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zeehag 05-20-2018 01:32 PM

proof i am not a goddess
as if proof were required..
ok so i flaunt laws and regulations on my dock. as i am one of only 2 living on htis almost derelict dock, i can do this..i have a lavadora on my fingerslip and use it regularly, as local flap and folds are inadequate..i kept losing items and receiving back torn shredded clothing. ok i quit that . i do my own.
but to the point of this tutorial.
i washed towels and wrung em for hanging then walked arpound transom of my boat to reboard. ok so i tripped on ,my sternline which i call a borracho test. hahahaha i failed badly.
finding myself in water holding one clean towel now salt water soaked and almost lost my uhoh cannot lose that visor--yes i took both out of nasty water and then worked on figgering out how to extricate self f from the horrible cesspool type water that exists under boats in a marina. oopsy.
so i am thoroughly and completely drenched and sitting treading water under my stbd quarter of boat-- hollering for my neighbor who owns a ct 41. btw--these are soundproofed boats, it seems as no one inside one can hear that which is occurring outside UNLESS one has a hatch open. ok so my neighbor did not have a hatch open when i fell in, but opened it to hear my distress calls and bubba yowling seriously. (he yowled until i got out of water)
now the point of htis is...
if you fell into water under your boat, how would you extricate yourself, as docks donot all have ladders for self extrication.
most of us retract our boarding ladders in marinas, so that is not gonna serve....
my neighbor talked of loops on his stern line for extrication, but neither of us has such in use at this time. some serious consideration was discussed after the fact last evening.
too many of our items over the side of our boats donot reach the water, much less reside in it deep enough to remove self from a sticky predicament.
what are your self extrication items reachable by a solo individual after falling into the drink...
hurricane patricia destroyed mine years ago and my procrastination at recreating new one has created this issue. my neighbor was able to relocate my v-boarding laddder to dock so i could remove my clutz self from the cesspool of wet under my transom and whi8ch soaked me thoroughly...
no goddess.
plain ol human being.
at least i donot have to worry about when i will fall into water-- this was a first in almost 70 yrs.
i will be improving my dock with a ladder once i make my new wood and bronze one.

do your extrication items reach well enough below surface so as to be reachable by wet and soggy clothing bound legs???
please discuss ....

ps do clean off with industrial strength liquid or otherwise soap after doing the olympic quality triple gainor with splat landing. i think i rated a 3 out of 10 for style and class and landing. degree of difficulty only came into play with extrication issues. :ship-captain:

Scotty C-M 05-20-2018 01:44 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
Glad to hear that you are OK!!!

Yes, the docks can be very dangerous if you fall in. I've seen it happen a few times. At my dock, the water meets the shore in a seawall. No getting out that way! I modified my stern ladder so that it can easily be opened by a person in the water. Yes, I tried it and it works. I also have a line on the end of my berth that can be reached from the water. It has loops for feet. Not ideal, but it gives me (or someone else) a fighting chance. At any rate, I agree with Ms. Hagg that it is important that each of us give our situations some thought, and take appropriate measures.

ianjoub 05-20-2018 01:56 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
Non issue for me as I can walk on water :D.

MarkofSeaLife 05-20-2018 02:04 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
Very funny story!
Aussies do tend to laugh at others adversities!

Many Cruisers have been killed this way.. . Especially after a few beers. So it's pretty important to have a plan.

I will write more later when I am sober / home / more drunk.


capta 05-20-2018 02:52 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
I believe that this one has a definite age factor. At least for me, any time shy of my mid fifties, I could just pull myself out of the water using a dock line at a corner or my anchor chain. Now, past 70, I pretty much need a good ladder.
At some point over the last ten years I came to the realization that I just wasn't as agile as I used to be. This realization brought forth a new way of moving about the boat, and docks. A lot more intentionally. Thinking of (planning?) each move, especially when carrying things or on a pitching deck. It became fatal to go in the water unintentionally, especially when alone.
We do not and can not have a boarding ladder on our boat, easily accessible from the water, full time. So I'd better not go in the water. Just like I'd better not walk out into fast moving traffic or fall down a flight of stairs.

roverhi 05-20-2018 03:36 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
Had a women at the marina I was in capsize her kayak as she was trying to get on board the dock. Another women was trying to help her get out of the water without success when I came along. The two of us tried to pull her out of the water but her life jacket and clothing kept getting hung up on the underside of the floating dock. Finally had her take off the life vest and her friend and I were able to pull her out still with great difficulty. It was midwinter in SF Bay so water temp was probably in the 50's so hypothermia was definitely a factor. Look around your marina or where ever your tied up to figure out what you could use and what you might need to haul yourself out of the water. It could save your life.

I use the self steering vane to haul myself out of the water but like zeehag it's been awhile since I celebrated living 7 decades. The last time I climbed out using the vane it seemed to be a lot harder. Once when I had the vane off the boat jumped in the water to clean the bottom. Never occured to me how I was going to get back on the boat till I was through with the job. We've got fixed piers so no hope of climbing up on them without a ladder. Thank heavens power boats have swim steps. Took me awhile to find one I could hoist myself onto and climb onto the dock.

krisscross 05-20-2018 04:00 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
So glad to hear you are OK. The easiest solution is to modify a swim ladder so it can be deployed from water. And make sure it is a good ladder that has bottom rung at least 1-2 feet under water.

SanderO 05-20-2018 05:19 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
fingers at marinas can be quite high above the water. I slipped on a dock line on the finger and slid right into the water. I was able to grab a spring line and muscle my way onto the dock getting my leg up first. But it wasn't easy/ Without that spring line I would not have made it. Phone was useless of course.

Sal Paradise 05-20-2018 05:29 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
If you have a transom boarding ladder, could you rig a line to it, so as to be able to pull it down from in the water? You live an adventurer's life, you are gonna have some sticky situations. Glad you are okay. That's all that matters.

SanderO 05-20-2018 05:42 PM

Re: proof i am not a goddess
you could leave the swim ladder in the lowered position... so that a swimmer or in this case a man over board can climb aboard from in the water.... Maybe grab fenders if you can get to them.

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