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theluckyone17 04-23-2019 08:56 PM

Re: Me & My Collection of Project Boats
Did you ever end up publishing that anywhere? I swear I've read tidbits somewhere very similar to sections. I can't speak to the physics between the two hull designs... I've never completed a study on hull design, nor have I been able to privy to an actual study. All I get is secondhand statements, unfortunately, and I can see both sides of the argument... your synopsis above pretty well states the "twin keels don't perform well" platform, while that "In Praise of Twin Keels" article written up by Andy Cunningham defines the opposing views.

When you toss in all the little factors that can make or break a hull design, it's gotta be hard to make a straight comparison between two different keeled boats. I've read Brian Shulz (of Cape Falcon Kayak) talk about how moving one former a 1/4" on his F1 design completely changes how the boat handles surf. Stands to reason that it scales up as well. Just slapping a pair of any old twin keels on any given hull might not do, just the same as slapping another keel on another design might not do either. I just don't have the experience sailing both designs to say either way myself, and I really want a more in depth study before I'm convinced either way.

I do like the thought of letting the mainsail out to recover from an accidental minor grounding (letting the windward keel come up off the ground) as opposed to sheeting in (and letting a single keel heel over, coming off the ground). Guaranteed, the first time I run aground, my first reaction is to say "%$^&! WHAT WAS THAT!" and let the sheet out trying to dump sail to slow down (assuming I've not come to a complete stop already) and figure out what I just did to my boat. On the other hand, I also know that the bilge is *tiny* in that Tylercraft... and any work I do to put in a decent cabin sole to keep my feet out of the bilge is going to reduce the amount of headroom available. Everything's a trade-off...

Besides... well, if I want to go fast, I'll take that Force 5 to the lake for the day. If I want to entertain while sailing spritely, the O'Day might just do. If I want to go gunkholing up the coast for a week or two, I've got the Tylercraft.

P.S.: Tried referencing the articles above, but I haven't hit my ten post line yet, letting me post links or images. I'll get another post or three in and come back to properly reference bits.

P.P.S.: Finally had something worth posting about, crossed the line, and updated the links.

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