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findthejake 01-04-2009 06:26 PM

Any other Seattlites? (Hi to everyone else too!)
Hi there!
My name is Jake and I am 24. I've been addicted to the water my entire life and I am madly in love with it. I am the Aquatics Director for a school district up here in Kitsap County, Washington. Grew up on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, moved here just a few months ago from my previous temporary home in Phoenix. I realized some time last week that my dream of living aboard a sailboat could now become a reality and have ventured in to the shopping mode.

I am looking for a smaller boat with some headroom, something like a coronado 27'. There is one for sale over in shilshoal that is in my price range, if anyone is living over there and wants to take a looksie!

I look forward to getting to know all of you and hope that ya'll can point me in the right direction to get involved and learn. I already appreciate this community!

djodenda 01-04-2009 07:05 PM

Welcome to Sailnet, Jake...

Lots of local folks on line here.. Personally, I'm a Bothellonean...

Lots of boats at reasonable prices available here.. I wouldn't settle on one particular model yet...

Personally, I lived aboard both 27 foot and 22 foot boats.. It certainly can be done...

We can help you out, but we need more information...

What kind of sailing experience do you have?

What is your budget?

Where do you want to live? (Shilshole doesn't have any slips of that size available presently, and they are NOT transferable with the boat)


findthejake 01-04-2009 11:03 PM

Oh fantastic!
Yeah I am not set in stone on a model, that is for sure.

My sailing experience... hmm I've flipped a 50' pontoon boat in a lake in Indiana during a storm... sailed a 20' open catamaran daily for asian tourists two months off the shores of Tumon Bay, Guam..... and that's about it. I grew up on the water but it was always fishing boats, jetski's, ski boats, pontoon boats, etc. The cat in Guam was my first actual sailboat type of rig. It was exhilaratingly. I've always hopelessly been a pirate though. Phoenix was killing me. I need to be on or near the water to survive!

My budget needs some help. I make decent money but I am paying too much in rent, I would like to switch to live aboard as soon as I can. Are there financing options available if you buy from a private seller? Could I get a bank loan?

djodenda 01-04-2009 11:16 PM


Yes, you can finance a private sale... I did that on my first live-aboard, a Catalina 27. (Of course, credit was a bit looser then)..

You should do some investigation and see what you can afford before you continue much farther.

Note that interest on your boat loan is tax deductable, just like a home loan.

Do you live and work in Poulsbo?

Here's some places to look

48° North - The Sailing Magazine

Also, have a look at the marina at Bremerton.. It's brand new, real nice, and mostly empty when I was there last spring.

I know that some of the marinas in Poulsbo have vacancies....


findthejake 01-04-2009 11:24 PM

Once I get a boat I can get mooring at the guest marina here in Poulsbo, at least until summertime. It's just a matter of getting a boat.

So let me lay down some numbers here to help ya'll help me.
I am paying right around 900-1000 a month in rent right. I know it's ridiculous. I moved into a two bedroom with a friend when I moved here in September and he ditched out a few weeks later and I've not filled the other room. It's not killing me to pay it though, and now I am on a month to month so I can bail once I find a home.

The school district I work for, in fact all the school districts, are on very tight budgets. I took a job in September that already had a shut down date of December 31st. They were going to close my pool that day. I was able to turn things around pretty drastically and we are now staying open until at least the end of August. I would really like to be able to find a boat that I could pay off by the end of August. This way if things go south then I still have my boat!

So that comes out to what? 700 or 800 a month x 8 months =5600 to 6400 roughly? I am not sure what insurance costs are but I know a friend has a 36' in the guest marina here and is paying 280/month for the winter.

So that's about what I have to work with!

Ya'll are the greatest!!

blt2ski 01-05-2009 12:00 AM

I'm going to swag, that there is about a dozen or so or maybe 2 that post here that are from what I call the greater puget sound/St of Georgia area, ie PNW! OR BCSW?!?!?!

4 from Edmonds, or should we say, keep boats at Edmonds........

quite a bunch around here.

Re you're snow comment to the snow new years eve post..........snow here is NOT what you get in the midwest! A LOT wetter, slipperyer, along with the streets etc are probably steeper than in the midwest. Many a midwesterner comes here thinking that snow is NOT that big a deal, you just drive in it! LOL, yeah right. You too will be sliding, in a ditch etc quicker than you can say "I k.............." of the "I know how to drive in the snow" yessiree!

Enjoy your time here, it is a phun place to reside!


findthejake 01-05-2009 12:05 AM

Yeah I am totally loving it. I've heard the snow warnings, I've lived at 9,000 ft in the rockies and through the blizzards of chicago. This stuff here is nothing. That "storm" two weeks ago, laughable! I was driving around in my minivan passing people left and right. It's all about knowing your vehicle and it's response to the slickery stuff! :p

and not to toot my own horn but this is me on the front page on the 27th. I am so uber taken with myself right now... lol... it's makin my head WAY too big!

blt2ski 01-05-2009 12:12 AM

Oh yeah, way to big! LOL

The snow we are getting today, this evening, at least where I am in Edmonds is more like what is normal! The stuff 2 weeks ago WAS easy to get around in. Tonight.......yeehaw! I was sliding all around without trying tonight in spouses ML320 with AWD, and all kinds of anitlock spin stuff the Mercedes puts in the SUV's. My 4x4 GM was spinning a bit earlier tonight too, I did not spin, lose traction in the snow 2 weeks ago!

Anyway, it is a fun area to be in, good to see you're turning the pool around etc, hope the good fortunes continue.

You might also look at Cascadia for a local email group with local outings when you get a boat too!


findthejake 01-05-2009 12:27 AM

Thanks! That group looks like loads of fun! I want a flaggy thingy!

djodenda 01-05-2009 08:30 AM


look at New and Used Yachts for Sale - and use the advanced search (It takes a bit of getting used to)... Search for used sailboats from 26 to 30 feet in the Pacific Northwest.. Should give you some perspective...


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