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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Thanks, Andrew... I hadn't read that article and it does give a lot of insight into Cornell's role in helping make connections between Greta, Nikki, and SLV.

That being said, and maybe I'm a bit naive, but I don't see how from that article you interpreted that Cornell somehow pressured the LaVagabonde crew into making the voyage, or how it was all an Outremer PR stunt, or that Robin Knox-Johnston said Riley was an idiot......

Could be that the Google translation left a lot to be interpreted
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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

The Robin Knox interpretation was probably a bit harsh, but it still was read as not giving Riley the confident nod of being qualified enough imo.

I still believe Cornell was out to get an Outremer to transport Greta over.

He’s getting a custom build one built for himself. He and the yard guys discussed using an Outremer to transport Greta. He offered to do it on one he was going to sail which is fair enough, but loses my respect when he lines up someone else to do such an arduous journey because his trip fell through all in the name of using an Outremer. It’s too uncanny for me to accept as a coincidence.

Cornell probably didn’t pressure (bad choice of words) Riley, more like subtle persuasion.

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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

The smoking gun reappears.........Subtle economic persuasion
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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Thread has turned really stupid..
Now has personal shoulder chip bloom
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Re: Sailing La Vegabond


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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Originally Posted by visional View Post
Time to change your password!

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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Here's the cut and paste. Remember this is an auto translated text from Swedish
My bolding.
Note... The first La Vagabond was not a cyclides 43 but a Beneteau 393 same as mine.


It was the catamaran La Vagabonde that led Greta Thunberg to the Youtube stars, but the road there was not obvious despite the project being supported by some of the world's most experienced sailors.
- It was crucial that a professional skipper strengthen the crew, says long-distance sailor expert Jimmy Cornell, who linked Greta and the couple at La Vagabonde.

In early November, Jimmy Cornell was on the French Mediterranean coast. He is well known among long-distance sailors, is a writer of the long-distance Bible World Cruising Routes and has sailed the earth around three times. Right now he is in the midst of preparing for a land-based cruise with a catamaran to be built on the Outremer shipyard in the seaside town of La Grand-Motte.
- Me and some on the shipyard discussed Greta's call for a boat and crew that could take her across the Atlantic. Did we know any boat? Yes, I would sail an Outremer myself now in South Carolina on the east coast of the United States later this year. Perfect!

La Vagabonde
Outremer 45: La Vagabonde is currently making the most notable crossing of the Atlantic this year. Here, the catamaran leaves Hampton in Chesapeake Bay.

Jimmy Cornell used his network to get in direct contact with Svante Thunberg, Greta's dad who was on the trip in the US, who handed over to an assistant who coordinated Greta's return trip.
- We considered that it was not likely to reach the start of the climate summit in Madrid, but reasonable to arrive before it ends. But unfortunately, the owner of the catamaran withdrew when he thought about it and did not get together with the planning for his family. But we had already found then that Riley's and Elayna's boat La Vagabonde could also be a good alternative. It is an Outremer 45 and it was located in Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast.

The couple who sail the catamaran La Vagabonde is by far the world's most famous long-distance sailor in social media. They have over one million followers on Youtube and live on viewer donations and sponsorship contributions. After a world tour with a 43-foot Beneteau Cyclades, the couple switched to an Outremer catamaran in 2017 and have since extended the family with one son, Lenny. They return in their regularly published films to try to live sustainably on their boat.
Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu have met Jimmy Cornell on one occasion in 2017 when they sought him out at a seminar in Paris for his Atlantic crossing with the new catamaran.

Jimmy Cornell
Jimmy Cornell has, among other things, sailed through the Northwest Passage and three laps around the earth on his own boat. Next year he will be leaving again.

- I contacted Riley who said yes to letting the catamaran go directly and he had previously tried to reach Greta via social media without success. Then we contacted Greta's team who also made direct contact with Riley and Elayna. But the circumstances of the sail are special and I judged that a more experienced skipper was required on board. We must have respect for the North Atlantic in the winter, and we mobilized two ships with extensive experience of longer crossings on the high seas with a catamaran. But Riley said no to the reinforcement. Then I advised Greta's team not to go further with La Vagabonde, says Jimmy Cornell.

But now the ball was rolling with many involved and within less than a day, professional skipper Nikki Henderson had agreed to be part of the crew. The couple at La Vagabonde accepted the solution. Nikki Henderson is the same age as Elayna, 26, and thus nine years younger than Riley, but she is the most experienced sailor on board. Nikki started sailing as a 13-year-old (seven years before Riley bought her first boat) and has been the skipper of one of Clipper Around the World Race's boats 2017–2018, during three Atlantic crossings with the ARC squadron and on the Caribbean 600 sailing ship. has also sailed the Fastnet Race a couple of times and made countless transport sailing around the world. Nikki has also worked as a sailing instructor for beginners for several years.

Nikki Henderson
As the youngest skipper ever in the Clipper Around the World Race, Nikki Henderson took her boat and crew to the finish as a second boat in 2018. Photo: CRWR

"Greta can't be in better hands than Nikki's," Robin Knox-Johnston told On the Cross.
Knox-Johnston is one of the world's most experienced sailors and chairman of Clipper Ventures, which recruited Nikki for the assignment as skipper of the 2017 earthquake race.
- She is a proven leader and sailor. Among other things, she led her team to a second place in the latest Clipper race. For her relatively young age, she has a tremendous experience of sailing at sea, says Robin Knox-Johnston, who was also the first to sail solo earth around nonstop.

Exactly how the division of responsibilities looks at La Vagabonde, so far only those on board know, but probably Riley is a formal commander, even if Nikki is most qualified for the task. Nikki himself wrote after the second day of the trip, in a post on Facebook, that the crew made a decision "as a team" to steer south in the face of harsh easterly winds. After a later blow to the East course, Nikki wrote that she and Riley "have increased confidence in each other". The fact that Nikki is an elite athlete and competitor was noticed when she stated in her Facebook log that it felt like "going on the wrong side of the highway" when the decision to reduce the sail surface to slow down, and not end up in an area with heavy winds, was taken during the sixth day. Nikki describes Riley as an excellent leader on board with "steadfast confidence, but at the same time a humble openness to proposals".

Greta Thunberg
Nikki Henderson has limited experience with catamarans, but has sailed across the Atlantic several times before. Image: Nikki Henderson

The crew also has the help of the very experienced skipper and navigator Christian Dumard who helps with the choice of his office in France. The Outremer ship, of course, gets valuable marketing of its boats thanks to Greta's journey and committed Christian to the mission. Christian has been fully monitoring the weather systems that so far have offered a lot of snow.
"There are quite a few boats out there now and not uncommon with boats crossing the Atlantic in November, December," Christian Dumard told På Kryss.
- Most people are further south than La Vagabonde, which is a little more risky because it is not uncommon for heavy low-pressure like this year and because it can quickly form small heavy low-pressure in the cold fronts that sweep east. You have to be compliant with the systems and follow them closely, says Christian Dumard, who continuously communicates with Nikki and Riley via text messages.

So far, the voyage for La Vagabonde has largely gone as expected since its launch on November 13. After a tumultuous first day over the shallow waters outside the United States and across the Gulf Stream, the winds have changed a lot, but given a high average speed north of Bermuda with an east course towards the Azores. During the day, La Vagabonde has averaged around eight knots and night time around five knots over the past 24 hours. Sailing with a catamaran requires greater foresight with demolition and adaptation of the sail surface, than a single-hull boat, so as not to risk turning around. The line to the roll bar broke north of Bermuda, but the function of the roll sail could be retained after an improvised repair.

La Vaga
Outremer 45: an La Vagabonde has a first name and a point for a hen / spinnaker. Image: Nikki Henderson

At the link below, La Vagabonde's position is updated with some delay. La Vagabonde has rarely in the last year chosen to use its ais transponder and it was put on for only a few days after the start of the ongoing crossing. The signal has long been programmed to show Sydney as a destination. Via the Orbcomm satellites, for example, the transponder can be monitored throughout the entire crossing.

Outremer 45: La Vagabonde is designed by Patrick le Quément. It is 48 feet long, 23 feet wide and runs down to 2 meters with a dagger board for each hull. In addition to a steering wheel there are a couple of rudder cults. The mainsail is 67 square meters and the thoroughfare 110 square meters. The spinnaker is 150 square meters and the boat has a pair of diesels of 30 horsepower each. The French word Outremer is pronounced utterly and means approximately beyond the sea. Unlike Greta Thunberg's crossing with Boris Hermann's Malizia, this time the diesel engines were used for propulsion, but during the sailing they produce electricity with a water generator.

Riley Whitelum's first La Vagabonde was a 43-foot Beneteau Cyclades that he learned to sail on after the purchase of the boat in Italy. He then met Elayna at Ios, who moved aboard a month later. To calm her worried mother, Elayna began sending videos of the couple's sailing to the mother, other relatives and friends. When Elayna noticed how appreciated the movies were, she persuaded Riley to also post the movies on Youtube. Starting with Malta in the Mediterranean, the pair's followers began to grow in numbers and they quickly became more en route across the Atlantic, but the films made no income and when the pair reached Grenada in the southern Caribbean, the pair broke. When the couple told on social media that they would put the boat on land to go away and make money together, several followers suggested that they donate money so that the pair would instead sail on and continue with their video log. The couple today has thousands of donors, patrons, who get to share social media posts earlier than others.
The couple planned to spend the winter in the US ahead of new adventures next year, but thus have a winter in Europe to look forward to.

Greta Thunberg Outremer
The entire crew of the catamaran is preparing for departure from Hampton, Virginia.

Many have expressed concern that the couple's children, Lenny, who turns one year on December 6 this year, are on board. But Jimmy Cornell is more worried about those who worry.
"It is easy to transfer their fears to children, but the children are incredibly adaptable," says Jimmy, who sailed around the world with his children who were then five and seven years when the journey began.
"Of course, safety has to go first all the time, but kids on board don't make the trip any more unsafe," said Jimmy Cornell,

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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

The translated article says
But Riley said no to the reinforcement. Then I advised Greta's team not to go further with La Vagabonde, says Jimmy Cornell.
As far as I can see there's plenty of persuasion there.... Take Nikki or you're not going.

If the translation is correct then the article shows many interesting nuances.

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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Some may not know the genesis of the Outremer "sponsorship". All companies of any size or sophistication monitor the page visits to their website to see what folks are looking up. Beneteau is said to have seen an unexplained exponential increase in the number of searches for a particular model. It was the model originally being sailed by Riley and Elayna. I don't think they knew of them at the time, but research made it clear that Sailing LaVagabonde YouTube episodes was causing thousands of sailing enthusiasts to look up the boat on Beneteau's site.

Imagine how good you'll feel about that, if you were Beneteau. I don't know if BGroup made any offers, but I vaguely recall that Riley wanted a catamaran for their next boat and other OEMs took note of Beneteau's increased exposure. Therein lies the deal with Outremer, which was publicly announced. It's not secret they made this sponsorship deal. They leased a brand new million dollar cat to them at some undisclosed discount. In exchange, they are required to feature the boat in some minimum amount of film time that was also not disclosed.

Other popular channels, such as SV Delos, were also reportedly courted for deals. Specifically, I believe, by the manufacturer of their current vessel, Amel. Comments were made by the Delos crew that they ultimately did not want to be controlled by these deals, so they kept their old boat and their editorial freedom. On the other hand, SV Delos was the leading sailing channel at the time and has fallen to a distant 2nd, since SLV did the Outremer deal on the new cat (and started featuring their newborn baby in their vids).

Let's start a rumor that Outremer sabotaged their birth control.
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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

It's all about the money. What you write is not unexpected for commercial interests who rely on publicity of all sorts to sell their product. Clicks and banners as well as product placement in media are how they are getting the word out aside from print ads of old. Word of mouth is way too inefficient to sell million dollar products. Celebrity endorsements seems to have currency as well.

We've moved to digital media / online to get news. be entertained... make purchases. YouTube became a revenue possibility to Jane Doe and YT... and manufacturers. People these days seem to accept this all as status quo and A-OK. News has turned to infotainment... even eye candy.

I suppose these sailing vlogs have perhaps turned more people on to sailing than they have turned off to it. They might inspire people to travel and so on. All mostly positive I suppose.

The back story is not as pretty as the one put out there with all sorts of ulterior motives and manipulation present.

As has been mentioned... sailing vlogs can be instructional, informative and useful to sailors. I doubt that brings in much cash. Why people are entertained by movies, or reality shows, quiz shows and such is anyone's guess. They are. They cost and they are produced to make money.... money to pay for production and distribution and pay the producers, actors and so forth. I suppose even free content comes with a cost.

They don't want you to know it's about the money. You'd feel manipulated and taken advantage of.


What do you consume, see, attend etc. where you feel you are not being manipulated to hosed down for your cash? Are tickets to the Mets worth $500? to a movie for $25? to a Broadway show for $400? It's your money... spend it as you wish.

It's a nice gig to be paid to do what you like doing... call it work.. call it whatever.

It's all about the money. Money makes the world go round


The thread was interesting to me for the discussions of the weather... the rest was social media blather.
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