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jollymonjeff 11-03-2000 10:53 AM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
There is now a homepage available highlighting the venerable Bayliner Buccaneer series of coastal cruisers.
to find out more about these underrated and financially accessable sailboats.

MikeMoss 12-02-2000 04:54 PM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
Certain Buccanner''s are dangerous designs.

This is a fact. I would not even leave the dock on a Buccanner.

Check this fact out in other forums. My statements will be confirmed.

Mike Moss.

jollymonjeff 12-04-2000 04:18 AM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
I''m not gonna try to convince you. I''ve got better things to do. Enjoy your opinion. happy sailing.

MikeMoss 12-04-2000 06:41 AM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
It''s also irresponsible for you to try to convince others who are not as experianced or informed.

Buccanners are the joke of the sailboat industry. There is no analogy to cars. Cars are easy to drive and when the break down we can walk.

Boating can be difficult and dangerous.


Mike Moss.

jollymonjeff 12-04-2000 07:40 AM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
In the 4 years I have owned her, in the typical sailing conditions (good weather, winds 8-17MPH, seas 2-6 ft)I have sailed her in my local sailing area (Atlantic Ocean, generaly no more than 4 miles from the beach, or the Great South Bay, and one trip to Manhatten)I have found her to be a very stable and comfortable vessel. If you have personally sailed on a Buccaneer 285 model and didn''t feel think it will turn turtle under "reasonable conditions for the vessel" don''t sail one. Good for you. Enjoy your boat. Have a great time.
I am happy with what I have. I enjoy my boat. I feel it is ideal for the way I use it and the budget I have. We both enjoy sailing.
Good luck to you. Have a nice life.

jollymonjeff 12-04-2000 10:54 AM

bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage
Now I understand! You''ve mixed up the boats I''m talking about...the venerable Bayliner Buccaneer, made by U.S. Marine with something called a buccanner. I am not familiar with a buccanner Mike, so maybe you''re right.

jrags0951 07-02-2007 07:18 PM

You take this too seriously
Come on the first poster, I too am considering a bayliner buccaneer 24. I have never sailed before just like the original poster.

As newby's, I wouldn't expect either of us to take our new boats on a transatlantic crossing. We want them to learn to sail and see if we like it. We just want to have a little fun. I'm more interested in a small enough boat so I can get out and push if I need to and I probably will.

And most people who get hooked on sailing are not going to stop with a beginers boat like a 24. But until I know I want to pursue this, I am sure not going to go out and buy a $400,000 boat either.

Instead of telling the poor guy his choice of first boat is trash, why not encourage him to go for it. Try it. For $3,000 or so he can probably buy a lot of fun. And then he can move up.

There is a reason training aircraft are usually small and cheaper then the airplane someone buys for a lifetime.

Give us a break. You sound like the guy who pulls up in a rolls royce next to the teenager who just bought his first 30 year old car.

Sure we all want a Ferrari, but no one learns to drive in one.


sailingdog 07-02-2007 07:38 PM

Any reason you're reviving a thread that's been dead and buried for seven years??? It is generally considered impolite or poor net etiquette to do so. If you're really interested in writing about your boat... start a new thread.

camaraderie 07-02-2007 11:59 PM the 7 year old thread...DON'T DO IT. They are the ugliest and worst sailing boats ever produced. There are other boats that cost the same and are not hazards to navigation and good taste!

Sapperwhite 07-03-2007 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by camaraderie

HEY....I resemble that remark

seriously though.....thats kinda fugly

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