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Waymar83 11-18-2006 09:29 AM

Jeanneau Attalia
Hi all,

I've been reading the sailnet fora for a few years and have not come across anyone with any comments about the Jeanneau Attalia. Anybody have any info/experience? My 1983 has served very well for the past 4 yrs (on Lake Ontario).

I have really only one minor irritant on my boat: no hot water.


MeaningofLife 01-15-2007 06:42 AM

Hello Waymar83
I have the same problem here in Denmark - I'm sailing a '87 Attalia and I'm looking for other Attalia-sailors for info/experience,


Waymar83 01-15-2007 05:12 PM

Well hello there Frank!:)

Its good to hear from a fellow Attalia owner.

There are a number of Attalias (for sale and on the Jeanneau website) but very few owners talk about their boat. Here is a review article from a few years back. quite positive.

I don't know about you but I really like the Attalia, especially given her age. These days her design, layout etc are commonplace but were not in the 80s (OK as she is my first boat with a cabin so I have no ownership experience with other boats) but "she delivers".

She is on the hard now, while I'm away for a few years, but I still make plans, do research, wanting to improve performance and comfort.

As examples, I'm looking into more efficient lighting (replacing with LEDs), improving the electrical setup, looking at adding hot water, changing the (original) Genoa, etc.

I hope to sail her down to the Caribbean at some point although I have to temper my enthusiasm with lack of open water experience. Lake Ontario is big but...


AtlanticBryan 02-11-2007 06:11 PM

I too am a happy Attalia owner. I purchased Voyageur in 2002 and sailed her from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, where she sailed mostly in Conception Bay. We did take her on a five-week cruise up the east coast of the province, though. She's now back in Nova Scotia and we're planning to take her down the ICW this fall for a winter in Florida/Bahamas/Cuba.

Before the trip, I've three major upgrades to make. The propane system is out-dated so I need a new locker and new hoses and fittings. Then a composting toilet. We need something that will comply with US regulations regarding heads, and the stowage situation on an Attalia is such that putting in a holding tank and all the associated plumbing looks like an awful job. And I've some wiring upgrades to do.

One of the nicest things about the Attalia is the excellent three-sided engine access. One of the drawbacks is the lack of stowage. She's also a little light for ocean work - I calculate her Capsize Screening Formula as 2.13.


Waymar83 02-12-2007 05:15 PM

Hi Bryan,

Good to hear from a fellow Atalia Owner. On your way to "the Rock", did you stop in at St-Pierre or Miquelon? It's always been on my "to do" list. I hear sailing in Newfounland is quite spectacular.

How does she handle on the Ocean? (canvas work, steering, engine...) We sail out of Kingston, Ont, so she does not see the same wave action.

I have not heard of anyone putting in a composting toilet in a sailboat before, but I have seen them in cottages. Interesting solution. I assume it's because US regs require a certain holding capacity the Attalia does not have? I'm assuming you have the standard holding tank.

I find the 13hp Yanmar adequate for Lake Ontario, not sure about Ocean...

Looking forward to some exchanges. Let me know how the propane refit goes.


AtlanticBryan 02-22-2007 11:26 AM

Our trip to the Rock was quite a ride, Mark. I hadn't had Voyageur out more than a couple of times before we took off. Lesson 1 - when buying a used boat, drain and refill the fuel tanks or polish the fuel. We had to be towed into Halifax because of a clogged system.

We had pretty heavy weather going up the eastern shore of Nova Scotia and even worse (Force 5/6) along the south coast of Newfoundland. Along NS, the wind and waves were on the quarter, and Attalia's being so light they get pretty squirrelly in that kind of situation. The autopilot couldn't cope with it - we had to hand steer. Along NL we were beating and it was a cold and uncomfortable trip to St. Pierre - the autopilot worked well though. On both those legs we were under two reefs. When beating she had a tendency to fall off a wave into a trough with a mighty bang that sounded like we'd hit a rock. It was pretty disconcerting at first!

St. Pierre was a welcome stop. The weather wasn't improving, so we spent a couple of days there. Hit every one of the four restaurants, purchased wine, walked around. It's very French and worth the visit, although there's little in the way of tourist attractions. I was surprised to find that my cell phone worked there - turns out we were only 16 miles from the Burin peninsula and and I was getting a signal from Aliant.

Generally Voyageur travels well, but is very tender as you undoubtedly know. We find ourselves putting in a first reef at 15 knots and a second at 20. We can furl the 130% genoa to suit, but if I were still in Newfoundland I'd purchase a 100% jib - we hardly ever had the genny fully deployed. We've also got a very small spitfire jib - hardly more than a hankie - that we've only used once but it drives the boat surprisingly well with 15+ knots.

We're looking at the Airhead composting toilet - it's designed for marine use. Practical Sailor did a trial and gave it a thumbs up. Somebody local also found it to be good. We don't have anything for holding tank now - sailing on the Canadian Atlantic coast doesn't require tanks and even if you had one, you'd never find a pumpout. My wife is not 100% convinced about the Airhead, but she's willing to give it a try (especially given the alternative - we were chartering a few years ago with a holding tank and had some unpleasant experiences).

My engine is the original Volvo MD2002. At 18 hp, it seems to move me quite well. I've got a feathering prop that is very nice - I can back up in a straight line with quite adequate control.

I spent a lot of time in Kingston in the 70s and 80s as a cadet and then a signal officer in the army. It's a beautiful city.


Giulietta 03-15-2007 11:50 PM I was looking around in the web pages for a JOD 35 topic on another thread, and look what I found!!!

The attalia i used to sail wayyyyyy back..its for sale!!


Waymar83 03-16-2007 05:46 PM

Very cool!

(my internet was down and now although its back up its as slow as a dial up!) :mad: chalk one up to monopolies:(

Giu, I did not know you sailed the Attalia! When I get back to Canada and put her back in the water I'll ask for a few pointers when I go racing with the kids.

Waymar83 03-17-2007 03:26 PM

OK Attalia owners!

We are not a very talkative bunch! Probably quiet and unassuming and just prefer to go sailing.....:D

Waymar (our 1983 Attalia) has been on the hard for 18 months and it looks like I'm going to miss another seasons.:( . So I'll jsut throw some random stuff out. feel free to react/respond (or not);) . If English is not your first language, no matter... give it a try. I'm sure we can communicate:)

To keep my sanity, I need projects. We sail on Lake Ontario.

Bryan, your trip to the Rock (Newfoundland to the non-Canadians) sounds pretty incredible. I envy you able to confidently sail "real" water. You obviously have lots of experience. Did you go as a single boat or were there more of you? Keep us posted on your project to sail to warmer waters. Did you install the new composting Head yet?

Taking the boat up the St-Lawrence and into the Gulf (of St-Lawrence) and beyond ("To the Rock") is one passage I do intend to make.

Anybody have a windlass on their Attalia? Although, I guess it depends on where you sail and how much chain rode you have..... It all boils down to there is lots of stuff you can put on a boat but all that extra weight adds up...

We also have tiller steering (which I did not like at first but now I really do not see the point of wheel steering). Anybody have trouble with the rudder so far?

The engine is a 13hp Yanmar. Works extremely well. we can easliy motor a 5-6 knots. "diesel mileage" is great at about 1litre/ hr.:)

Other projects:

1)upgrade the sails and sail covers (dodger). Anybody not have a bimini? Our boat came with one but I'm not sure I want to keep it on the boat, I usually fold it up.... useful when it rains.. but I like the sun.

2) upgrade electricals/wiring. I really don't like the mess of the battery bank underneath the bunk in the aft cabin. 2 load batteries and 1 starter. I'll have to do some more reading and redo the wiring. it really is a mess...:

3) I am looking to maximise comfort and performance (in that order). Hot water is probably the #1 priority. A new genoa is a close 2nd. Has anybody experimented with sizes (110%, 130%, 150% or in between?) Has anybody purchased from FX sails? The price seems right.

4) Galley: Has anybody upgraded their refrigeration? Installed a small microwave? Waymar has, what I think is, the original refrigeration. Works fine. When we go on longer cruises we use an additional 12v cooler.

5) LEDs in the cabin is a no brainer. It's just a question of time (and money).:)

Anybody else have any experience with upgrade (and maintenance) they would like to share?

davester 08-08-2007 01:16 PM

I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say 'hi' as I am soon to be an Attalia owner. My dad and I expect to close on a very nice Attalia in about a week and a half.

So, does anyone have any tips/tricks/gotchas that we should be aware of for our first sail? We are beginners (first keel boat for both of us) and we will hire a captain for some lessons on our first sail. If you guys have any tips that are specific to the Attalia (ie. how best to heave-to, how soon to reef) they would be appeciated.


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