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tomaz_423 02-17-2009 05:24 PM

Hi, I am planning to sail on Seychelles in July.
I have been there years ago, but I was not sailing.
Does anyone have any recommendation/advice/warning, ...
1) provisioning (where, where not)
2) must see destinations
3) better to avoid areas

We start from Mahe.

smackdaddy 02-17-2009 05:37 PM

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I don't have any advice for your tomaz - but man that sounds like a great trip. Make sure and post some stories about it when you're done!

CatCo 02-24-2009 02:43 PM

I've been chartering there with my family long time ago... great place !
We even saw tortles next to our boat.
Unfortunately, i don't remember the place names.
You must see:
- Victoria, the capital of Mahe island
- Aldabra atoll, it's a coral atoll

Enjoy your trip !

Omatako 02-25-2009 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by tomaz_423 (Post 449895)
Hi, I am planning to sail on Seychelles in July.
I have been there years ago, but I was not sailing.

We start from Mahe.

Tomaz, it sounds like you'll be chartering a boat locally?

Mahe is a small island, actually they're all small islands. I know from having sailed there 4 years ago that visiting boats have serious restrictions on them as far as sailing around the area goes but you probably won't have those if you're on a local charter. For the record, we had to file a trip report, were not allowed to more than three destinations or to be out of Victoria for more than three days. Then back to Victoria for another trip report.

The coral in Seychelles was killed off several years ago by La Nina (or was it El Nino, can't remember) but it is monochrome grey and I believe it will take several more years before it comes right. So the diving/snorkelling when we were there was OK but really not special. Good game fishing with lots of huge blue-fin tuna, skipjack, mahi mahi, baracuda, etc.

The shops are not bad as far as third world destinations go but don't expect fully stocked supermarkets there. All food is imported, volumes are strictly controlled and shops frequently run out of some lines, especially fresh stuff and dairy.

Restuarants are expensive. I don't know what it is like today because the Boxing Day tsunami did considerable damage to the yacht club but when we were there it was a good restuarant and well-priced.

On the up side, the people are friendly, it is really safe and travel on buses on Mahe is cheap. And you're only 6 degrees south, in the ITCZ so the weather is generally great.

I heard a another post recommending going to Aldabra. It's pristinely beautiful but it's an awfully long way from Mahe, about 630nm, and you cannot leave from there, you have to come back to Victoria. Also a lot of the islands, even some of the bigger ones, are private and visitors are not welcome so check with the locals before you sail thirty miles to be sent away without being allowed to stay.

We stayed there for three weeks on the way past. We enjoyed it but will probably not return there unless we were passing by on a longer voyage.

SallyH 03-15-2009 09:28 AM

The Seychelles islands are in the Indian Ocean 1000 miles due east of Kenya and the East Africa coast. They stretch between four and five degrees south and 55 to 56 degrees east. The country consists of an archipelago of over 100 islands, five or six islands being easily accessible. The entire archipelago is extremely spread out but the main granite islands are roughly 30 miles apart, making for easy cruising.

Cruising boats sail there year round, but the majority will come through on the trade wind route. Boats from the east will generally have come from Australia, Cocos Keeling, Indonesia or Chagos. Others will be coming down from the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Most long-term cruisers will be in the middle of a circumnavigation heading west.

For many, the Seychelles is a turning point, either sailing north or south. The Seychelles have had a bit of a chequered past as far as yachties are concerned. Until several years ago the government was trying to discourage yachts from visiting. Their strategy was to charge 100 dollars per day just for being in the Seychelles and they controlled movement from anchorage to anchorage very tightly. Their plan worked and cruisers stopped going there.

Lately the government has gone through several changes. Originally a French colony, the country was traded back and forth between Britain and France several times. In 1903 the Seychelles became an official British crown Colony. The country gained its independence in 1976 but in 1977 there was a coup d' etat and Albert Rene was installed as president. In the late 80's the economy was hurting. A large chunk of income was European tourism and the recession in Europe was affecting the Seychelles. Eventually, bowing to European pressure, the government changed to a multiparty system in 1992. Rene actually stayed in power after the elections, and European tension eased. For cruisers this meant an overall easing of regulations.

Some restrictions still do apply, but things have changed for the better. Boats are only allowed to anchor in specific anchorages on certain islands, but most of the places cruisers would want to go are on their list. They have a bizarre rule listed on all of the paperwork that states that you can anchor within three miles offshore. Not that any cruising yacht carries enough chain to anchor three miles off shore but it is allowed.

Yachting in the Seychelles has definitely changed over the last few years. The government has relaxed its attitude towards visiting yachts and is now actively encouraging the sailing community. The islands are not cheap, but are not outrageously expensive. People are sincere, friendly and quite happy to share their local customs and culture. The granite scenery of the islands is truly spectacular and memorable. (Sue Brodsky - article in SA Yachting July 1997)

Above is from: The World Cruising Wiki

It is beautiful there - have a wonderful time Tomaz.

tomaz_423 03-16-2009 06:35 PM

Thanks Sally, Omatako and others.
As I wrote in my original post: I have been there already (that was in 2002), so I know general location and few details. I stayed in a hotel in Praslin (second largest island) and made day trips around.
The place is amazing - downside is, that too many islands are private and they charge you hundreds of dollars just to anchor there, or not not even allow you to come close to shore. Some islands are also natural reserve in a very strict manner, that no-one is allowed to come close. One mouse or rat from a boat could ruin the few remaining endangered animals living there. But there are enough islands to visit.
I really am looking forward for the trip.
This time I will charter a boat from Sunsail's base.
I will post a trip report when I come back.

janatosailaway 11-02-2009 06:05 PM

Hi Tomaz,

Looking for reports on the Seychelles I came across your posting. I recognized you instantly on the pic.. wasn't that taken on your 2007 trip from Antigua?

I hope you are well!

We have been back to Martinique, St Lucia, Mustique... last January. I am now getting ready for the Seychelles for New Years together with friends - skippering myself these days :)
How was your trip out there? I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

As I just joined the community so I cld contact you I don't have the access privileges to your account, hence, pls revert to jana_hecker[at]

bareboatingtheworld 02-23-2010 04:55 PM

I chartered with friends in the summer of 2008. I've sinced put everything I learned on my bareboating blog. It offers insights, my voyage log mapped onto google maps, and a photo gallery.

You'll find a lot of detail on these pages that I hope will help you plan your trip. Any question don't hesitate to ask, I'll try to remember this unforgettable experience.


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