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boatpoker 06-06-2016 08:31 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
Get rid of the CQR ...... the hate will dissipate :)

Skipper Jer 06-06-2016 08:55 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
Hate the newbees? Why would we do that? Who would we sell our small sailboats to in order to purchase a larger one?
I just get a bit miffed when the over whelming advice is DON'T DO IT, then the newbee does it, then comes back here to whine about it. Like when someone drops a tow line in the middle of a the bay while towing a deep draft mold infested not running engine hasn't move in eons sailboat.

chef2sail 06-06-2016 08:58 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
How could you ever hate a person who is ants to sail. How can you hate a fellow C&C owner.
Hope we run into each other on the Bay

All of us started as newbs once😀😀😀

nolatom 06-06-2016 09:33 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
What planet, or moon, are you sailing on? Titan, the one with the methane ocean, off of Saturn?? I can see how that could get nasty. But you may not need antifouling paint, so even there I bet it's not *all* bad

Couldn't be Earth, at least the one I know. I've been treated with kindness most everywhere, and have tried to return it. Cranky people are everywhere, probably some on boats. But not many.

Even on Sailing Anarchy they are sorta nice on certain occasions.

I think this is in the eye of the beholder?? To paraphrase Henry Ford, "whether you think people are friendly, or unfriendly, you're right"...

xort 06-06-2016 09:41 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
I hate that people hate hate. Why do we all have to get along? :-)

Link to the hate vids please, should be 'interesting'.

Siamese 06-06-2016 10:33 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
I re-read the original post, and again I'm shaking my head. "Instant hate" from people when they find out you're a new to sailing?

What's really annoying is people referring to others as haters with nothing to back it up. As has already been suggested Serpa, give us a link to these hateful videos. You claim there a a lot of them.

You know....put up or shut up.

boatpoker 06-06-2016 10:48 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
OP seems to be the one with some kind of "hate", insecurity or jealousy issue.

titustiger27 06-06-2016 10:55 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.

Originally Posted by serpa4 (Post 3522370)
So many videos and such calling new people all kinds of stuff. Seems like everyone keeps saying you shouldn't be allowed to sail (not to me) to all the beginners. Everyone, even experts have to have their 1st week on a boat. Shish, you have to learn some time. It's like instant hate when people see you've been sailing for anything less than 20 years.

I have my 1st day of sailing my boat coming this month (30' C&C 30). I'm graduating from a 15' potter sail boat at 400lbs to this 9,000 lbs beast. Not looking forward to all the hate everyone spews. I have just completed ASA 101, 103/104, but still nervous about it. I'll see if a dock hand at the marina will jump onboard for my 1st docking in a marina. Life has thus far been motoring onto my trailer with a motor that rotates 360 degrees. Backing up this 30' boat with not much effect/prop wash, is intimidating even though I didn't bash in the sailing instructor's beneteau 35 docking in 28-32 sustained wind.

Just a rant, no response required.

If you are talking about forums... that is how it is. Actually kind of how it is in general.

People who have been around want it to be how it is.. they want more people/members, but those people should just stand in their shade.

I have lived in two very small communities and two of the local complaints are: 1) how come the new people always tell us how to do things; and 2) how come the new people don't volunteer more.

To use a forum there have been about three really good jokes used in this thread, all insider jokes. So if you haven't read all the threads these comments will come off as kind of snarky.

There is always a sense you should revere the person who has been posting for 10 years or 4,000 posts .. not all of course.. but that is just kind of respect your elders kind of thing. You could ask a question and if you don't seem worthy, they will suggest you google it... not accepting you are looking for the wisdom of a site.

And same is true in the real world, only when you are docking your boat for the first time, the chances of someone suggesting you 'google it,' probably isn't as prevalent.

At the end of the day, some forget we are all immigrants.

outbound 06-06-2016 11:30 PM

Re: So much hate to new people.
Been at it 35+ years.
Every time I dock I'm new at it.
Every time something breaks I'm new at it.
New ways to do maintenance. New places to go. New people. It's all new.
Every time I need to buy something for the boat I'm new at it.
Every passage be it coastal or offshore I'm new at it.
Every time I need to pick a weather window I'm new at it.
The list goes on ad naseum.

To the OP all of us are eternal newbies. That's what makes sailing and cruising so addictive. There's always some to new to learn. Always something new to experience. You will never be satisfied with your skill set. That's a good thing.

CalebD 06-07-2016 12:14 AM

Re: So much hate to new people.
What Outbound said.
& Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best ...
Every sail is different, even in the same bay day after day.

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