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KTMCD 07-21-2010 10:40 AM

Air Conditioning on a 28ft ODay?
We love staying aboard but are beginning to think we should explore AC for use while we are in our slip. Any suggestions from other smaller sailboat owners (other than suggesting we are wimps?). We already use multiple fans but it is the humidity--thanks!

mdbee 07-21-2010 11:22 AM

Iv'e been having some idle thoughts about the same thing. There are the "marine" options that fit into the forward hatch, the standard small window home units that people adapt to hatches and companion ways and the "portable" ac units that can go inside, running the exhaust hose to the outside.

The last one has caught my attention. The main issue is finding a good reliable model. The reviews can vary a lot on the same model. The other issue is how they get rid of the evaporated water. Some only have a pan that needs to be emptied, others have a drain than can be run to the bilge / drain etc. Some brands say the moisture is taken care of through the exhaust (hot air duct to the outside) I question how well that works in a high humidity area.

The marine units look good but cost more. The window units are the cheapest but require more work to adapt them to a boat (and may look a bit less refined) The portable ones are hidden from the outside and can stay in place when sailing.

QuickMick 07-21-2010 11:22 AM

while this wont help with the humidity, i do find it very useful.
Windscoop™ Ventilating Sail by Davis

there is an emerson quietcool installed in the vee berth, but it is kind of a big pain to install and mine is on her last legs im afraid.... so

for the really hot days i fire this off:
Carry-On Portable Air Conditioners - Marine Boat
and it does a fine job

sawingknots 07-21-2010 12:12 PM

i think almost everyone is having a tough time of it right now,i have a wind funnel but theres not much wind here in the hills,also my marina just got its electricity supply shut off so not even a fan,better days are coming[ i hope]

RTB 07-21-2010 01:30 PM

After another steamy night trying to sleep on the boat last weekend, I bought one of these Haier CPRB08XCJ 8000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner: Kitchen & Dining... Man, I must be getting soft! But I'll say, we had a great night's sleep Sunday night.

I picked this up at the Super Target for $299.00. It is only 8000 BTU's, but the wife got up to change the setting during the night because she was too cold. I'm not sure how well it will cool during the daytime, but we spend little time inside the boat then anyway. It stows away easily in the V-Berth when not in use. I did not like the idea of a window unit stuck in the companionway or on top of the boat.

This unit has auto evaporation, so no need to empty water from the unit. You will need to run the hot exhaust to the outside. There is a fairly long expandable hose included. We already had a foamboard piece that fit in the companionway left by the PO. I got out a fillet knife and cut a hole for the hose to exit through so we could use it that night. I am going to buy a piece of wood to replace the bottom board that I can attach the hose to when the unit will be in use. It does draw 15 amps, so be careful what else you plan to use when the a/c is running.

This is a reasonable/affordable way to stay comfortable if you don't have the boat bucks to spend on an actual marine unit. I still feel a bit guilty though. I could have had those new halyards...but when I mentioned the idea about the ac unit to the wife, she said "let's go buy one"! Gotta keep the woman happy, right?

QuickMick 07-21-2010 01:42 PM

not to get off topic, but why the heck did the marinas elec get shut off?

sawingknots 07-21-2010 05:15 PM

its an old mom&pop marina on the tn.river,the tn.valley authority[tva]suddenly decided that the marinas electric wiring wasn't up to code,lol and i agree,the owner hasn't updated anything in yrs--------sorry for the thread hyjack

deniseO30 07-21-2010 06:04 PM

those portable units make allot of sense! (imho) less dangerous then trying to navigate a window unit in the companion way or front hatch. they are very very efficient also. The only bad thing would be it rolling around when under sail.

your friendly neiborhood hvac girl :)

RTB 07-21-2010 06:11 PM

As I mentioned, it does stow under the v-berth, but not securely, so I need to figure a way to secure it when underway. That can be accomplished any number of ways.

chef2sail 07-29-2010 09:57 PM

We have one of the cruise air hatch units bought 6 years ago. It stores under the filler of our V berth when inderwya. We always have a breeze when anchored out, but in our slip or when traveling it has been the difference bewtween us using the boat or not.

It stows easily never moves aorund underway, and is never in the way as what goes under most people V berth fillers?

We have a rountine for ptting it in the front v berth hatch. We have amused people in marina we have stayed in as my wife and I have a 5 minute choreographed routine. Open the hatch. She gets the spinaker halyard. we attach it around one of the units handles ( it weighs 70 pounds but is bulky and unweilding to lift or carry). She cranks the halyard around a winch while i guide it up through the hatch it emerges from below and the drops right into place. 5 minutes tops. Runs on 110 AC from one of the boats outlets or off a 30 adapter cord off of a 50 amp splitter. We were thinking of even getting a small HOnda quiet EU2000 and running it at anchor, but quite frankly have never neede it at anchor. Why sweat and be uncomfortable, it has allowed us to go to our boat every Friday evening and cools our 35 footer fine.the V is like an icebox Hella fans bring the cool air to the rest of the cabins. When the unit dies I will probably put a marine reverse cycle on in with ducts.


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