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Spirt34-77 01-06-2019 03:40 PM

Universal Engine 30 - m4-30 Coolant
I am the new owner of "Spirit"/hull #1, Sabre 34, 1977. Before the delivery from the West River to Baltimore's Inner Harbor on the Chesapeake Bay, MD, a 5 hour trip, we topped off the engine coolant. We arrived without a hitch. A couple of days later I did a 4 hour day sail, no issues. The same week, I left the dock again and within 20 minutes the engine over heated and cut off. There was no damage from the over heating and no leaking/spillage that I could see then to the present; dry engine room floor. After waiting for it to cool, I topped of the coolant again and it took quite a bit.

My question is, is it common for this engine to "use" coolant that quickly? Do I need to check it prior to every departure? Please advise.

Nice to be introduced to community!

~ Michael Campbell ~

RegisteredUser 01-06-2019 04:47 PM

Re: Universal Engine 30 - m4-30 Coolant
I would fill it, run for a few minutes after thermostat opens, shut down, then check again.
Mayve had trapped air.
Other would be to pull HX....prob good to check that anyway since is new boat to you.

Nice boat

JimsCAL 01-06-2019 06:16 PM

Re: Universal Engine 30 - m4-30 Coolant
Wow, hull #1 of the Sabre 34 mk1!

BarryL 01-06-2019 07:04 PM

Re: Universal Engine 30 - m4-30 Coolant

You need to find out why the engine is overheating. Is the raw water cooling or the fresh water cooling the problem? Do you have a temperature gauge? Do have a water heater on board?

If it were my boat i would do the following diagnostic tests:
-At the dock or mooring, start the engine,
-Do you have seawater getting pushed out of the exhaust? If so the raw water pump is good. If not you need to see if you have a bad raw water pump, impeller, or blockage.
-If the water flow is normal then put in forward and run at low cruise rpm until the engine until it is warm.
-Do you have hot water from the sink taps? If so the fresh water pump is working. If not then either you have no coolant, or the water pump is bad, or the thermostat is bad, or there is a blockage.
-if you have nice hot water then continue to run the engine. Check for coolant leaks. If none found you need to check for a bad cylinder head or some other problem. Check the oil for signs of coolant (frothy milkshake like stuff in coolant)
-A laser temperature probe can be a handy tool for this.

Good luck

Capt Len 01-06-2019 10:04 PM

Re: Universal Engine 30 - m4-30 Coolant
If it didn't go into the bilge it went out the exhaust. Posible head gasket failure (not so likely) or transfer in the HX.. Other place is boil away (air lock?) or into oil pan.but surly you'd notice before it just shut down.

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