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Giulietta 04-30-2009 08:26 AM

My new radar pole..up and runing!!!
ey guys...that's it, job complete, I did it myself.. granted the instructions and support from Seaview PYI was IMPECCABLE!!

They answered all my emails, and phone calls personally, I got my answers within 5 minutes!! I swear. I am going to guide you thru the steps to install this thing.

As you know, I bought everything from Seaview PYI, (see here), everything was shipped in well protected boxes, and the pole was sent from France, directly in just a few days..

So, the first thing I did, while at home was install the radar on the basket plate (this is not my basket, it's a replacement while I wait for the carbon fiber one), but for now it's perfect. Like I said, the level of quality and craftsmanship in Seaview's wok is immaculate.

So I started by measuring everything, and making sure the radar dome was installed as close to the basket arms as possible to reduce any forward unbalance.
Everything came pre-drilled and with all the accessories ready to go. (off course, they could have included metric hardware, but in way it was my fault, as I am sure if I had requested, they would have gladly sent me metric bolts and nuts)..

I would, (should this be my final basket), have added double side tape to the bottom of the radar dome, just to make it softer and less vibrating, but I will do that to my carbon base, because I think it will make it a solid bond. But note, it's not really needed, I'm just being picky..

Here a view before final fixing.

Next thing was installing the base and swivel mount onto the pole.

That too, was very easy. Like I mentioned before, the bolts they supplied, go through nylon bushings, to avoid dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion, since the pole is aluminum and the bolts are stainless.

Because of the bushings there is the need to make the wholes on the pole, with different diameters.

see the bushings I refer to below.

The base sits INSIDE the pole, while the swivel head sits OUTSIDE of the pole.

Therefore, to allow the bushings to sit nicely, the swivel head comes pre-drilled to the diameter of the bushings, but the pole does not.
So you will need to mark and drill the wholes on the pole, to the same diameter as the bolt, (not the bushings - this is important).
This requires some precision, but it's pretty easy..just center punch thru the whole and it's done.
If you don't get it right, a small file can help, I just jerked the drill sideways a bit and solved the problem.

Detail of the swivel head with the pre-drilled holes.

Once the swivel bolts wholes are done in the pole, I installed the swivel head, and it should look like this:

Next thing I did was install the radar dome, already attached to the basket, and and tried the set up.

Next came the base location.

I opted to have the pole outside the hull, in the stern step, one of the reasons is so that I can just hinge it back to remove it.

I chose the space available behind my back stay block.

see final location (already installed here).

Because the stern step is inclined, I had a small triangular nylon base made, that allowed the hinged base to be perfectly horizontal. This because I want the post to hinge aft. Had I opted to have it hinge sideways, I would have not needed the base, because the hinged part can be rotated to become horizontal.

Below a detail of the base, already attached to the hull, with the tube, before I applied Sikaflex.

Then, before the base hinged half was drilled and boletd to the pole, we rigged the pole to have a look at the size and any adjustments we would require. We needed to shorten the pole, which we did at the base.

After making sure the pole was the right height, we installed the push pit / rail support brackets.

The distance was measured before I ordered, so Seaview sent me the right size turnbuckles..all ready to go.

I covered the inside of the rail fixtures with tape, to avoid scratching the rail once we adjusted it for perfect vertical.

the finish is pretty impressive. I also covered the pole brackets with tape, so it wouldn't scratch the pole while we adjusted the assembly. (this is where I make a note to Seaview. If these came already covered we, the installer, would save a lot of time.


Now that the mechanical part is done, all we had to do was the electrical connections. That too was easy, due to Raymarine's system, but also due to the base simplicity.

The base has a trough hull fitting included, that consists on a rubber bushing that one drills to the diameter of the wire, then cut it radially to pass the wire. This bush is conical, so when you tighten it, it squeezes itself around the cable nicely. I did, however, apply a good amount of Sikaflex under it, where the wire passes the hull. My hull is cored with Divnycell, so I don't need the epoxy covering. Sikaflex is enough, in my case.

Seaview recommends a loop of wire be done inside the pole, I assume to allow for expansion or odd movements without ripping the wires off, should the pole fall off.

I always tie stoppers to all my wires on the inside of any cavity they go through. So I did that at the radar inside, and on the stern, under the base, this way, if something happens, the wires do not pull on the connections.

So, there you have it..perfect set up, just like I wanted...simple, pretty, light AND removable!!

Thank you!


JohnRPollard 04-30-2009 08:56 AM


Very nicely done!! What a great set-up, and your write-up of the installation is well done too.

Have you turned the radar on yet and tried it?

Also, maybe I missed it in your description, but did you install a "quick-disconnect" in the radar wiring, so that you can remove the pole assembly without re-wiring? Any pictures?


Valiente 04-30-2009 10:54 AM

Alex...that is an exceptional piece of work and a very nice installation. I hope you have many years of sailing in fog so you can get used to how the radar works!

May I make one suggestion? If you run a skinny length of Dyneema from the top of the pole to the stern rail as a sort of emergency lanyard, you will have a safe way not only to lower the pole to the dock from the cockpit once you've removed those supports, but if the carbon fibre pole should fail at any point, you would have a way to haul in or otherwise secure the radome back aboard the boat. A quite thin length of Dyneema would do, because it would only have to support the weight of part of the pole, the gimbal and the dome...for Dyneema, that means the width of string.

I too want to know if you have gone out beyond the breakwater and tried to cook the lunches of your friends in the Marina..."No, don't put on a sweater, just stand there while I tune my new radar..."

Dutch1951 04-30-2009 11:02 AM

Very nice installation! What was your total price when finished?

Giulietta 04-30-2009 12:13 PM

Dutch, depending on the amount of noble materials like carbon fiber aluminium and such, Seview offers several options.

They have a complete kit, with a 10 foot pole in standard white (the black was custom), that will cost around $1635.00 without the supports, including the swivel head, the basket, plate and the hinged base.

The costs to add are the supports, as each system is different. Support kits like the ones I show are around $ 230.00, but a more complex support system can go as high as $ 340.00.

A rig like mine ends up costing around $2000.00 complete.

Giulietta 04-30-2009 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by JohnRPollard (Post 481540)

Very nicely done!! What a great set-up, and your write-up of the installation is well done too.

Have you turned the radar on yet and tried it?

Also, maybe I missed it in your description, but did you install a "quick-disconnect" in the radar wiring, so that you can remove the pole assembly without re-wiring? Any pictures?


yes, John,

Raymarine was supposed to have sent me a plug that goes on the base, and once the pole removed, it has a balnk cover that is water proof.


smackdaddy 04-30-2009 12:48 PM

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Wow - nice work Giu!

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