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SollaSollewSails 10-16-2008 04:26 PM

Mooring for Summer 2009 on LIS
We are looking for ideas about where one might find a seasonal mooring for Summer 20009. We'd like to be east of Stamford and west of the CT River on the north side of LIS. We'd like a marina/club/public mooring area that either provides in water dinghy storage or a launch service. Joinging a YC is not an option since we may move elsewhere in subsequent years and don't want to have to pony up a huge initiation fee. I've done some research and discovered the following.
  • Milford River
  • Five Mile River
  • Dropping one's own mooring in Echo Bay (New Rochelle, yes I know, this is west of Stamford)

Any comments on these would be appreciated as would thoughts on other locations. We draw 5.5 feet with a LOA of 34.

Thanks in advance.


CalebD 10-16-2008 06:42 PM

Since you don't seem to be getting much action from the other denizens I will throw my 2 cents at you.
I keep a 19' sailboat on a mooring (50# mushroom) that I deploy and retrieve and I only have to pay $25 a year to the local town for the privilege as a resident of the town (well, my sister is a resident and the boat is technically hers, so this set up is legit). Non-residents pay more for the same privilege (something like $250 and $500 for yacht clubs).
Obviously, with a 33' boat you will need a heavier anchor than I use which will set you back quite a bit, even more if someone else has to deploy and retrieve it.
Have you considered a 'Helix' mooring system? There is a thread on this topic here:
Just out of curiosity, if you are such a cheapskate then where do you keep a 33 footer in the winter?
Good luck.

SollaSollewSails 10-17-2008 01:40 AM

We keep our boat in the water during the winter for about $1200 at Brewer's in Stamford. We hope to sail till the middle of November at least and then get started again in early April. We short haul later in the Spring for a wash, paint and wax though the very expensive bottom paint has held up quite well.

Where is your mooring? What harbor in other words.

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