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General Information

Bristol 39 Yawl
Navy Blue with White Topsides, being changeds to L
Bristol Hull #13, believed to be Bristol 39 Hull #1. Originally one of Hood's many ROBIN's, designed by Ted Hood and Dieter Empacher. She was owned and sailed by Ted Hood from commissioning until he sold her to John C Kiley in May 1968 who renamed her BELLE ONE. Mr. Kiley sold her to Mr. William Burke who renamed her ROARING BULL. He sold her to Mr. Paul Callahan who renamed her COQUINA. To this point, the boat remained in the New England area. Mr. Callahan sold her to Mr. Phillip Welsh, who renamed her SOUTHERLY and relocated her to Virginia and Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Welsh sold her to Mr. Brian Walter who sailed her up and down the East Coast and the Caribbean and he renamed her Luna Blu. I purchased her in August of 2015 and returned her to Virginia waters. She is currently undergoing an overhaul which hopefully will complete in July 2017.
1966 Bristol Bristol 39 Yawl (Navy Blue with White Topsides, being changeds to L)



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