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Sublime 10-13-2014 12:26 PM

Team SCA, volvo ocean race
First all women team in over a decade. I hope they do well!

THEFRENCHA 10-13-2014 01:11 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
They are leading first leg !
Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015

Sabreman 10-13-2014 01:13 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
My wife is cheering for SCA and I'm cheering for Alvimedica

Sublime 10-13-2014 02:38 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race

Sublime 10-13-2014 02:38 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race

Originally Posted by THEFRENCHA (Post 2271114)
They are leading first leg !
Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015

Fist pump!

jrcanoe 10-31-2014 05:01 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
I am rooting for the women. But my money is on team Brunel to win. I am only out 10$ if I lose every leg but could win 60.

ontheocean 12-26-2014 09:28 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
How are they doing.

Leg 2 - Cape Town to Abu Dhabi

( 1 ) Team Brunel Finished Elapsed time: 023d 16h 25m 20s

( 6 ) Team SCA Finished Elapsed time: 025d 06h 23m 34s

Difference = 2d 10h 01m 46s and beat team Vestra Wind. Pretty Good effort. Yes

Max speed Over ground 1h average registered this 2nd leg 24.4kt Team SCA.

24-hour run Max distance sailed in 24h this 2nd leg 517.4 nms but looks like map free had the best sailing performance or trimmers with Max Distance 24 hr run.

Can't find leg one dash board for further analysis. Waiting for a reply from Race org.

B & G navigators prize state some interesting analysis.

Libby Greenhalgh Team SCA Navigator United Kingdom

"Who she is:

A British-born meteorologist, Libby has worked as the meteorologist for the British sailing team across junior and Olympic levels for the past seven years.

She is also a freelance weather forecaster working for sailing, surf, kite-surf, bike and car rally events. She has sailed most of her life and competed in the Youth Worlds and 470 class before moving onto bigger boats and match racing.

What she said: “The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the things I have aspired to do in my life and the opportunity with Team SCA, to combine the racing that I do,

with the weather knowledge that I have and race around the world, is incredibly exciting.”

Navigating or crew sail trimming work defective ?


ontheocean 12-27-2014 06:29 PM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
From on Board Crew Member worth a read if you missed the post.
Volvo race website.

December 14

Corinna Halloran

Today began with a beautiful sunrise as we travelled through the Hormuz Straits. The day will end with hugs from loved ones when we [finally] arrive in Abu Dhabi after 27 days at sea.

Today is a bittersweet day filled with relief, excitement, curiosity, determination, anticipation, and a twinge of sadness. Today is the last day of Leg 2.

“It’s a bit frustrating to do all this preparation to just follow the other boats and not really race them,” Elodie said. “I hope we’ll be able to race the other boats next time.”

We are here to race not to watch. We are here to lead not to follow. Yes, we are paving a road for the future of everyday women who dare to dream big, but we are also competitive athletes and coming in last, regardless, is always tough.

Even though a lot of weather luck played into this leg, we’re still blaming ourselves for mistakes we believe cost us the race. That’s the nature of being an athlete and the nature of living in a 65ft bubble.

“It’s been a tough leg, especially weather wise so it’s a good thing it’s coming to an end,” Dee said. “Let’s hope we deliver better on Leg 3. We start well, we just need to maintain that.”

We are determined to grow from our mistakes and take the time in the next two and a half weeks to really fix them. Immediately following our finish we will eat (something fresh), unpack the boat, shower and rest, and then debrief with our coaching staff.

This debrief might possibly be the most important debrief to date, as we now fully understand the complexities of the race and the other teams. We will analyse, in detail, our strengths and weakness in order to capitalize on our strengths and remedy our weaknesses for future legs.

We are frustrated because we know we can do better. However, this is a leap in the correct direction! If we were convinced we were at the top of our game, we’d almost be fooling ourselves.

Just reflecting back on six months ago when we sailed the ‘Round Canary Island Race’, we are virtually a different team than we were then. We’ve become more confident with handling ourselves as well as ourselves against the others.

So today is a bittersweet day for the team as we finally end Leg 2, an extremely tough leg for the team but one that will nonetheless make us a stronger team and stronger sailors.

However our curiosity is sparked and we’re all incredibly eager to begin Leg 3 and really show the fleet what we’ve got!

Who she is:

Halloran has a degree in photojournalism and writing, and a professional certificate in visual storytelling. She is a sailor too – the young American worked on super yachts and travelled to many places on that job.

What she said: “Sailing is in my blood; my grandfather and mother were big sailors in Annapolis, Maryland, and sailing is how my mother arrived in Newport. I love the ocean and sailing but I did not grow up racing dinghies in the Bay. Instead, I grew up with a camera in my hand.”

kjango 12-28-2014 10:41 AM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
I'm getting antsy for the next leg to start .

UnionPacific 01-16-2015 09:35 AM

Re: Team SCA, volvo ocean race
Being that SCA sponsored them, must they wear a diaper around the world?


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