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TimMarks 11-11-2018 10:57 PM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today

Originally Posted by TakeFive (Post 2051562150)
Plugging your sink drain is similarly shortsighted. You'll need that sink for a lot more than washing hands.

A better idea would be to replace the thru-hull for the sink and put one in that has a seacock on it so you can leave it shut except when you want to drain the sink (if it doesn't already have one, which I bet it doesn't).

That gives you the added safety you want, and leaves you with the convenience of a working sink.

Plus it is way easier to replace the thru-hull (or add a seacock to a proper threaded thru-hull) than to correctly patch the hole.

TimMarks 11-11-2018 11:00 PM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today

Originally Posted by Minnewaska (Post 2051562286)
However, I find it surprising they were both compromised. There may be more to what’s going on here that we can follow by written description.

Dread Previous Owner (DPO) took them off to replace them, but then forgot about them?

MikePNJ 11-11-2018 11:59 PM

The PO was the only owner of the boat. He purchased it new in 1983. I'm the second owner. I'm hoping to get a look at it tomorrow since that will be the warmest day this week with a high of 44 degrees tomorrow. It's supposed to rain on Tuesday and highs in the upper 30's the rest of the week. It's also getting dark by 5pm depending on how quickly I can finish my jobs in the afternoon will determine how much time I can get to look at it. Worst case I get inside and remove the wood panels and get some photos and measurements on replacement hoses if that's the issue. I doubt I'll have time to complete the fix if that is the issue.

New seacock would be a future replacement, Just working on fixing the broken issues if that isn't broken. It will need replacement since it's plastic but if it's not letting water in from there I'll save that project for later.

Minnewaska 11-12-2018 05:47 AM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today
I don't know Starwind well enough to know if that would be an original thru hull and valve. It sure looks wrong, at least by today's standards, so it makes me wonder if it was PO work. For starters, you'd want to add another hose clamp below the water line. While hard to tell, from the pic, the bend in the hose makes it appear the barbed fitting coming off the valve may not be long enough to take another clamp.

The good news is, the plastic should be pretty easily removed. Bedding a new one is not time consuming either, other than the "first time figure it out delay".

Good luck. I hope the scuppers present an obvious problem that can be resolved. Looking forward to seeing those exposed pics.

SeaStar58 11-12-2018 08:18 AM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today
You never will really know when you buy an Estate Boat that's been sitting. The deceased may have been in the middle of replacing the hoses but passed before he got the job completed plus there is the added potential of freeze damage if they got plugged up with debris and filled with frozen water while left sitting basically unattended for an extended period of time which could have damaged the hoses and thru-hull fittings to some extent.

Likely you will be more attentive to those hoses and scuppers especially before putting the boat in the water after things thaw out from the winter. The scare you had can be a good thing since it helps the mind retain the memory for a longer period of time.

lat42north 10-23-2019 11:23 AM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today
I know this is an old thread, but a solution seems to not have happened/ been posted. So, I have a 1985 Spindrift 19, same hull mold & cabin top, just different interior configuration. I purchased my boat at an auction & it had been raining a lot for weeks before the auction. The boat had at least 150 gallons of water in it but I attributed it to maybe the hatch being left open since forever.
I bailed out some with a coffee can and took it home. At home I put a pump in it and removed all the rest of the water. ( I knew the boat wouldn't leak because none of the water leaked OUT of it on the way home or while sitting) LOL.
Then we got a bunch more rain... a BUNCH! A couple weeks later I opened the boat to start to clean/inspect what I had bought... It was full of water again!, It had been closed up.
The cockpit was full to the bottom of the 7" hatch that the OP posted in a pic. My cockpit drains were plugged. They exit out the BACK of the boat through the transom ABOVE the waterline. I blew them out with an air hose. The starboard side started to drain the cockpit, the port side made a gurgling sound. I removed the 7" screw in hatch to give a look see. The port side hose that leads from the cockpit to the transom drain was split in two.
So that is PROBABLY what the OP is experiencing, especially since his exits BELOW the waterline.
My water (sitting on the trailer) came from all the water in the cockpit either going into the hull where the hose was cracked till the cockpit drain plugged up AND from that 7" screw in port which leaked like a screen! Both of which are fixed now.

Hope that might help someone.

MikePNJ 10-23-2019 01:08 PM

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Here is my follow up on what had occurred in case it helps someone else also ....

The scuppers in the cockpit drained to thru hull fittings out of the transom just below the waterline. When the boat was on the trailer nothing drained out and the cabin was filled with water. The hoses that lead to the thru hull fittings were incorrect bilge pump flex hose. They were cracked and broken. The space was extremely tight to fit the correct hose, I used 90 degree elbows along with the correct hoses and now the water drains out of the cockpit. Same problem would have happened if the boat wasn't covered (I kept it covered through the winter) because those cracked hoses would cause water to enter the aft end of the boat draining lower into the cabin.

I had a great season on the water and learned a bunch. Planning on taking it out a few more times before the weather gets bad here in NJ. (This Thursday is looking good!)


SHNOOL 10-23-2019 08:04 PM

Re: Crazy first time out on my sailboat today
Several things I like about this thread. Over a year later and the OP still responds to the thread, and it was a learning experience for both the OP and those that have come back to this.

Also I will note that the OP lived to sail again, and thankfully is still excited to sail.

Nothing but great things and great attitudes shown here.

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