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Tenoch 11-20-2014 06:19 PM

Re: Possible 27' Bluewater Boats
Webb Chiles claimed to have never spent more than $10,000 on a boat (can't remember where I read that)...but I'm sure that does not include fitting out and provisioning. Also Webb Chiles is a bad-ass.

christian.hess 11-20-2014 06:53 PM

Re: Possible 27' Bluewater Boats
tenoch Im no chiles...

thats damn obvious...

but this was my budget for my h28:
2k for boat
4k refit(including autopilot and gear for trip), refinished masts, garboard strake.
my dad gave me $500 in cash and said go!!! I was 18

my crew took care of the stops, diesel and the occasional meal

that was the deal for that trip...

Marieholm folkboat was $5500 for boat...I had a spare rudder I made a half ass came with dodger, great sails, merc 5hp on a mount
refit 1k(mostly interior work)
added gusher pump for cockpit, anchor, paint

that boat was going to be my transpac solo boat like the JESTER FOLKBOAT(I went to chef school instead oh well)

other recent example

islander 34
fully equipped for cruising bought for $7k
aries windvane, rebuilt atomic 4, needed cutlass bearing replaced,semi hard dodger, mast steps, huge ground tackle, sails, st2000 wheel pilot, heater, full working stove oven and wood stove, pressure water and water heater, small outboard on poop deck, huge water tanks.

added small solar panel

refit 1.5k including gps, new vhf and antenna, bottom job, cutlass bearing, engine spares.

all of those were ready to go except for maybe ais or a cheap ssb install which is of course optional all would be seaworthy, all WERE, and would be awesome cruisers now and were before give or take owners wants or needs

needs being the big if...

these are just 3 example of the boats I have had, now multiply my experience by the hundreds of other california sailors who do just this and then go state by state, then go to the carribean, then central america, then go to the south pacific then asia(thailand) and then tell me:

that you cant do it under 10k and sail

well you are blind...cause it happens


dream people!!!! dream big and things will happen

argue and say no nothing happens...


Waterrat 11-21-2014 06:07 PM

Re: Possible 27' Bluewater Boats
Determine budget.
Know your risk tolerance
Know your comfort tolerance

It can be cheap if you sail a Wayfarer, or drascombe lugger and can tolerate the risk and discomfort. It is all relative. Many wouldn't cross an ocean in anything under 50' and some do it in open boats. There is always a way. I find the discomfort of spending the money hurts more then making due with what is at hand. Humans need very little to be more then content such as a little food, basic protection from elements, and most importantly water. Most of the rest of my discomfort is best over come by changing my frame of mind.

sailpower 11-21-2014 11:12 PM

Re: Possible 27' Bluewater Boats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy (Post 2381273)
Again, buying a small boat for less than $10K is easy. Tons of them out there. Buying and preparing a boat for offshore cruising for less than $10K is another animal entirely.

With your project, I would assume you'd get that.


Hijack alert!

I was channel surfing last night and watched Falling Down which I hadn't seen in years.

Made me think of your Avatar.


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