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Stenn 11-24-2006 01:14 AM

Boom Blocks to Traveler Pictures Needed
I just traded a guy my 1974 O'Day 22 (w/new Yamaha outboard and 2002 trailer) for his 1983 Newport 27 MKII, which is in excellent condition, except for rigging, which all needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, he stripped the rigging from the 3 boom blocks feeding the traveler, and the otherwise decent Newport 27 MKII manual shows NOTHING of that rigging.

Could a fellow Newport owner send me a picture or two of how to run the line through those blocks?

Also, does anyone know whether the halyard pulleys at the top of the mast would take 100% rope halyards instead of the wire-to-rope halyards originally on the Newport?


KeelHaulin 12-01-2006 11:07 PM

I'm pretty sure this is how you want to route the mainsheet; if you have the stock configuration (double block w/becket at the traveler; three mid-boom blocks).

Starting from the becket go trough the 2'nd (middle) block. Back down through a sheave on the double block then back up to the 3'rd (aftmost) block. Back down through the second sheave on the double block then up to the 1'st (forward) block. Now go through the block that is mounted near the gooseneck and down to a deck mounted block that will route the sheet back to the winch.

If there is no block at the gooseneck then there should be a block directly beneath the 1'st block on the deck and a second block on the deck that routes the line back to the cockpit.


Stenn 12-02-2006 12:59 AM

Rigging Help
Thanks KeelHaulin, my setup is the standard as you described, double-block with becket on the traveler, and 3 singles mid-boom. After posting my help-request, I went out to the boat and experimented, and I think I'm one off from the setup you described...I think I went from the becket to the aft most block first, then moving forward to the middle block, then to the works, but I'll run it as you described.

...or maybe it's not critical? It seems like you can find just about any permutation of any setup imaginable as you look from one boat to another. I had a marine diesel guy look at my 5411, the way it was set up in the Newport, ...looked at my Newport manual, and shook his head and said he'd never seen anything like it, though he had seen plenty of 5411's in his day. :eek:

Thanks again,

KeelHaulin 12-02-2006 02:27 AM

It should work the same either way; the load on each line is the same. You just want to be sure that the lines are not chafing on each other so when the sheet is released the lines dont foul/jam.

Good luck with your new boat!

freddie5255 10-04-2007 08:04 PM

Hi i am looking for pictures of the travler and related rigging i have a newport 30 and it is missing many parts it also has 4 winchs located around the cockpit the middle 2 are for the jib but what are the rest for?


deniseO30 10-04-2007 08:13 PM

Stenn if you simply do a net search with the words harken mainsheet controls you will see quite a few Main sheet controls and traveler arrangements. good luck!

Stenn 10-04-2007 11:07 PM

Traveler arrangements
Thanks Denise...I did manage to get it strung right just from reasoning it out, and from KeelHaulin's description.

Freddie, I'll take some pictures of my 27's setup tomorrow after work and send them tomorrow night or Saturday. I just tried sending you a private message, to trade email addresses, but this forum won't let me have private messages until I post I'll try attaching pictures here in the Public forum tomorrow.

I presume the 27 is set up the same as the 30. Mine's a 1983...what year is your 30?

When you say 4 winches, two in the "middle"...what do you mean "middle" ? Mine has one on each side of the hatch, on top of the cabin...the one on the port side of the hatch is for winching up the main and jib, obviously one at a time....the one on the starboard side is for handling the main boom sheet ...then there's one on each side of the cockpit, obviously for handling the jib on each side of the boat.


Stenn 10-06-2007 02:40 PM

Newport Boom-Traveler Rigging
Sorry Freddie....some idiot malfunction on this site refuses to accept a single picture I try to attach....even after resizing them all the way down to a tiny 640x480 with a max file-size of 88k! If you want to send me your email address, and/or try a private message through this site to send the email address, I'll send you the full-size, hi-res pictures I took. :mad:


werebeagle 10-06-2007 03:27 PM


It's not a malfunction, it's a spam blocker. You need to have 10 posts before you can post photos of links. Prior to that feature, there were numerous spam posts.

Stenn 10-06-2007 03:39 PM

Pictures of Traveler Rigging blocked
I thought maybe that was it (10 post issue), but the little box down in the lower left of the screen, that tells me what I can do, says I "MAY post attachments." Wouldn't it say "MAY NOT" if that were the case?


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