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clearskies 12-08-2003 01:28 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
First what does "The Green Mile" have to do with it? Second, the cat I know can leave body parts behind, that is why I still hesitate and also because this is a charter boat. Third, the clamp good idea. And the "big ugly rat" was the Momma looking for the baby that was caught in the cage and taken off the boat. Cage is still there, but no attraction. But still have not seen any signs of them since the Ultrasonic devices. And cheap for the price, $10 each at Lowes, how long they last I don''t know, a long time, I hope. Since they where coming from anchor winch locker. I suspect they are leaving and then returning. Can''t get a device in there. And the only food available is in the cage, brother(s) or sister(s) got wise or maybe to big for it!

c172guy 12-09-2003 10:24 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
You ruined my weekend...a little. I slept on my boat and kept worrying about rats and mice. When I woke up during the night I listened for gnawing sounds. No sign of rats or mice on my boat but now I''ll be listening for them. But Friday night was so windy that the boat shook.Only a monster rat could have been heard above the wind noise. Saturday night after a few beers I didn''t worry much about rats.

liarsof 12-11-2003 12:47 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
well, I have been in your position twice once on my 38ft first and 6 yaers later on my bertram 33. If you want to catch it there is only one way: use a conventional steel trap and put as a bait a piece of sausage (half to one inch cube) that you burn slightly with a ligther!! both times was caught within 10 minutes from the time the trap was set. Hope you can find a good trap.

clearskies 12-12-2003 07:16 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
Sorry "Guy", but you did give me a chuckle. Misery loves company! And "High Winds" here too 60mph gusts. Its not only the thought of the critters keeping me awake its the constant checking the lines.

e-27 sailor 12-29-2003 02:41 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
Clearskies, it''s been a couple weeks since your last rat update. Did the momma rat jump overboard from depression after losing her offspring, or is this still a work-in-progress?

clearskies 01-02-2004 02:19 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
Have not seen "hide nor fur" of the critters since I bought the ultra sonic devices. Sooo I don''t know if they abandoned ship or just hiding, maybe another strategic plan is in the works! If so you will know...when I do! Now I have the creeps again.

BomberTech 03-08-2004 07:01 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
"not "Humane(?)" (who cares) they are disgusting and they carry diseases. That one may be a winner. Drown that little sucker!"

Cruel *****.

Sure, pests need to be killed, but from what I''ve heard, anti-freeze is perhaps even more cruel than those evil little glue traps. Saying "who cares" just shows the cruel idiot that you are. People do care, those that kill vermin quick and painlessly. Oh but no, they''re only rats. And why must they be exempt from a quick kill? Because they carry disease? Ridiculous! I''m sorry, but NOTHING justifies inflicting needless suffering to animals, specifically mammals who have similar nervous systems to that of humans.
When we had rats in our attic, we bought a rat zapper. No mess, instant kill. We bought it because we need not want to see the animals in pain if we use poision/glue traps... but we had to get rid of them. Your "who cares" statement is just a reflection of how stupid people are, thinking that it''s "okay" inflicting needless agony to one group of animals. Rats and mice aren''t insects - they''re mammals, they can suffer. And given the choice you have - why would you pick an inhumane death over a humane one? We as humans are responsible to elimiating potential dangers, without having to resot to cruelty. Now, you had a choice in this matter; humane or inhumane. Why go the inhumane route? Is it because they "deserve" or is it just because you''re a cruel ******* and "not care" ?

I am worried about society if they tread down the path of thinking that "cruelty is okay... if the are inconvient". Absolute BS. You had the choice in your hands, but you "didn''t care". What a disgusting human being you are.

windship 03-12-2004 05:32 AM

HELP! Mouse on board
...and from now on...don''t leave your ladder up against your toerail all the time if your on the hard.


JosephDive 03-20-2004 02:01 PM

HELP! Mouse on board
The best Rat-Guard I could think of for mooring lines would be to go to a "walmart-ish" type store and buy small Cones Like the type that you use to mark impromptu football fields with.. cut the bottoms off and run your lines thru them so that the open end faces the pier. Make sure that you get cones with small openings on the top so that they will hold the line tauntly and not rest down on it.. some modification may be necessary. I appolagize if someone has alredy suggested this method as I only read the first two pages of posts.

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