going to be mismatched.

Time to upgrade IMHO!

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chef2sail 03-27-2019 10:24 PM

Re: "Nordic Yacting" Clutches

+1 Garhauer....a little industrial looking...cheaper than spinlocks....very well made

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