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Horace74 11-17-2016 02:44 PM

Looking for Dufour Arpege
I'm just getting into the market for a sailboat and I'm fascinated by the Dufour Arpege. Any info on these boats would be greatly appreciated. I don't see that many for sale on the East Coast.

Fissh 11-17-2016 05:52 PM a 71 last may...gutted it, going to re do interior with a V berth... All electric the lines on her! I was told she was a fast boat back in the day...don't much care, I'm not in any hurry...gonna retire September 2018 and sail outta this country...I don't have much info and have been looking myself, but not much luck...let me know how you make out in your search
[email protected]

krisscross 11-17-2016 06:07 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
Check this and other Arpege listings on this site: 1972 Dufour Arpege sailboat for sale in Florida

jackdaw 11-17-2016 06:54 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
I had a friend that a 27, and then an Arpege. He loved them both. I remember both them them being under canvassed, so life in a light air venue might suck. Woodwork below was great, with tons and tons of little clever storage areas.

The page and vid is interesting, if in swedish....

Interesting Sailboats: video: DUFOUR 30 ARPEGE VERSUS DUFOUR 310GL

Horace74 11-18-2016 03:28 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
Congrats Randy!! Wish I was retiring in 2018 and sailing out of the country but I have a LONG way to go before that day. I will keep you posted on my search.

fmueller 11-19-2016 09:40 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
There is one for sale on CL in Boston, though the ad calls it something different, it sure looks like an Arpege.

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Horace74 11-20-2016 11:06 AM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
Yeah........that's an Arpege.

Bluesmoods 11-20-2016 06:38 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
As former Dufour Dealer ( Sold quite a few boats in North America), I know owners of the "infamous" Arpege. I will put the word out regarding a potentially interested "Buyer".

The Arpege was built like a tank. It is strong, reliable and a very good sailing vessel. Dufour built over 1500 of these reputable models till the late 70's. I met many owners at various boat shows, many of whom had stories to tell about how well this boat did in their voyages off-shore in some rather undesirable weather.

To this day, Dufour makes a truly outstanding boat, of course and unfortunately, remains much more popular in other regions of the world than in the USA. Nevertheless, I would put a Dufour up against any production boat, especially Beneteau types in superior quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish and can we talk "sailing" which is what the boats are really all about.

I have nothing to do with the brand at the moment as it is hard to make a living marketing and selling a superior boat with very little market share. Maybe someday when the company decides to truly take the market in North America seriously.

Horace74 11-21-2016 10:05 AM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
Thanks sound pretty knowledgeable about sailboats. Is there any way to send you an e-mail?

Bluesmoods 11-21-2016 04:53 PM

Re: Looking for Dufour Arpege
[email protected]

Thanks. Although I am not "officially" a broker at this time, I would be glad to share with you what I can do assist you .

Best regards

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