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Ulladh 10-23-2019 10:43 AM

Transition to retirement
So how do others handle the transition from work to retirement. Not picking up the phone, changing the phone number, moving with no forwarding address, learning to say NO?

Semi-retired is not the same as retired. I have promised myself that 2020 will be part time teaching and no new projects, so I will be free to sail long weekends April, May and September, October with longer sails June, July and August.

I am now at the stage where some of my students and those that I mentored early in their career, just as I had mentors early in my career, are mentoring others. That is my ongoing reward.

As some point I expect I will transition from this semi-retired state to fully retired.

Family commitments which I view as a positive, will still limit the duration of multi-week voyages, but maybe I can convince my daughter to let my grandson go for multi-day sails.

PhilCarlson 10-23-2019 03:10 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
I'm interested in hearing others' experiences of this phase as well. I'm less than two years out from not needing my job and honestly, I'm feeling a bit of anxiety. Financials are not a problem. I'm a planner by trade and have focused a lot of energy on how to get there. I'm begining to plan for after, and it really is uncharted territory.

hpeer 10-23-2019 03:43 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
My personal experience is that at about 55 I renegotiated my employment so I could take 7 weeks vacation. I did that by taking 36 hours pay for 40 hours work banking 4 hours vacation per week. Later I changed to a part time position and worked fewer hours per week. Still later we rearranged our schedules so that we worked one week on and one off. During those years we lived upon the boat in the “off” weeks.

I was always busy either working on the boats or fixing the house up (4 apt building) for rental.

When I quit completely we moved out of h th e house to the boat and I did several weeks intense work on our old apartment. Then we shoved off.

I never missed work because I have never quit working. I just changed jobs, bosses, and pay.

I have exercised my “No” muscle for many years. Too many bosses will abuse it if you don’t resist.

We changed our official address to a secondary property we own. A very small hunting cabin. That works for voting and drivers licenses.

All mail is forwarded to SBI. They do a good job.

But then we sorta took OFF in a biggish way. Now we are only in the states a few months a couple of times a year. We got international health insurance because Medicare doesn’t work outside the USA. Our few weeks spring and fall “back home” we stay with a kid. He and his wife are greatfully welcoming. That time is generally full with various appointments and necessary visits.

mbianka 10-23-2019 05:26 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
Personally I had no difficulty turning off the alarm clock. But, getting this song stuck in your head might help make the transition. :)

RegisteredUser 10-23-2019 05:53 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
If i wake up later than 5:30 am, its an unusual happening. Cant change far, after 2 years
Cant stop my mind either...keeps on whirling at speed, new ideas continue to fall from the sky...:)
Maybe start a small hobby biz if you cant shake that itch...
Gonna take some time.

hpeer 10-23-2019 05:56 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
^ Buy another boat.

albrazzi 10-23-2019 09:37 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
Timely discussion, I'm two years out, give or take, the Job is not going great right now but that's another subject. I have money I can't spend, that's the good part and will be my backup, my "Entitlements" will easily pay the bills. Finding things to do will NOT be my problem, I have already started volunteering with Boat club duties, studying to maybe Race Captain one day, and there are opportunities for that everywhere. We put on a big two day overnight race and I'll co-chair that next year. Hobbies are not a problem either the Boat always needs something and my Woodworking will either make a few bucks or I'll liquidate, need to do that myself anyway before someone else has to deal with it. Collecting some really cool Lumber and the tools are ready to go, just not enough time right now. I think its good to think and plan but if you have your health and can afford to give it up just do it as Nike says:wink

TakeFive 10-23-2019 10:15 PM

Re: Transition to retirement
Re-posting from another thread, since it now belongs here:

Originally Posted by TakeFive (Post 2051632406)
This topic probably deserves its own thread, since I have a feeling that many of us are in a similar stage of life. I'd love to get out of the daily whirlwind, but I've got a dozen reasons why it's not time yet. However, those reasons will never go away - I just have to decide to ignore them. Without getting into a laundry list, here are a few major points:

As Dave noted about himself on another thread, sailing does not define me. I enjoy it as a hard-earned escape from the pressures of work, but without those pressures it might just become perpetual escapism. Plus, it's awfully expensive with my current boat, and having such a large expense on a "fixed income" may play games with my psyche, even though my retirement advisor tells me I'll be able to afford it. Even now it plays games with my psyche, but I feel I need to do it while my mind and body are still able.

I really want a greater sense of purpose, and haven't figured out what my next step should be to get me there. I'm finishing my third term on School Board, where I was President and had served alongside our newly elected Congresswoman. I've seen her a few times since she went to DC, and everytime I run into her she says, "You're next. You should do what I did and move from School Board to Congress." (Last time my reply to her was, "find me a district to run in.") With my frequent travels to Milwaukee, I'm already feeling too detached from my community, and my next step needs to be something that brings me home.

In the end, what forces me to retire may be something more personal like my father taking ill and needing my help. He's alone down in Virginia, about 4-5 hours away by car. My sister is only about an hour from him, but there's a lot of tension there, and I could imagine walking away from work to help him.

First, baby steps: For the first time in my life, I'm going to "buy" an extra week of vacation in 2020. Hey, it's a start. With a daughter in Japan, a son in Seattle, and another son that could end up anywhere, there's a lot I should do with the extra week...maybe even do a week-long sail, which we've never done.

MikeOReilly 10-23-2019 10:37 PM

Re: Transition to retirement

Minnewaska 10-24-2019 07:34 AM

Re: Transition to retirement
My plan A is to start scaling back my time in a handful of years. Undetermined exactly. I am the boss and I have succession in place. All seems to be heading to the right place, so far. I really want to be able to spend winters in the Caribbean at first. If physical health holds up, perhaps further beyond full reitrement. The trick is there are at least two events over the winter that I would have to fly home for, the rest I could do by phone. It sounds great to be able to "call it in". However, I've seen others retire before me and engage in similar programs. While they don't work every day, they still seem to have a schedule to keep. I've had to be on a scheduled call, from time to time, while out cruising for a few weeks. It sort of ruins the whole day, even though I only need to work for an hour. I need to be sure I'm in a place to call, schedule passages around it, not have that beer with lunch, perhaps. It's a buzz kill.

On the other hand, I'm certain that one needs to remain mentally engaged in something in retirement, or the grey matter decays. Think there is actual science that proves this.

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