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  1. Kanzaki-Carl Hurth KBW10 Oil Seal replacement

    wondering if anyone else has had to replace this o-ring and metal seal on the output shaft....if so any pointers on where to get these parts or the process itself would be greatly appreciated...oh, I am also out in the bahamas currently so its been making finding information and parts a little...
  2. Yanmar 2QM15 Rebuild

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, In early July, I came to my boat after being away for three week and found the engine seized. It was locked up solidly, in that it would not budge even a little bit after soaking the cylinders with Marvel Mystery oil for several days. It turned out to be a blown head gasket which let...
  3. Yanmar 2QM15 return fuel line leak

    Just discovered a hole in the return fuel line. Engine runs fine, but obviously fuel sprays everywhere? Can you get the yanmar part (number?) or is there another line that will work I get in Sydney, Australia? Is silver soldering it by a plumber viable? Does it have to be a high pressure line...
  4. Yanmar 2QM15 Overheating Problem

    Okay here is my problem... After cold starting my 2QM15 everything runs fine for five minutes. Then the dreaded temperature alarm sounds and it is time to shut the motor off. I have taken several troubleshooting steps as discussed here on other threads. First I back flushed the intake side of...