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SailinCowboy 10-02-2002 11:15 AM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
Ok, Here''s the deal. I have a Helms 25. I love this boat. The question is. Can I use it as a liveaboard/cruiser. I am planning to go to sea at 50 (10 yrs from now) and I have been convinced I need a 40'' boat. True?

Stede 10-09-2002 03:51 AM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
Cowboy,Your dilemma is very similar to my own. I have a 26 ft.boat that I love also.I''ve sailed her in many locals including: Annapolis, NC outer banks,Charleston,and a recent 4 week trip to the Keys/Bahamas.During the last trip,I asked myself that same question, "could I live aboard this boat?". The answer for me was "yes." There are some drawbacks, but also some advantages. I think the real key is knowing where you are going to sail.For coastal cruising,and maybe an occasional jump over to the Bahamas, a small well fitted out boat will do fine. However,living on the boat for three weeks is a lot different than I imagine living on her for three months, or even three years will be!Really though, when you think about it, when do you really need a lot of space down below? Entertaining maybe? Of course the number of crew members are a major consideration, but in my case I sail single-handed.After sailing from point (A) to point (B), I''m ready to get off the boat and see what''s on shore, which is mostly where I''ll be until sailing on to point (C). I believe it''s all revelant to what your personal preferences are. The best scenario I could come up with for myself, is to: save up enough money to buy a good 36-38 footer. Once I do, I''ll start cruising on my 26 footer. After spending a longer period of time on her and making sure the cruising lifestyle is for me, if the size of the boat grows uncomfortable, I''ll sell her and get a bigger boat.

Mclion71 10-09-2002 08:00 AM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
Apologies in advance if this topic has been done to death. How about opinions on a Westsail 32 as a liveaboard for the Atlantic Coast, ICW and Chesapeake Bay?
Jim McCoy

AzDiver 11-03-2002 07:50 AM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
A good friend of mine lived aboard his hunter 25.5 with is wife and child for 3 years in the bahamas, US Virgin Islands and the Mexican Riviera with no problem at all.

The question is "How much comfort is needed and proportionate to the amount of maintainence required?" Answer that question and you will know for sure.

capn_dave 11-06-2002 03:15 PM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
Ahoy Cowboy;

Are you going to single hand or one other crew person aboard? If so I would stay under 36 ft. Much bigger than that and they are hard to sail shorthanded. Not to say that it can''t be done, but more work. Who wants to work.
Also keep in mind the bigger the boat the more bucks to do the upkeep. If a bottom job on a 30 foot boat cost 800 dollars a 36 foot boat would be about 2,000 bucks. There is more of everything and and everything id bigger.
Fair Winds
Cap''n Dave
I sail therefore I ARRRRRRRrrrrrgh

acmecoyote 11-06-2002 05:54 PM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
Cap''n Dave,

how are ya? you know this thing about the cleaning the bottom of the boat, I ahve yet to inquire into that yet. Am looking to get a 38 - 44 footer. More than likely it will be a 38 with the way the prices are. But do you know how it is done when they do the bottom of the boat? is it like on the movie "The Replacements" where Keanu Reeves was scba diving in the water and scrapping the barni''s off?

Curious...this living aboard just keps getting mroe expensive each time I look at it.

toucantook 02-12-2003 04:21 PM

Live aboard a Helms 25?
I have a 28 foot boat that I''ve lived aboard for 24 years. I must like it. Need a 40 footer? Why? I''ve sailed this boat to Grenada and back. Boat #4 has been to Europe several times. The Helms was one of the boats that I salivated over when looking. I''d take that boat to the Carribean in a heartbeat. Struck me as one of the best built trailerables at the time. Quite livable for anyone who took Walden to heart.

Skipper13 03-11-2008 08:39 AM

Helms 25
I am looking at a Helms 25 for day sailing...........How well do they sail? I had larger sail boats for years but decided to downsize.

Also, concerning larger boats.........I owned a Endeavour 40 centercockpit..It was a great boat but also alot of work. It was impossible to sail with less then 2 people.


kwaltersmi 03-11-2008 10:19 AM

I've got a Helms 25 that I'm restoring. In my eyes, they make for a good daysailing boat because of the relatively large cockpit. You could seat six for a leisurely cruise. The cabin is also generous for a 25 footer, though headroom is tight. My particluar boat has the halyards led back to the cockpit, which is nice if you're going solo.

There's a Yahoo and Sailnet Helms group, but neither is all that active. However, if you post a question there, you'll get some very helpful responses from some very knowledgeable owners.

zaliasvejas 03-12-2008 03:06 PM


I live on Nordica 30, by myself, and enjoy every minute of it. The trick is not to make it just like a "house". It is a boat! There are certain limitations and you have to live with them, together with the advantages. I would like to keep it as simple as possible, less things to break and maintain. Less expensive, too.
Life on a boat is a lifestyle, a choice, a limitation... and freedom.
It is what you make of it..

The seeker.

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