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Cool 2016 Knock List?

With temperatures so mild for March 1st I began making a list of projects to complete this "Spring" I do my best to avoid lists which prevent sailing when the opportunity arises since that is the pleasure of wintering in the water....

Spring 2016 Knock List (Boat)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
6:09 PM

1. Restore bow hatch and paint
2. Touch up boom paint
3. Rebuild outboard
4. Check transom caulk etc
5. Fit manual bilge pump
6. Touch up paint deck and trunk
7. Short haul boat/ paint bottom
8. Refit Centerboard system and cable
9. Check all stays and tangs, tape spreaders
10. New LED lights on Mast
11. Lazy jack rig/new topping lift
12. Screens, quarterbunk cushions

What's Yours?
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Re: 2016 Knock List?

I'm debating my list, but these things are "high" on the list... Note, I have 3 obvious leak locations on my boat right now, one is foredeck under the hatch (Vberth gets wet)... one is starboard side quarter berth, which MIGHT be coach roof winches leaking, it doesn't appear to be portlights, and last is around the sliding hatch, that I know has a missing gasket under the slider)

1. order a new mainsail (done, epsails, Flex 13 - roughly $2600)

2. order and install a new triple rope clutch for at least the port side cabintop (I have 3 individuals now, one is broken, and I need 3), main halyard, vang, and jib halyard ($185 for new lewmar D1 triple clutch shipped)

3. remove all cabintop (coachroof only) hardware (except tabernacle), overdrill, fill with resin, and rebed. The final portion of this would require a repaint of the coach roof, and likely nonskid (kiwigrip?). I'm on the fence whether I kiwigrip it, or re-gelcoat it, and add nonskid to the gelcoat like I did my cockpit seat. (mostly labor, but $100 for kiwigrip and paint, or gelcoat and non-skid). To me the labor is about the same, it comes down to which is a better long-term solution (NO I am not going to do the non-skid with a form/pattern, THAT IS too much work).

4. I'm debating this or not, but I was thinking of moving up my traveler about 18 inches. I single hand a lot, and the boat sails infinitely better when the skipper sits further forward. I technically know HOW to do the traveler move, but it's a lot of glass work, and more gelcoating, however I despise the seating on the boat, so this would be a welcome improvement in functionality. Moving the traveler forward may require me to install a boom bale though as now the attachment point for the mainsheet will need to be moved aft as well. 18 inches on a 12 foot boom won't make a huge difference, and the mainsheet is VERY easy to use now (at
5:1), so I doubt it'll make it hard to use. The problem I have with this whole project comes down to, I'd much rather also install a new traveler. That's big bucks and WAY beyond what I'm willing to spend this year. So do I suck it up for another year (and NOT do this) or do I half-a$$ it and move the OLD traveler, with intentions of replacing that traveler with something better down the road (decisions decisions)... Mind you, if I start this project, I have to have everything done in about 2 months (see the project above, which is also quite labor intensive). (mostly labor, but probably $150 in gelcoat, and resin, I have the glass and core)

5. Install a RAM 3 remote microphone... I ordered the RAM3... just have to install it. I can barely hear my VHF even though its in the compaionway, the RAM3 will first make it easier to grab the mike from the skippers position (see I single hand a lot) and second should also provide a way for me to hear the VHF when its blowing stink. ($100 already spent)

6. compound, clean, and perhaps poliglow my boat. I've attempting to wax my boat, and shine it, many times, but so far, all my club mates are using poliglow, and it looks 1000% better, and lasts longer. I'm done screwing around, and just want it to look good. ($45)

7. Replace gear oil, and spark plugs on my outboard... Love that thing, and I wanna keep it healthy (runs like a top did the impeller last year). ($30)

8. Replace main sheet, traveler line, and backstay adjuster line as part of my ongoing running rigging upgrade. ($100)

9. Longer term (mid-season) I'd like to get a rate compass and install it, and perhaps an IS 20 Simrad compass display. (compass $500, Display $400)

10. New safety chains on the trailer. ($35)

11. Mid-summer, brake actuator, disc brakes and new rollers on the trailer (perhaps add a leaf to the trailer too, since I'm at max cap on it). ($1000)

12. New winch for trailer, with strap instead of cable. ($150)

13. Replace U bolts on trailer, across the board, most are rusted, and I wanna get ahead of them before they start to fall apart.

14. If I get board (you see my 2 month list above? hehehe) maybe replace the entire COAX in the mast for the VHF. It's decent RG8, but connectors or something are making it so that it doesnt' transmit as well as it should, I blame the connectors, but best to replace it all to be sure.

15. Uninstall forward hatch, overdrill, resin the holes, redrill, and reseal hatch. Bow (bowmar I think) hatch is leaking for some reason, and I believe the seal has failed at the deck level. A quick fix might be to remove the seal, butyl tape it and put it back.

Boat goes in the water by May1, but will attempt to splash 1-2 weeks before that (lake is already thawed, and I know our dockmaster will have docks in by April 1 if he has his way).

Time to hussle. To add insult to injury I'm finishing up a tile floor in my house (just grout left to do now), and painting that room. Also we start our field trial season next week (horses and dogs, on the road), and are gone every weekend from now until mid May. So I have to do ALL this work during the week

What you all think I'll actually get done?

Freedom, a 1983 C&C 32 sailing Smith Mountain Lake, VA

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Re: 2016 Knock List?

"Knock List"? WTF?

I think that you meant "Punch List", a common term when referring to those little things that must be completed before work is signed off and paid for.

But, well, since you brought it up...

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Boo Who?
We warned you, Red _Right_ Returning.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Round Dave
Round Dave Who??
Rendezvous at Treasure Island.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Woo Who?
Great, kid... don't get cocky.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Jammed Halyard
Jammed Halyard who?
I'm a frayed knot...

(I'm still working on my "Punch List" from 2013...)
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Re: 2016 Knock List?

Originally Posted by SHNOOL View Post
6. compound, clean, and perhaps poliglow my boat. I've attempting to wax my boat, and shine it, many times, but so far, all my club mates are using poliglow, and it looks 1000% better, and lasts longer. I'm done screwing around, and just want it to look good. ($45)
I've used Poliglow to good effect on the topsides, but don't use it on deck/cockpit/cabintop.. it discolours and seems to pick up body oils and sunscreen and looks like crap in a month of summer. I've been using a couple of passes of 3M f/g restorer/polish for the deck areas, and as mentioned poliglow on the hull itself. So far so good.

OTOH I'm sure a proper (a la Maine Sail) compound and finish job would have even better results

Regarding moving your traveler, I'd probably do it, esp if the bolt pattern can be planned to match your eventual 'cadillac' traveler (the newer Harken tracks don't have fixed bolt spacings). The comfort and ease of handling, along with a better seated helm position is going to pay off in spades everytime you go sailing.If you're going to be into some glass work on the cabin top why not do it all at once and be done with it? For resurfacing the deck I'd go with paint and Kiwi or even perhaps Interdeck (great surface but does tend to grab onto any dirt/dust)

For myself the major project will be a new dodger w/hardtop. Most everything else is ready to go..


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".. there is much you could do at sea with common sense.. and very little you could do without it.."
Capt G E Ericson (from "The Cruel Sea" by Nicholas Monsarrat)
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Re: 2016 Knock List?

Install new hardware to make my genoa cars fully adjustable, no more pin stops.
Install new traveller hardware making it a 4:1 from a 2:1.
Already have replaced rudder bushings and added new outboard motor mount.
Add a flicker on the backstay and new blocks for adjuster.
Install chart plotter and a depth transducer. Plotter came with the boat.
Mount a ring for my whisker pole at a better height.
Re-rivet my mast base with stainless steel rivets. Aluminum ones let go.
Re wire the tunes.
Cetol the teak.
Fill some holes that are no longer needed.
Spreader patches on main sail.
Add position marking for traveller and outhaul.
Add lifeline cushions.
Install base unit VHF.

Of course there are all those things you find as you are puttering about on your boat..... Going to be in the 50's & 60's next week here in the great north of Minnesota. Can't pass that up to get a big jump on boat work. If that weather keeps up we will probably be able to launch in early April.
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Re: 2016 Knock List?

ok punch list...I use that phrase everday at work as I am a cabinet maker and interiors craftsman. Ive heard knock list along the way and liked the phrase. Anyway thanks to all of you Ive been tempted to double the list and never have the tools out of the boat till June. I am carefull now to avoid that and enjoy the boat...otherwise for me it gets too driven and less the refuge that serves me best. At 64 still learning about balance I guess. Congrats to Schnool on the Mainsail...mine are now 2 years old and I damned glad I went for it. Worth every penny. Hope everyone gets an early season this year!

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Re: 2016 Knock List?

I am under the illusion that it will all get done. Don't make me write it down and face reality. Just from memory, i have to reinstall my turbo charger, which I cleaned over the winter, along with the cockpit table, which I re-varnished at home. I had all the cabinet mirrors in the heads replaced, and now have to reinstall the hardware, none of which fit perfectly anymore, so I have a thousand adjustments to make. Full spring commissioning of both diesels, along with all the usual prep and launch stuff. Oh yea, I pulled the mast this winter, so I have the exercise to restep and then find all the wiring that was reconnected improperly.

As long as the fridge works and we get it loaded with beer, I'll be fine.
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Re: 2016 Knock List?


If you move the traveler you have it's trivial to instal a new one in the same mounting holes. Just take a look at the Harken retrofit traveler bar. Instead of holes it has a channel the bolts run in that captures the bolt heads. So you can install it in any existing bolt pattern.

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Re: 2016 Knock List?

Stumble, I noted that actually, and was thinking of just taking the plunge anyway, and moving the traveler. The S2 7.9 is known for it's tight skipper space, and many sail them while sitting forward of the traveler. Well, I solo sail a lot, and sitting behind the traveler is ideal, but then the primaries are too far away (I cross sheet while I sail like that).. so moving the traveler up 12-18 inches (and the cockpit seats are flat enough to get away with it), STILL leaves plenty of room for 2 more crew mates, and working room to work the primaries, but give me room to sit behind the traveler, but still further forward (and out of the rear butt dragging position)... My personal opinion is it'd be a win/win/win... if I can pull it off. Again I'd throw a boom bale on, as the present attachment point is just a padeye fixed on the boom anyway, and not ideal for sheeting angle.

So yeah, I thought about reusing the antique traveler (which still works well by the way), and at a later point install a higher end traveler. Either way, I think it'd be a worthwhile project. Oh you know I installed new foot blocks after I rebuilt my port side cockpit seat last year... and you know I STILL have the bruises from those darn things.

So my thought are to ditch the foot blocks, and install a quarter round LIP on the cockpit seats instead. That should eliminate my bruises on my legs, and STILL give me foothold when she's on her ear upwind (ahead of the boats that rate faster than her).

here is a shot of the foot blocks (next to the traveler)... They work great for what they do...

You can kind of get an idea (pardon the ugly legs) of how they are used... when the boat makes about 20 degrees of heel, they come in handy... My thought was a quarter round along the lip of the seats, would give JUST enough to lock a heel on it (this is what my Capri 25 had, and my Capri 22 had a teak strip that did the same).

Freedom, a 1983 C&C 32 sailing Smith Mountain Lake, VA

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Re: 2016 Knock List?

Careful with Knock lists. mines starting to feel like a refit. It starts with "hey, i dont have alot to do this year" so i decide its time to sacrifice one of our cockpit lockers for a hallway to the aft cabin. (28 ft center cockpit) while in there oh the diesel tank needs to be moved to the other locker, well while im in the other locker i should expand the holding tank. while im expanding a holding tank why dont i expand the water tank aswell. if im doing all this plumbing its not that much of a leap to add hot water is it?.
oh and one of our 12v panels was in the way of the bulkead we opened up so why not integrate everything into a sleak new 360 panel. if im doing that i better install battery monitors aswell.

any project on a boat can develop a life of its own.
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