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Markwesti 02-12-2017 10:43 PM

Sirius XM
Is it just me or does anybody else think there is to much talk ?

SailingUphill 02-12-2017 11:01 PM

Re: Sirius XM
Meh, yeah probably. My complaint is their is extreme compression going on, and there is still a dramatic difference between Sirius based receivers, and XM (can tell between my Chevy Pickup - xm, and my Ford - Sirius), its pretty obvious, but both suffer from compression the likes of a 96kbps MP3...

If you use something like Pandora on "high quality" you can hear a huge difference... Yeah I get it, XM doesn't use data. I'm just using a comparison, and frankly I have the same complaint about MP3 compression.

What really bugs me about XM is their ridiculous charges, if you complain enough you can get the $30 for 6 months deal, but you can't get them to sign off on a $60 a year.. The service just isn't good enough for $12/month they really want! I have to admit though, its pretty much the perfect music source for a boat though.

Towguy 02-12-2017 11:55 PM

Re: Sirius XM

Originally Posted by Markwesti (Post 3823497)
Is it just me or does anybody else think there is to much talk ?

Almost no talk and no commercials on the music channels..xm keeps me going especially when there is no other service,pretty well any kind of music I am in the mood for or I listen to the hockey and talk the other talk and news could disappear as far as I am concerned,and yes a bit expensive..but I never buy the latest cd,s or anything and I just switch my portable little unit from truck to truck,just have seperate antennas for each,for convenience,could very easily plug it into a boat with 12 v power plug multi use....Ralph

olson34 02-13-2017 12:36 AM

Re: Sirius XM
We just dropped them after four years. Having been (deservedly) suspicious of their business practices, I never gave them any access to any sort of auto-pay.
I had to have discussions (!) with their pushy phone answerers every year... I would insist that they give me a price break due to terrible sat. reception here at about Lat 47, and finally they would give me a one year contract for about $90 to 100. Most of their phone people did not understand even the basics of satellite reception - one even told me it should be perfect for me since it came from the Sky!

In the last year their "promo" spots, i.e. commercials, have gotten so darned numerous that it just got too irritating trying to find some music to listen to. We only ever used them for about 6 music channels anyway. It reached the point where I could switch channels 4 or 5 times, and run into another of one their commercials on every channel at once!

Last year, after getting the one-year "deal" again, and having to listen to the operator lie to me that they never gave an annual contract to Anyone, and then finally doing just that, again, I decided that if things did not improve, I was leaving. We have two vehicles and that was running us about $200./year for both. Heck, for that kind of money I can buy a late model iPod for each vehicle!

BTW, the operator this time did not try to false bill us or "slam" our account as they have dome a couple times in the past. Well, not yet anyway. That monster multi-million $$ fine by the Feds a while back must have got their attention. That, and the registered letter I sent in to confirm my cancellation. (My back up plan would be filing a complaint with our state's AG office.)

Years ago, they offered a reasonable music service, but it's gone downhill a lot.

Funny thing, after all that has transpired, last week we get a snail mail offer for $30. for six months. It went straight into the shredder.

Apropos of whatever our quoted "full price" was always $15./month per vehicle. I have never paid that... but they sure wanted it. Now I wonder if they quote different rates in different states? Weird.

capta 02-13-2017 01:06 AM

Re: Sirius XM
Never tried their music service, but their weather service, which shows up in color on my plotter, was FANTASTIC! Real time video just like on the TV, with each cell's direction shown. All kinds of display and alarm choices. I'd gladly pay their price ($50.00 a month) if I could get it here. Lost it a day out of Bermuda and the chartplotter is still trying to connect, six years later. I guess we both miss it.

SailingUphill 02-13-2017 08:17 AM

Re: Sirius XM
I'll add that their traffic info actually works pretty well too, but it'd cost approx $200/yr for me to add it to my truck (which already has navigation and its part of the XM navigation package).. If any of you have tried their streaming you'll notice the same compression I noted before.

Yes I'll still likely pay for their service.. Yes I AM considering it for the boat, and Yes I'll likely still complain about it :)

olson34 02-13-2017 11:45 AM

Re: Sirius XM
The reasons given by Capta are interesting and enlightening; given his needs and location I might look at this quite differently.
I have only cruised along the west coast, so am always in range of a NOAA weather forecast. My charting app on our laptop can receive Grib files also.

Sitting here at home, with radar weather patterns and forecasts available at a mouse click, it's easy to forget that some of our talking points are really just "first world complaints" .... !!

Fair winds and hopefully few big green spinning lumps on your radar display.

Markwesti 02-13-2017 08:23 PM

Re: Sirius XM
Wow what a bunch of great answers . Ms.westi has it in here car and she is fine with it although does notice some extra talk but it does not bug her like it does me . Yrs ago when it was just XM it was much different than Sirius , the song selection was so much better and what little talk there was was interesting and pertained to the song short and sweet . This year they were ever giving there own political opinions . The compression part I find interesting I guess I don't listen to enough different types to really hear the difference but I have been told there is one . Our set up on the boat consists of a Sirius Sony boombox and the Sirius receiver , we like the sound quality . The boomer will play a mp3 and a smart phone . My plan is to get rid of Sirius and get Pandora on my phone , Problem is the data plan . I need a bigger one and I need it to be around $50 a mo. , is that possible ? Thanks .

Towguy 02-13-2017 10:40 PM

Re: Sirius XM
So if it's going to cost 50.00 dollars a month more,to get music on your phone..? How is that better than xm? If you find there is too much politics on the music channels(?) your on the wrongs channels!!get some good old/new/alt rock going and crank it... Oh I think I-phones are a bit much too I just use Samsung flip phone still it talks and texts...for computer stuff I use a computer or my I- pad and only where I have wi-fi . .Ralph

Minnewaska 02-14-2017 08:35 AM

Re: Sirius XM
If one is within cell range, the internet music apps (Pandora, Spodify, etc, are substantially better. By comparison, sat radio is a dinosaur. They don't seem to eat much data either. In any case, more data capacity on your phone can be used for all sort of other things too..... weather radar, etc.

I do have a couple of Sat radio subscriptions in the cars, as we often make drives where there is zero reception (radio or cell). Is it worth the price of admission? I don't think so. This is why monopolies are supposed to be illegal.

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