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ThereYouAre 09-21-2016 03:51 PM

Hugh's Log
<edit> I changed the title as I plan to add updates to this thread as I progress on my journey into sailing. Hopefully it can act as an inspiration for those who follow or at least as a dire warning </edit>

Hello All (or is that Ahoy Mates),

So I've gotten interested in sailing and dreaming of a live aboard life and cruising. For the last 30 years I've been a motorcycle nut and have gone on a few multi month rides through North and South America as well as Europe. I learned on those rides that I really could live with only the things I could carry on my motorcycle so living on a boat doesn't seem out of the question. I also found that most of my time between my epic rides was spent buying stuff I didn't need and living on a boat might cure me of this since I wouldn't have any place to put that stuff.

My sailing experience is very minimal. When I was in high school I spent quite a bit of my summers on a friends Sunfish but it was his boat and I just mostly followed orders. Other than that I've been racing model yachts for the last couple of years.

I have a reservoir about 10 minutes from my townhouse so I'm looking at picking up a dinghy to get my feet wet and learn more about sailing while I determine if it's the life for me.

I look forward to learning more about boats and sailing, particularly about live aboard possibilities in the Washington DC area.


smitty225 09-21-2016 04:00 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Glad to meet you Hugh. Welcome to our merry band.

s/v One Love

CalebD 09-21-2016 04:16 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Welcome aboard matey.

You might check out a school like this: Mariner Sailing School - Alexandria, VA
rather than buying your own boat.
They have Sunfish and Flying Scott sailboats.
Both good learning platforms.

ThereYouAre 09-21-2016 04:51 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Thanks CableD I'll look into it.

ThereYouAre 10-11-2016 12:58 PM

re: Hugh's Log
I took last week off and attended the Mariner Sailing School as recommended. It was great fun and considering you get a week of free boat rentals with the school it seems live a very good deal as well.

Now that I've gotten some basic training I'm looking to purchase a small sailing dingy. Since I live in a townhouse I really need to find something easy to store and if it could be used as a dingy on a larger boat in the future that would be a bonus. I'm currently leaning to a Minicat 310 but will look to see what else is available.


smitty225 10-11-2016 01:00 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Hugh -

Is your last name Briggs?

ThereYouAre 10-11-2016 01:04 PM

re: Hugh's Log
No, it isn't Stratton either. :D

krisscross 10-11-2016 04:08 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Sounds like you have a good plan: get a small dinghy, sail on a lake that is close by, then get a boat you can camp/live on.
My advice: get a small dinghy (14-16) feet that is more recreational than racing designed. A design that has both main sail and jib. They are easier to launch for one person and easier to learn on.

gamayun 10-11-2016 04:24 PM

re: Hugh's Log
Welcome, Hugh! If they're still around, you might want to join the Sailing Club of Washington (SCOW), which is based just sound of National Airport.

As far as buying more stuff than you can put on a boat, I know some people who have a boat so crammed full of stuff that they can't sail it and others who spend good money to keep their stuff in a storage locker. If you have a problem with this, buying a boat won't necessarily cure it....

ThereYouAre 10-11-2016 04:31 PM

re: Hugh's Log
I'm looking into options for either an inflatable or nesting sailing dinghy and would be open to any suggestions.

The Minicat is currently in the lead and from what the representative said at the Annapolis boat show you can get $1000 off any MiniCat if you order by Dec 31st so it's about $4000 for a 310 with a furling jib and a few other goodies.

I've been looking at the PT Eleven nesting dinghy and it looks real nice also but it would be about the same price and I would still need to build it. I'm not opposed to building a dinghy but it would need to come with a considerable price savings to make it worthwhile.


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