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hathanger 11-21-2003 05:19 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
Clearskies, keep us all posted on the mouse situation!

pirateofcapeann 11-23-2003 09:20 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
Leave ‘em be and feed ‘em well! Don’t ya’ know that rats abandon a sinkin’ ship!

clearskies 11-24-2003 09:16 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
Well there is more than one! Put peanut butter on two traps. They never went near them. Bought a cage and put peanut butter in that three days ago,waited and waited, finally caught one last night, A "little, harmless field mouse" my friend said as he took it off. And I prayed that it was the only one. and "harmless my @##". So as I am sitting on the couch late in the evening, I hear a noise in the galley and look up at the refrig and what''s looking back at me is not a "harmless field mouse", but about 8-10" of rat. Then this morning another mouse was walking across my counter. Bold little suckers. Totally disgusted I decided I am going to get a garbage can that has a swinging lid. Put bacon on the top and pray they drop in the anti-freeze, as they try to step on the lid (sound good?). The sticky things, when they get caught, I hear they screech. I would love to have a cat, two or three. But my boat is a charter boat and some people are alergic. Also found out that the restaurant down the dock that they are tearing down was loaded with them, so now they are simply trying to find a "new home(s)" WONDERFUL. You have to know that I am totally "ANNUL RETENTIVE" about clean. So keep the suggestions coming. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flicker 11-24-2003 02:20 PM

HELP! Mouse on board

A neighbor down the street cleared the rats out of our neighborhood last summer with a hav-a-hart trap. I''ll have to ask her what she used for bait. Once she caught them, she had to walk to the local park and drown them in the pond. As a liveaboard, you shouldn''t have much problem doing yours in either.

Actually, the trash can with the anti-freeze sounds pretty good. Rats climb into trash cans all the time. Also, propylene glycol (I thinks that''s what''s in anti-freeze) has a sweet taste and house cats have been killed licking it off their paws after walking through it. Remember that it is hightly toxic and should be disposed of safely.


clearskies 11-24-2003 02:52 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
I know the anti-freeze is my last resort. I have now cooked some bacon after the little one ran again across my counter again and put that in the HaveAHart (now sitting on my counter).
No bites if you can find out what was used I would be so grateful. I really can''t stand this, I don''t want to go in the galley without gloves on. Exterminators will only use the sticky paper stuff and poisen, and I really don''t want to look at dead mice/rats until they show up to take them away (let alone the cost). There is no food for them to eat except what I have put in the cage??????????
Thanks Again my advisors!

jbanta 11-24-2003 03:08 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
I read in Mother Earth News (YEARS AGO) that rats can be killed with beer. I don''t know if it works for mice, I don''t even know if it works for rats but it might be worth a try.

RichH 11-24-2003 06:31 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
If you have a rat, I suggest that you locate someone with a ferret. A ferret will take about 15 seconds to find and dispose of the rat. Local veterinarians can help you find a friendly ferret owner.
For mice, put your traps along the walls as mice/rats usually always travel along walls, not in the open.

clearskies 11-24-2003 07:40 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
HMMMMM.....Still no action in the cage even with the bacon...but the small one showed up on the top of my sideboards in the galley walking like it owned the place. I had once again bleached and disinfected everything. I can''t even eat here let alone sleep, but here is where I have to be. Beer I am not so sure, it would seem to be an insentive for some "RATS" I have known (trying to smile). Sooooo next step, I will inquire about a Ferret, but I would not want it to get hurt, like falling in the bilge, they are good creatures. Wonder why there are no cats in this marina (new here), since they are an asset, at least to me. I would gladly be kind, feed and pet and hold them. But then I would more than likely become attached. And as we all know some people can be cruel to cats on the outside. I have an upcoming charter (much needed money) and I can''t have them (rodents) wondering around. I am truly trying not to "Whine" although at this point some "Wine" is not a bad choice!
Should the marina since they are the ones who (read prior posts) made this wonderful experience available, help in any way?
Thanks again to all,
I am going to cry and have the "WINE" and maybe make friends with them (OH YUCK, NO).

Your help is greatly needed.

Paranoid and Sleepless in St. Petersburg

kimberlite 11-24-2003 09:14 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
I have always had good luck with mouse/rat traps.
i use bologna as bait and wrap it with thread so it can not be nibbled off.
try 6 traps and try staying off the boat for 24 hours.
good luck,

c172guy 11-25-2003 05:39 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
You need to keep the things off of your boat!!! They can climb over dock lines etc. Make some shields to keep them on the dock. You know like the shields they use to keep squirrels out of bird feeders. With an infested dock that''s the only way. If you are a good shot with a BB gun shoot the brave mice!!! I was really wicked as a child with my BB gun. Even shot dragonflies. Wear eye protection and try to have something soft behind the mouse so the pellet doesn''t bounce around. I am talking about the weak little guns. If you get a stronger pellet gun only pump it enough to kill the mouse not put a hole in something valuble.
Ferrets are filthy creatures that will tear your boat apart!!! My daugther had two of the creatures and they tore up a couch when she let them loose in the house. Plus their crap is worse than mouse crap. They will kill even a big rat. But if they smell a mouse they''ll tear stuff apart to get to it.

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