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seafaringal 01-09-2009 02:35 AM

Anyone else own a Seafarer?
My boat is an 1983 Seafarer 26 built by McCurdy & Rhodes and I've been looking for any information about it. I found a specs diagram and some very basic info. I don't have any original manuals and most of what I've learned about her I've done by physical exploration onboard. I found two metal name plates but have no idea where they belong. She has a Yanmar diesel engine in need of work. Anyone have any idea if there is a manual of some sort? I am looking to learn what is original and what is not, how what I have works, where to get replacements and such. M&R are no longer in business, so that's not an option.

Danjcon 01-09-2009 06:19 AM

We recently bought a 1971 Seafarer 31' Yawl - Bill Tripp design. There is a site with lots of Seafarer info, including a list of Seafarer owners. Here is the link.

Seafarer Research Center

Welcome to the area. We sail out of Fairview marina off of Rock Creek.


seafaringal 01-13-2009 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Danjcon (Post 429372)
We recently bought a 1971 Seafarer 31' Yawl - Bill Tripp design. There is a site with lots of Seafarer info, including a list of Seafarer owners. Here is the link.

Seafarer Research Center

Welcome to the area. We sail out of Fairview marina off of Rock Creek.


Thanks for the great link.

Ridgerunner 01-15-2009 07:00 PM

Seafarer 30
I have a 1979 Seafarer 30. It has a Yanmar YSM12 diesel. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine. I have been able to find the parts I need from Yanmar. Yours may be the YSM 8, which is very similiar to the YSM12. I have a parts manual and rebuild manual for the engine that came with the boat. I would assume that you could still buy these books from Yanmar.

There has in the past been a pretty active Seafarer discussion community hosted by Sailnet. I'm not sure how the group is carrying on since the email list appears to have been shutdown.

I have only seen two Seafarers first hand. They don't seem to very common, but, the Seafarer 30 fits our sailing needs perfectly. I hope that I am successful with the engine rebuild so that I don't end up in a engine repowering process.

Danjcon 01-15-2009 07:59 PM

Seafaringal and Ridgerunner

My Seafarer has a 1974 Volvo MD6A. You are both fortunate to have Yanmars, if for nothing else the parts are much more available and affordable. I am about to attempt some engine work as well. I need to replace my exhaust, and I need to inspect the manifold and gaskets. I am hoping I don't need to replace too many major parts, since my list already includes gaskets, exhaust, air filter, and starter/generator. Where do have your boats?


goneclamming 01-18-2009 12:21 PM

Your boat is probably quite similar to mine. I have a 1982 Seafarer 26. Like you, I have had a difficult time finding detailed information about the boat. I found the McCurdy and Rhodes NA website and actually talked to Ian McCurdy, who says that a number of the original drawings are still in his archive. It would be great if this information could be made available to owners. Below is a link to M&R.
There are a few owners websites and photo albums out there but not many. Check out Todd's site if you haven't already seen it. Seafarer 26 Ker-Plunk
I bought my boat in March of 07 and have been replacing parts since then. So far I have replaced the sails, standing rigging, lifelines, fuel tank, hoses, thru-hulls,and other things. I have the old fixed ports removed and hope to replace them with opening ports. I am having a hard time finding exact size replacements for large ones though.
My boat has the Yanmar 1GM engine. I have the original manual and can send you copies if you have the same engine. You might try boatdiesel at the link below for additional information - there is a Yanmar forum.

Good luck, Dave

McCurdy & Rhodes - Naval Architects

seafaringal 01-19-2009 01:52 PM

Excellent! Thank you so much for the resources. This really helpsme quite a bit.

kitejunkie 01-30-2009 02:28 PM

'77 seafarer 22 futura
currently in middle river looking to move her soon, either near patapsco or over to eastern shore

glennangel 04-28-2009 11:36 AM

I recently bought a 22" 1968 Seafarer. I'm doing a complete resto on her.
I cut off the toerail wood and I'm replacing with look a like teak uv resistant plastic. I also cut off the thin strip that goes across cabin trunk on both sides because they're maintenance nightmares. The key here is a boat that is old styled but maintenance free.
I also reglassed all bulkheads to increase strength, holding power and to minimize twisting of hull under sail, and jacked up the cabin trunk 0ne inch that had sagged and installed uprights to handle mast load. It was a poor design having only shelf bracket designed half walls to hold up cabin trunk. I'm replacing the coamings with Starboard so as to cut down maintenance. First, though, I sanded all the non skid down and west systemed epoxied the entire deck to fill tiny voids and cracks that allowed seepage of water through gel coat. I also filled in the deck to hull joint where opened to stop all leaking. I will prime boat with petit prime coat and then paint with petit brightsides. To finish non skid, I'll add non skid additive and roll all non- kid. And by the way, I'm spraying the entire boat except for nonskid. All hardware has been upgraded, lifelines renewed, and interior has been sprayed with petit durawhite. When I'm done, boat should be like new, be low maintenance, and probably the most beautiful boat in the great south bay of long island where i live.... And yes, I'm a glutten for punsihment...ha..ha.

Thanks, Glenn

jkimberly 06-18-2009 04:49 PM

Seafarer 26'
Hi and welcome to Sailnet.

I have a new to me 1985 Seafarer 26 with the 1gm diesel. I have 'some' stuff that came with the boat but it's mostly sales literature or user guides for the equipment the original owner put in. I'll look and see what all I have and let you know. There isn't a whole lot out there on the 'Net but some folks have already pointed you to what resources are available. I've found that most systems in boats are pretty much the same with very minor differences which can be worked by reading everything you can get your hands on that's even close. Sailnet is a great resource for that and you can usually find someone who's tackled that problem before and is willing to share.

You should be able to get any of the yanmar manuals, repair and parts, I did but they're not really cheap (about $40 each) but they do come in handy! Do a search on the 'Net for yanmar repair/parts manual. Right off the bat you'll want to replace the filters (oil and fuel) and check the air screen (mine doesn't have a filter, just a screen inside the housing) Yanmars want air and fuel but they want them separately! Change the oil and filter and change out the zinc. Other than that, I'd need more to go on than "it needs work".

I've found mine to be pretty responsive in all winds, though she seems to tip pretty good in stiff wind and I end up dumping a lot of air from the sails to keep her fairly flat. I bought it last spring and sailed it for the entire season without doing a whole lot to it but over the winter went through all of the major systems and repaired or replaced quite a lot.

prop shaft
cutless bearing
shaft seal
cockpit drain hoses
fuel and oil filters
fuel lines
water pump
general clean and re-paint of engine
replaced plexi in both opening Bomar hatchs
replaced plexi in 4 opening portlights
teak oiled everything teak so many times I've lost count

The list continues . . . .

Good luck with your Seafarer! I think you'll like her.


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