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finneganswake 08-17-2008 03:15 PM

Neptune 24 transom
I am curious to know whether this is a normal occurence or something to be concerned about: When we run the outboard on our Neptune 24 at a high rev the transom bows out slightly from the pressure this normal? We are in the process of restoring the rest of the boat and I have this image of finishing up and then watching the transom fall off as we motor up some day...!
I have noticed that the motor mount, rudder and ladder are all backed on the inside by (presumably) marine plywood backing. I believe that wood may be giving out to dryrot at the edges, as one can pull off tufts of it from the extreme edges although the center of it is quite strong and firm.
Cheers, Tim Kasper
Finnegans Wake, San Diego

KeelHaulin 08-19-2008 03:01 AM

What size is the engine? What speed are you going? Sounds like the transom might be weak; but can't say for sure. Any idea how thick the transom fiberglass is or if it is cored or solid? If it's cored that would explain the flexing; the outer skin would push in because it is not transmitting load to the inner skin of the hull.

finneganswake 08-19-2008 11:47 AM

Thanks for the response!
The engine is 6hp and at the most we have moved 7 knots but usually 3-5 knots. The fibergalss looks to be 1/8 inch but I am not positive. I am not sure if it is cored, the Capital Yachts manual states that after the gelcoat is applied to the mold: "next a series of continuous layers of multi-directional mat are applied and hand rolled to a constant thickness similar to the hull lay-up. A layer of woven roving is then applied to all high stress areas...including the motor mounts etc..." To me it doesn't look like the woven roving is there.

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