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      I want to bump this thread back into drop in replacement discussion. I was 99% close to installing LFP batteries 30 months ago (I had ordered but they hadn't shipped) and changed directions to FireFly batteries. These are looking to be a false promise and I could have saved $1500 with replacement T105s for batteries to last 2.5 years. So:

      In post 1 I posted a drop in battery I found on Amazon (

      You can get 400ah, 2-200AH batteries, for $1200. To me that seems just too good to believe after my research just 2.5 years ago. And it isn't uncommon. Yet there are other builders selling 100AH "drop in" LFP for $1000, These ECI batteries have good charge/discharge specs, meaning they are good match to my current charging system etc. It has built in BMS and even has bluetooth (cheap way to meet the new tech requirement). To me they tick off all the cautions in Marinesails warning article.

      Am I missing something or am I headed down another sucked path?
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