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Arcb 07-22-2019 09:59 PM

Heave To
Does your boat heave to, do you heave to, have you been curious about heaving to?

Here is a clip of my boat hove to .

SanderO 07-23-2019 06:08 AM

Re: Heave To
Does your boat heave to?

Never actually tried... I don't think it would... don't know

do you heave to?

Never have

have you been curious about heaving to?

yes as it's supposed to be a good tactic when you can't make way in heavy weather and need to rest in place.

Minnewaska 07-23-2019 06:51 AM

Re: Heave To
Yes, I have, but only for practice. With our fin keel and spade rudder, I find it hard to believe that severe wave action wouldn't knock it right back out. It's hard to establish in the first place.

I have to significantly reef the genoa, in which case the sheets will chafe on the rigging. Doesn't feel like a great long term strategy for our boat.

Whalerus 07-23-2019 07:49 AM

Re: Heave To
Hobie 18, sailing open ocean in high winds and large for me swells, about 5 foot. Don't know why, but i have trouble tacking. The boat just won't make the full turn through the tack. So i back wind the jib and get stuck there with the bow facing directly into the wind and breaking waves for quiet a while. It's really vary comfortable, good time for a beer. Only problem is that i'm trying to tack and can't. The boat is actually drifting backwards, so i turn the rudders hard to each side. Don't remember which way to turn the rudders to get out of the Heave To, but i eventually make the tack. Looking forwards to trying this on the larger boat.

Arcb 07-23-2019 07:56 AM

Re: Heave To
^^^ I have had good success heaving to with beach cats too. Like you say, its a good way to get a bite to eat or have a beverage on a small boat in lively conditions. Also a good time to sort out nav problems (where am I lol).

It might be used less on big keel boats with autopilot and big battery banks because the need isn't really there.

outbound 07-23-2019 08:44 AM

Re: Heave To
Boat is a solent rig. Have fin with bulb and balanced spade rudder. When on passage rig an additional removable inner forestay for a nice bright orange storm jib. So on passage have three forestays.
With the genoa regardless of set up can’t hove to. This is with it rolled sufficiently to not lay on the shrouds.
With solent she’ll fore reach slowly at 1-2 kts. Have tried every angle of attack and main sheet position but still fore reaches. Have had numerous very experienced ocean sailors try it on my boat they do no better. In heavy air( 30+) boat is more comfortable just sailing her.
With storm jib haven’t really tried it. Fortunately haven’t flown it in anger yet.

Through the years have read a fair number of opinions about heaving to as a storm tactic. Seems general consensus that unlike the Bible of the 60s-70s “heavy weather sailing” heaving to may work in fresh breeze to moderate gale conditions it isn’t safe in storm conditions. There are too many reports of boats being overwhelmed to consider it anymore. In storm conditions many have moved on to using a jsd or variant.
I used to hove to frequently on prior full keel boats ( cape dory and tayana ) as well on low aspect fin (PSC) and even high aspect fin (SHE one off-it forereached a bit) but only for lunch breaks or the like. I never used it in heavy weather preferring bare poles, warps, drogues or sea anchors.
Concerning jsd the current recommendation is to not use dyneema/spectra cord. Makes retrieving it very difficult.

Degas 07-23-2019 08:53 AM

Re: Heave To
Cool video, thanks for sharing.

Yes, I heaved (hove? hoved?) to on an O'Day Mariner, 19 feet, centerboard. We'd do it to take a break, eat, enjoy the sunset, or all of the above.

On the Mariner I found it easier to drop the main and use just the jib.

sailingfool 07-23-2019 08:57 AM

Re: Heave To
Here's how to

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eherlihy 07-23-2019 10:14 AM

Re: Heave To
Sailingfool and I have taught how to heave-to on Colgate 26s. I was taught on a Pearson 26. I have also taught how to do this on a Lippincott 30, a Hunter 33, a Hunter 36, a Hunter 41, and a Hunter 43. All of these boats had a fin keel and spade rudder. On my boat, an O'day 35 with a 135 Genoa, I have found that it works best if I partially furl the Genoa (reef).

Because I'm not teaching this year, here is a free lesson on how to do it;
  1. start from a close-haul (prefered to start from port tack because you will end up on starboard tack)
  2. ensure that the foresail is sheeted in tight
  3. head the boat directly into the wind. DO NOT RELEASE THE JIB.
  4. the boat will slow as the foresail is backed.
  5. the boat will begin to fall off on the opposite tack as the boat slows with the foresail backed. Try to maintain your heading directly into the wind by steering into the wind.
  6. when the wheel reaches its stop, or the tiller reaches the edge of the cockpit, lock the steering in place.
  7. to windward, and aft, you should see a "slick" of flat water that the keel is is being pushed through sideways.

To get out of hove-to would be another lesson. Feel free to PM me with any requests.:laugh

Here are a few other threads on this topic;

eherlihy 07-23-2019 10:39 AM

Re: Heave To
Adding to my post above: you can adjust the way that the boat lies to the wind by adjusting the main sheet tension. Trimming the main should cause the bow to point more into the wind and the boat to heel, while easing the main should cause the bow to fall off and heel less. Main sheet trim should not cause the boat to speed up or slow down, however.

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