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David Philp
Sydney Harbour Cruising Sloop
Designed by David Philp, Naval Architect, in Sydney in 1946. Commissioned by J.S. Moore and built of local timbers, "Bungoona" (meaning ‘Sandy Creek’ in the language of the local Dharawal Nation) was launched onto Sydney Harbour on 15 February 1950.

Rumour has it that the original rig was a bit too small to satisfy Mr Moore’s racing ambitions and in 1957 he engaged a young Alan Payne – the designer of many famous Australian yachts including Gretel, a challenger for the America’s Cup – to design a new rig. For many years "Bungoona" was a regular entrant in the RSYS Sydney Harbour racing circuit, before being brought to Melbourne in 1998 by her former owners where she is now an integral part of the CYAA fleet.

The original drawings and specification documents have always been retained by the owners of this yacht and attest to the quality of her construction and the minimal changes during her 65 years on the water.
1950 David Philp Sydney Harbour Cruising Sloop



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