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titustiger27 06-23-2016 09:37 PM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont

While I understand how singles are singled out (ha, get it), but I also like that all topics are open for humor... I made a joke about I could be in a bad marriage, I didn't mean to insult married people... but I guess they part of the joke.

When it is relentless... gets old

what concerns me is when people go to forums that are not intended for them and take over.. The best example is herSailNet. But I guess if you are a man and you are an expert on women's sailing issues... well

clutch_pack 06-16-2018 01:16 PM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
skippersusan - am 62 soon to be retired mechanic in central ny. wondering how you made out with your sailing in salty waters. am getting the bug

SanderO 06-16-2018 09:50 PM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
It's understandable that single sailors would used sailing for meeting and dating. Why not? I assume most of the posts seeking companionship are legitimate and wonder why all the joking and belittling of the effort??? The OP sounds fine to me and I hope she finds what she is looking for. She sounds like a good catch for the right sailor. Certainly on a regular meet up site you would be wasting your time with such a focused set of "specs".

Good luck to her. I hope she finds what she is after.

titustiger27 06-16-2018 10:58 PM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont

Originally Posted by clutch_pack (Post 2051527122)
skippersusan - am 62 soon to be retired mechanic in central ny. wondering how you made out with your sailing in salty waters. am getting the bug

If you look at Sailing Susan's profile, you will see her last activity was two years ago...

MarkofSeaLife 06-17-2018 02:49 AM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
If you look at the original post. On the same day we're 6 replies by "homorists" pretending not to make fun of her at a vulnerable moment... And a picture of a half undressed far younger woman.
Really it's just **f&@#ing** disgusting what single people have to put up with.

Not only that her post gives enough information to easily identify her and her work place opening her to ridicule.

Of the 24 total responses just guess how many are not just morons being stupid?

And to make it worse the unfeeling Mods who allow it.

Both here and Cruisers Forum there's a special sub-forum for 'Ckmpanionship'... And both allow belittling of posters and responders.

You ratbags who are in a nice secure relationship may be happy to scoff and ridicule people whose husbands or wife's have died, or have been through the heartbreak of familily dissolution, but let me tell you I find the attitudes of Moderators and members utterly disgusting.

Either delete the sub-forum or start putting brain and humility into geer and show support by immediately deleting all responses other than those obviously seriously contributing.

Just stop bullying people who are displaying their innermost vulnerability.


SanderO 06-17-2018 07:04 AM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
Mark is correct. It's perfectly understandably that someone who is deeply into sailing and single and seeking a partner would want one who is into sailing... at least into learning. I think a fair amount of females see seeing a picnic... romantic possibilities perhaps... but not a lifestyle... not a passion... not something a "normal" person would do 24/7. I think these women are correct...24/7 sailors are NOT your average person perhaps. And this means that the "lifestyle" could isolate them from experience which are important to them. A 24/7 sailor female is indeed rare and why would those who are 24/7 male sailors or wanting to be ridicule this? This is beyond dumb.

Of course you will find some troll posting a BS add... or some sort of naive newbie jumping into these "shark invested waters"... but this reads like a completely legitimate and compelling personal ad. After the majority of the responses no wonder the OP never posted after that or that others looking to do the same would think long and fast about it. The replies were disgraceful. And how many men ridicule other men for posting a sailing personal? I suspect few. This appears to be yet another example of the sexism all around us... on the water as well.

Minnewaska 06-17-2018 09:11 AM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
I am equally frustrated by those that actively accuse every man of being sexist, if their wife isn't at the helm. ;)

Sal Paradise 06-17-2018 09:12 AM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
Agree - mods should delete all irrelevant responses on companionship threads.

k6uaw 08-19-2018 07:01 PM

Re: Pirate Girl Seeks Match in Vermont
3 Attachment(s)
Hello Pirate girl

I am Malcolm and also just posted on sailnet looking for a girl. I am 70 with 50 years exp sailing. I used to own a Crealock 37. Very nice boats. back then (1991) I owned an electronics business and could only take the weekend off. too short for a sail to santa cruz is and back in a weekend. So I sold the Crealock and bought an Island Gypsy 40 ft trawler. with that I could get two full days in at the island and hardly miss any work. We had a home with a slip in ventura ca. Would leave our slip at 8a Sat , arrive at santa cruz at 10:40a on sat morning. Had all day to swim, snorkel, dive, visit with friends, etc. Then on sunday, did not have to go home as we did with the sailboat so we enjoyed a second day there and left for Ventura at 6a Mon morn. , in our slip at 8:30a, tidied up and at my office by 9:30 or so. So the trawler was great. In the years with that boat I became pretty expert at twin screw. We once chartered a Nordic tug 42 in BVI for two weeks and did excellent due to years of single screw sailboats. But a single screw trawler with a hefty engine and a large wheel, actually is way way more responsive than a sailboat maneuvering in wind, tight quarters etc. And trawlers are way more comfy when you get to destination.

So we owned seven sailboats [last was a Jeanneau 43DS sold 2014] and two trawlers for 43 and 7 years respectfully. 50 years total seamanship with a lot of hours per year. I single handed the Jeanneau 43 from San Francisco to Ventura (abt 380nm) in gale warnings with actual wind of 30 to 50 kts. Mostly about 40 kts with 20 ft seas. Yep.. quite experienced.

My wife and sailing partner all those years passed from Alzheimers Nov 3, 17. I cared for her at home until the end. the end was quite ugly. I still cry for my Arlene daily. You don't really appreciate how much you love someone until they are gone. Altho we both said "I love you" almost every day for 50 years.

If we worked out, would you be willing to go in on a larger boat with diesel genset and amenities to make life really comfy? I'd like to have a slip in a gulf state and set sail for the virgins when hurricane season ends and bum around there and back before next hurricane season. Any how I am pretty well fixed so between us we could have what we want. I am thinking sloop with stay'sl (cutter?) or Trawler (Grand Banks 42 or 46 Europa) ?

I am 70 but everyone thinks i'm 50 or 60 something because my hair is still the same color as when I was a teenager. I have grown a mustache recently.

I love all forms of classical music including Opera. Arlene and I saw over 100 live opera's together over the years. Also love piano trios. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Schubert et al.

have I whet your appetite? or not? We share same passion for boating I think we can give each other what we need and looking for.

I am an electronics engineer. When our daughter graduated from HS I suddenly felt free and emboldened and started my own company designing, selling digital communications products. The company took off like a sailboat with genoa unfurled in a 20k breeze. I've been retired since 2001. Prior to starting my business I was a senior staff engineer at Hughes Aircraft in Culver City CA.

My cell is 951 852 3258 call or text me and lets see if we have the right stuff for each other. I hope so. I'm getting tired of being alone in a 3500 sf home. I reside in Hot Springs Village, AR google it. My home is on Lake Balboa, has a two slip boathouse, 19 ft ski boat and a 40 ft pool.

Oh.. I am damn skilled at maintaining boats, diesels, you name it. and the other arts of boating.. anchoring. beautiful three strand eye splices with or without thimble etc, navigation. also damn handy at home maintenance. Never have called a plumber. just got done installing two new water heaters in my home.

anxious to hear from you. once we have each others cell numbers we can quickly exchange pics, selfies and more. if you have an iPhone, we can use face time to see each other, I can show you In and out of my home, pool etc.

Color me anxious !!

midwesterner 08-20-2018 02:34 PM

Captain Susan posted that notice over 2 years ago. On another site, she mentions that she currently has a partner. I think she found a guy.

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