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4cylindersoffury 08-31-2010 12:25 AM

Any CDI reefer II users?
Ive finally pin-pointed my model on my boat, which brings me to this page CDI - Reefer System Parts
so my questions are:
does that sail slide lock into that cam?
once this is done how do you get the halyard off (assuming your using the one on the mast) ?
If you do get it off how do you get it back on when you want to take down the sail?
I really need help on this one.

does this require me climbing up my mast?

4cylindersoffury 08-31-2010 01:09 AM

Ive got it- after some relentless searching and some creative thinking i found this little bad boy

"I have the crusing design 2 on my 30 Hunter. The head stay track has two luff tracks and the un-used track is to send a 'car' that unlocks the top of the sail from the furling. I hook the car to a halyard and a messenger line to the bottom of the car send it to the top of the stay and the 'car' trips the lock then I pull the sail down the luff track, and use the messenger line to pull my car back down un-hook the halyard, stor the car till ready to raise the sail again. The car has a arrow to show if you want it to raise or lower the sail. When you raise the sail, the car hooks the top of the sail's slide and drags the sail to the top then exits out of the top (after the sail locks in place) and is lowered by the messenger line to be stored till the next time the sail has to come down. I hope this is clear enough to understand, the system works great once you have done it and see the way it works. good luck"

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