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Jim Sexton 10-07-1999 09:00 PM

Terms of Electronic Charting
<HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><TABLE borderColor=#9c1052 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=150 align=right border=1><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle><A class=sidebar href="" >Back to article</A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR><B>ARCS</B>: Admiralty Raster Chart Service, electronic versions of the British Admiralty charts.<P></P><P><B>BSB</B>: The NOAA chart format for U.S. and Canadian electronic charts, produced by Resolution Mapping under a CRADA partnership with NOAA.</P><P><B>CHS</B>: Canadian Hydrographic Service, producers of Canadian paper charts and other maritime information such as tide tables and aids to navigation.</P><P><B>CRADA</B>: Cooperative Research And Development Agreement entered into between the U.S. government and a commercial business.</P><P><B>DNC</B>: Digital Nautical Chart, a vector format chart produced by NIMA, provides worldwide coverage of 5000 charts on 29 CD-ROMs, it was intended for the U.S. military but will also be made available to general consumers through a CRADA partnership similar to NOAA and BSB.</P><P><B>ECDIS</B>: Electronic Chart Display and Information System, electronic charting and navigation system that complies with the IHO content and functionality standards.</P><P><B>ECS</B>: Electronic Charting System, any charting and navigation system that does not completely comply with the IHO and IMO content and functionality standards.</P><P><B>ENC</B>: Electronic Nautical Chart, the new vector charts of U.S. waters by NOAA, due to be manufacturerd and distributed by Maptech under a CRADA in the fall.</P><P><B>IHO</B>: International Hydrographic Organization, an intergovernmental consultative and technical group within the IMO working to support the safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment.</P><P><B>IMO</B>: International Maritime Organization, under control of the UN, the IMO regulates international shipping and maritime safety, navigation and pollution through the IHO. The IMO is empowered to deal with administrative and legal matters related to these purposes. <P><B>Imray-Iolaire</B>: Charts on waterproof paper of the Caribbean and Atlantic Islands, electronic versions are available in MapTech format.</P><P><B>MapTech</B>: Proprietary format of electronic charts produced by Resolution Mapping for U.S., Canadian, Imray-Iolaire, British Admiralty and NIMA foreign charts.</P><P><B>NDI</B>: Nautical Data International, contractor to the Canadian government to produce electronic versions of CHS charts, they use the same format as the NOAA/BSB charts.</P><P><B>NIMA</B>: National Imagery and Mapping Administration, formerly the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA), produces paper charts of non-U.S. waters and land areas primarily for the U. S. military. They also produce the DNC-vector-based electronic charts of the world.</P><P><B>NMEA</B>: National Marine Electronics Association, a marine industry organization that administers a voluntary standard for communication between marine electronic devices and computers, NMEA 0183 is the current version.</P><P><B>NOAA</B>: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, produce paper charts for U.S. waters and other maritime information such as tide tables and aids to navigation, developed the electronic chart format used in the BSB and NDI electronic charts.</P><P><B>SoftChart</B>: Raster format bathymetric and surface NOAA and NIMA charts of coastal areas of the world and U.S. inland waterways produced by PinPoint Systems International. Bathymetric charts are also available in a 3D-Sea view of the underwater terrain.</P></HTML>

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